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72 The Green Mile Trivia Questions & Answers

Green Mile, The
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1 Wild Bill Wharton was known for being mischievous and causing trouble. What did Wild Bill do to Harry? Do not consider when Wild Bill was first brought to E Block.
Answer: He urinated on him.

Wild Bill did many irritating things during his stay in E Block. One of these was urinating on Harry through his cell bars. Harry was obviously not pleased. He also spit in Paul's face and spit a moon pie onto Brutal. Yet he always ended up in the restraining room after his escapades. When Wild Bill was first brought to E Block, he caused a huge amount of trouble and almost strangled Dean.
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What illness did Paul Edgecomb suffer from?

2 Who is the "Crazy Old Trustee"?
Answer: Toot

Played by Harry Dean Stanton. My favorite character in the whole movie.
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3 What were the first names of the two little blond girls who John Coffey was convicted of killing and raping?
Answer: Cora and Kathe

These innocent little girls played at dusk in their farmhouse yard, not realizing how much danger they were in.
4 At the beginning of the film, the elderly Paul Edgecomb was dreaming about the murdered girls. Whose voice did he hear whispering in his dream?
Answer: Wild Bill

He heard Wild Bill Wharton whispering to the Detterick girls, telling each of them to be quiet or he would hurt the other one.
Question Reference: Quiz: The Green Mile.
5 What letter block was accompanied by death row?
Answer: E

This is said numerous times throughout the film.
Question Reference: Quiz: The Green Mile.
6 When Harry, Percy, and Bill Dodge met the mouse, Mr. Jingles, what was the first thing Percy threw at the mouse?
Answer: His billy club

Mr. Jingles approached Harry, Percy, and Bill during their shift. Harry and Bill were very impressed, but Percy took an immediate dislike to the little mouse. While Harry and Bill were feeding Mr. Jingles, Percy suddenly threw his billy club at him, barely missing. Percy went into a rage trying to kill the mouse, including throwing the trash can on him and trying to step on him, but Mr. Jingles outsmarted Percy and escaped into the restraining room, where he couldn't be found.
7 What were the twin girls' names?
Answer: Kathe and Cora

In the book, their names are Kathe and Cora, too.
Question Reference: Quiz: The Green Mile.
8 Who was Percy Wetmore related to? The person was able to influence his career in the "right direction" and make firing him impossible.
Answer: the governor's wife

Percy Wetmore was hired on the sole recommendation of his aunt, the governor's wife and he threatened to use that as often as he could. He was not a team player and loved the thought of watching men suffer and die.
9 What was Brutal's real first name?
Answer: Brutus

Brutal's real name was Brutus Howell.
Question Reference: Quiz: The Green Mile.
10 Which man was the first to die, on death row?
Answer: Arlen Bitterbuck

He was the Native American Indian played by Graham Greene.
Question Reference: Quiz: The Green Mile.
11 What did Hal tell Paul that Melinda did during her "bad days"?
Answer: She would swear.

When Paul and Jan visited Hal and Melinda, Hal told Paul that Melinda was having one of her good days. Paul wanted to know what a bad day was, and Hal replied that she would swear, uttering some of the most awful language he had ever heard. Paul was very shocked. This was later confirmed when Paul brought John Coffey to heal Melinda, as they all heard her swear then. Of course, Melinda's swearing was not typical, but was a symptom of her brain tumor.
12 How many of Del's fingers did Percy break?
Answer: 3

Question Reference: Quiz: The Green Mile.
13 What was the name of the prison that housed "The Green Mile"?
Answer: Cold Mountain

The Green Mile was "E" Block. Death Row. This section on a prison is usually a horrid place for all intents and purposes. Paul Edgecomb not only took pride in his job, along with the other men who he worked with, but was also able to grant them dignity and respect for their last hours of life. In this film, humanity is at its best among these inmates and guards.
14 Who was executed first, during the movie?
Answer: Arlen Bitterbuck

Arlen Bitterbuck, an Indian chief, was executed first.
Question Reference: Quiz: The Green Mile.
15 Which actor plays Warden Hal Moores?
Answer: James Cromwell

He also played the farmer in the movie 'Babe'.
Question Reference: Quiz: The Green Mile.
16 Who was the only prison guard we saw sit in the electric chair?
Answer: Percy Wetmore

After Percy stepped on Mr. Jingles, Paul and Brutal decided to teach him a lesson. Once Percy saw that Mr. Jingles was healed, he angrily confronted Paul and Brutal in the execution room. To scare him, Paul and Brutal forced Percy into the electric chair and made him promise to apply to Briar Ridge if they let him be out front for Del's execution. Toot-Toot also sat in the chair during rehearsals, but he was a trusty, not a guard. Of course, Bitterbuck, Del, and John Coffey sat in the chair when they were executed.
17 On which hand were the broken fingers?
Answer: Left

Paul tells this to Hal Moores, when they are outside on the bleachers.
Question Reference: Quiz: The Green Mile.
18 What special treat did Paul Edgecomb's wife make for John Coffey for 'helping' with Paul's urinary infection?
Answer: Cornbread

Mrs. Edgecomb was very pleased with the results of John's 'help' and she made him some cornbread.
Question Reference: Quiz: The Green Mile.
19 What is the name of the tattoo that Wild Bill has?
Answer: Billy the Kid

It is said in the movie. Wild Bill is played by Sam Rockwell.
Question Reference: Quiz: The Green Mile.
20 When Mr. Jingles was first spotted, who stood by the restraining room door with a mop, trying to catch him?
Answer: Dean

Paul, Brutal, and Dean were the first guards on E Block to see Mr. Jingles. When they realized that the mouse was in the restraining room, they knew he would be chewing the padding out of the walls. But the restraining room was also a storage room, and all the junk in there had to be cleaned out before they could find the mouse. Dean stood by the door with a mop in case he ran out, but Mr. Jingles was nowhere to be seen. "Three grown, men, outsmarted by a mouse!"
21 What is the name of the orderly who gives "Old Paul" the toast?
Answer: Hector

Dry, cold toast to be exact.
Question Reference: Quiz: The Green Mile.
22 When the boys (the other guards on "The Green Mile") come over to the Edgecombs' for supper, what was the one food that Brutus just could not get enough of?
Answer: mashed potatoes

In the dusk hours here they all sat sharing a wonderful southern supper outdoors. Their discussion was with the objective of doing good. Of helping a woman who was deathly ill and risking their jobs to bring a miracle to her side.
23 What fictional place did Brutal make up for Del?
Answer: Mouseville

In order to soothe Del's concerns about what would happen to Mr. Jingles after the execution, Brutal told him about Mouseville. He said Mr. Jingles would be a circus mouse.
Question Reference: Quiz: The Green Mile.
24 What is Paul Edgecomb's wife's name?
Answer: Jan

Played by Bonnie Hunt.
Question Reference: Quiz: The Green Mile.
25 When John Coffey was brought to E Block, what did he ask after Paul asked him if he had any questions?
Answer: If they left a light on at night

In his cell, John Coffey was read the typical new prisoner drill by Paul. Paul asked if he had any questions, and John asked if they left a light on after bedtime, because he was sometimes scared of the dark in a strange place. Paul replied that they did have lights on at night, but everyone thought it was a rather strange question from a convicted murderer. When John was to be executed, he didn't want the hood over his face because he was scared of the dark.