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53 Night at the Museum Trivia Questions & Answers

Night at the Museum
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1 The movie begins in Egypt at a dig in 1938. A 12 year old boy falls into a tomb where the tablet of Ahkmenrah is discovered. Who does this 12 year old turn out to be?
Answer: Retired night guard Cecil played by Dick Van Dyke

While researching the tablet, Larry finds a photo of the dig and sees the 12 year old boy. He is told it is C. J. Fredericks and he deduces that is Cecil Fredericks, one of the night guards from the original movie. He goes to the retirement home where Cecil, Gus, and Reginald live and finds out that Ahkmenrah's parents are at the British Museum because it was a joint dig.

The movie was dedicated to Mickey Rooney and Robin Williams, both of whom died after filming but before the movie's release.
trivia question Quick Question
What does our hero, Larry Daley, do for a living, now that he is no longer a night guard at the Museum of Natural History?

2 I got a job as a guard at the Museum of Natural History and was told to read the instruction manual since everything I needed to know was there. Who played me?
Answer: Ben Stiller

Stiller, born on November 30th, 1965 in New York City was cast as Larry Daley. Larry had a son, Nicholas, with his ex-wife, Erica, and they shared custody of him. Larry could not keep a job and kept going from place to place until he finally went to an agency in New York City. The lady said his resume was not the best she had seen but that she knew of a place which would hire Larry. She sent him to the Museum of Natural History and Larry got a job as a security guard during the museum's closing hours. During Larry's late shift, all the artifacts in the museum came to life through a tablet. The first alive artifact that Larry encountered was a T-Rex. The T-Rex chased him and Larry did not know what to do. He called another guard and the guard informed Larry that he had to read the instruction manual. In the manual, it said to throw a bone so the T-Rex could chase it. Larry realized that the T-Rex did not want to hurt him but he just wanted to play fetch. At the end of the movie, a couple of retired guards tried to steal the tablet since they wanted to feel young again but Larry managed to get the tablet back so the artifacts could continue to come to life each night at the museum. Stiller reprised his role of Larry Daley in "Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian". He was also in the movies, "Zoolander" and "There's Something about Mary".
3 What does our hero, Larry Daley, do for a living, now that he is no longer a night guard at the Museum of Natural History?
Answer: He is an inventor.

Mr. Daley moves on and is now creating things instead of guarding museum figurines. What does he create? Well, we will figure it out during this quiz!
4 What was the specific word the stage coach horses were trained to stop for?
Answer: Dakota

Cecil tried to escape, with the tablet, on the stage coach. Larry chased after him on Roosevelt's horse, trying to get him to stop. Cecil said, "These are trained horses, Larry. They won't stop until they hear a specific word." To which Larry replied, "Oh, you mean a word like...Dakota!" At which point the horses stopped so abruptly that Cecil was thrown off.
5 At one point in the movie, Jedadiah was trying to blow up one of the mountains in his display. Why did he say he had to do it?
Answer: Manifest Destiny

Larry told him that if he blew it up he'd just hit a wall. But Jedadiah said that he was gonna blow it anyway. When asked why he was doing it he said, "It's Manifest Destiny! You can't control it and neither can I!" The explosion was relatively small and didn't do much anyway.
6 In the beginning of the movie the dinosaur scared Larry. However the dinosaur was just trying to play a game. What game did the dinosaur want Larry to play with him?
Answer: fetch

Larry read on the instructions left by the security guard to play fetch with the dinosaur. He threw a large bone for him to chase. He then decided to tie a bone to a toy car and had the dinosaur chase that.
7 After the debacle of the night event at the museum, when all the exhibits go crazy, Larry heads home and finds his son throwing a wild party. Larry learns his son does not want to go to college but instead wants to become what?
Answer: A DJ

Larry (Ben Stiller) comes home to find a wild party taking place in his apartment with his son, Nicky (Skyler Gisondo), acting as DJ. As they talk after everyone leaves, his son tells Larry he does not want to go to college but instead wants to take a year off. Later on in London Nicky tells Larry he wants to be a DJ on Ibiza, an island off the coast of Spain. Larry is incredulous and asks Nicky is he even knows how to speak Spanish, which Nicky doesn't.
8 I told Larry that I was almost done with my dissertation on Sacagawea. Who played me?
Answer: Carla Gugino

Gugino, a native of Sarasota, Florida landed the role of Rebecca. Rebecca introduced herself to Larry when he first began to work at the Museum of Natural History. She told him she was a docent and that she really loved Sacagawea. She mentioned in one scene to Larry that she was almost finished with a dissertation, on Sacagawea, one she had been working on for four years. Larry told Rebecca he would go crazy if he worked on just one paper for four years but she remarked that it was more like a book on Sacagawea since it was 900 pages. In one scene, Larry informed Rebecca that the museum came to life when it closed and Rebecca thought Larry insulted her since she was a history geek. However, Rebecca saw some artifacts which escaped from the museum one night and crossed a street in New York City and realized that Larry never teased her. She went back to the museum and saw an alive Sacagawea. She introduced herself to Sacagawea and informed her she was a huge fan of hers and Sacagawea was flattered. Gugino guest starred on the TV series, "Entourage", "Karen Sisco" and "The Wonder Years".
9 Larry is now in a different profession. What is one of the things he has developed?
Answer: A glow-in-the-dark flash light

The inventor is showing off his glow-in-the-dark flashlight in a hilarious commercial to a 'live' studio audience. Guest star George Foreman helps Daley sell the product to an enthusiastic crowd!
10 Why was Jedadiah's rage impotent?
Answer: His guns wouldn't fire.

Jedadiah, played by Owen Wilson, tried to use his guns on Larry. When they didn't work, he said, "Now you know my shame. Jedadiah's impotent rage. His guns don't fire. Take me away."
11 What was the first name of the main character?
Answer: Larry

Larry tried to make a name for himself as a self made millionaire. However, because none of his ideas took off he got a job as a security guard at the museum. He took the job as the security guard to make his son Nicky proud of him.
12 At the British Museum, Larry must fool the guard to get in. Which pitch perfect actress plays the night guard?
Answer: Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson plays Tilly, the night guard at the British Museum. Rebel also stars in "Pitch Perfect". At first Tilly has no idea what is going on but then she sees Laaa guarding the door. She captures Laaa and Larry and locks them in an office but they break out and stop her from informing the authorities. Laaa is left to guard Tilly in the guard shack and the two fall in love while staring at each other. At the end of the movie the two are reunited when Tilly comes to New York with a travelling exhibition from the British Museum.
13 I fired Larry but hired him back when I saw that he brought in much business to the museum. Who played me?
Answer: Ricky Gervais

Gervais, born in 1961 in Berkshire, England played Dr. McPhee. Dr. McPhee was the director of the Museum of Natural History and did not like Larry when he first met him. He told him the rules about being a security guard and let him know that any big screw ups would result in punishment. In one scene, Dr. McPhee saw an exhibit full of foam and blamed Larry for this and he fired him but Larry persuaded him to let him stay on for one more night. Dr. McPhee agreed to give Larry another night to prove he had it in him to be a good security guard but warned him that the slightest mistake would result in termination. The next day, Dr. McPhee noticed how certain exhibits were outside the museum and he told Larry to hand over his flashlight and identification. As Dr. McPhee escorted Larry out of the building, he noticed many customers came to look at the exhibits and realized Larry was responsible since he brought in that business. He gave Larry his flashlight and identification back and informed him he was not fired after all. Gervais reprised his role of Dr. McPhee in "Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian". He was also in the films, "Dog Eat Dog" and "For Your Consideration".
14 What would happen to the people and creatures of the museum if they were outside when the sun came up?
Answer: They would turn to dust.

When the caveman escaped on Larry's second night on the job, Larry didn't realize he was gone until it was too late. The sun came up, the caveman turned to dust, and was swept up by the street cleaner.
15 When Gus first saw Larry, what did he say Larry looked like?
Answer: a weirdie

Gus was one of the old night guards. He was the shortest of the three, and a very rude person. He often called Larry names like, hot-shot, hot-dog, butterscotch, and lunch box. This line was at the very beginning of the movie, when Larry went to apply for the job, he met Gus (who seemed to dislike him right away) just as he was waking up.
16 What kind of museum did Larry work in?
Answer: Natural History

Larry worked in a Natural History Museum. The museum was home to several cool wax statues, such as a dinosaur, Christopher Columbus, Mayan people, Civil War statues, and much more. They showed the name of the museum at the beginning of the movie where they showed the actors. The sign said Museum of Natural History.
17 Once in the British Museum, Larry and the group run into a new dinosaur skeleton, a Triceratops. At the end of the movie the audience learns her name, what is it?
Answer: Trixie

Trixie has the three distinctive horns on her head of a Triceratops. The audience learns her name at the end of the movie when she comes back and is well behaved. She is never explicitly identified as a Triceratops but her name and appearance make it clear. Larry, along with Teddy (Robin Williams), Sacagawea (Mizuo Peck), Jedediah (Owen Wilson), Octavius (Steve Coogan), Ahkmenrah (Rami Malek), and Attila the Hun (Patrick Gallagher) set out to find Ahkmenrah's parents when they run into Trixie. At first Larry tries to get her to play fetch like he did with Rexy in the first movie but it fails miserably and the group is sent fleeing from Trixie.
18 I told Larry not to upset Nicky by losing another job that would cause him to move further away. Who played me?
Answer: Kim Raver

Raver had the small role of Erica Daley. Erica was Larry's ex-wife and did not like how Larry created so much instability for their son, Nicholas, by being unable to keep a steady job. Larry went to Erica's apartment one day and she told him to find a good job so he would not have to move further away from her residence and further away from Nicholas. When Larry told Erica he would take Nicholas to the museum one night, Erica did not like the idea but she eventually caved and allowed Larry to take Nicholas there to see what dad did at his job. Raver guest starred on the TV shows, "ER", "Trinity" and "The Practice".
19 How does Larry find out that Dexter the monkey took the Golden Tablet of Akhmenrah with him to the Smithsonian?
Answer: Jedediah calls Larry's home phone.

It is a mystery how the little figurine cowboy, Jedediah, dials the phone let alone how he has Larry's home phone number. Nonetheless, Jedediah lets Larry know that the monkey stole the tablet when it was supposed to stay at the Museum of Natural History. We also learn that Akhmenrah's older brother, Kahmunrah, wants the tablet for evil, self-serving purposes.

Teddy Roosevelt, from the Museum of Natural History, tells Larry that the tablet was going to be left behind, while the rest of the unwanted exhibit pieces were going to be shipped, without the life-giving tablet. So of course Larry wants to do something to keep all the figures in the Museum of Natural History.
20 What is the Tin Man's real name?
Answer: Columbus

On his first night at the museum, Larry called him Tin Man. At the end of the movie, talking to Tin Man, Larry said, "My explorer friend, whose name escapes me." His son, Nicky, reminded him that it was Columbus. Larry then apologized, using the excuse that Columbus wore no name plate, and thus there was no way he could've know who he was.
21 What was the mischievious monkey's name?
Answer: Dexter

As Cecil was leading Larry through his first tour of the museum, they went to the Hall of African Mammals. Larry pointed out the monkey because he liked them. Cecil then told him that he and the other night guards called him Dexter. Larry also called the monkey by his name several times.
22 What did the monkey steal from Larry?
Answer: Keys

Dexter the monkey stole the keys to the cage more than once. Dexter stole the keys the first time, and then Larry got smart and placed baby keys on his belt for Dexter to steal. The keys that Dexter kept stealing were the keys to the entire museum including all of the exhibits.
23 Which legendary figure from British tradition helps rescue the group from the new dinosaur?
Answer: Lancelot

While fleeing Trixie, the group runs into a knight in full body armor, who steps in to battle Trixie. He ends up punching her in the head which makes Trixie leave. After Trixie leaves, the knight takes off his helmet and introduces himself as Sir Lancelot. Lancelot then insists on leading the group to the Egyptian exhibit as any good knight must do for those in need.
24 I loved hockey but told my dad that, if I did not make it to the NHL, I would become a bond trader. Who played me?
Answer: Jake Cherry

Cherry got to play Nicholas Daley in "A Night at the Museum". His parents liked to call him "Nicky" and Nick was alright with that nickname. Nick was seen at the beginning of the movie in a hockey game when someone tripped him. Larry rushed onto the ice and made sure Nick was alright. Nick told his dad he was fine and that he needed to get off the ice. In the next scene, Nick told Larry that, if he did not get to the NHL, he would be a bond trader like his mom's boyfriend, Don. Nick became upset when it appeared as if his dad got fired and he told his father he saw his boss fire him but Nick did not see where Dr. McPhee hired him back. When Larry took his son to the museum to show him what happened at night, the artifacts did not come alive. Larry realized that a retired guard had stolen the tablet which brought them to life. He and Nicky caught up to the guard and activated the tablet to make the exhibits come alive. Cherry reprised his role of Nick Daley in "Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian". He also had roles in the movies, "Friends with Money" and "The Rebound".
25 Our hero actually makes a trip to Washington DC to follow his figurine friends to their new destination. However, it takes him a while to find them, because they are deep underneath the Smithsonian museum. What is the name of the museum guard he bumps into?
Answer: Brundon

Our hero bumps into a chubby and confrontational guard named Brundon. They get into a petty fight, but before they make up, Larry stealthily picks Brundon's pocket and jacks his security card ID.
Larry uses the ID to make his way into the labyrinth that is the Smithsonian's secret storage facility, so he can reach his museum figurine friends.