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31 Scrooge Trivia Questions & Answers

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1 In what year was this movie made?
Answer: 1951

This was the first remake of the film. The original was called "A Christmas Carol" and starred Reginald Owen as Scrooge.
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What is Scrooge's chamber in hell like?

2 What is unique about this movie version of Charles Dicken's 'A Christmas Carol'?
Answer: It is a musical version

This version is musical, which makes it unique. There are several other colorized versions of the story, including the 1999 version of 'A Christmas Carol' starring Patrick Stewart.
Question Reference: Quiz: Scrooge (1970).
3 As Scrooge leaves his office he encounter some children in the street singing a carol. What song are they singing?
Answer: Silent Night

There are two boys and a girl. Scrooge scowls at them and yells, "Be off with you!"
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4 What famous actor plays the part of Jacob Marley?
Answer: Alec Guinness

Sir Alec Guinness makes the role memorable because of the graceful, gliding way he walks as the Spirit of Jacob Marley.
Question Reference: Quiz: Scrooge (1970).
5 How long has Jacob Marley been dead?
Answer: 7 years

He died on Christmas eve.
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6 What time of the evening was Bob Cratchit's work day over?
Answer: 7 PM

When the clock struck 7 PM, Bob reminded Scrooge that it was time to go home.
Question Reference: Quiz: Scrooge (1970).
7 When some business men come to Scrooge's office asking for a contribution to provide some meat and drink for the poor Scrooge asks why. What is the reply?
Answer: Because it is at Christmas time that want is most keenly felt

Scrooge informs them that he all ready supports those less fortunate by paying taxes that keep the work houses open.
Question Reference: Quiz: Scrooge.
8 What Christmas item did Bob Cratchit pay four-pence for on Christmas Eve?
Answer: A Christmas pudding

Bob bought the Christmas pudding even though the price was scandalous.
Question Reference: Quiz: Scrooge (1970).
9 What does Scrooge ask for more of in the restaurant as he is having his dinner?
Answer: Bread

When he is informed more bread will be half a penny extra he decides against it.
Question Reference: Quiz: Scrooge.
10 What was listed in the black book that Scrooge carried with him?
Answer: Names of people who owed him money

Scrooge kept the names of those who owed him and how much they owed.
Question Reference: Quiz: Scrooge (1970).
11 How many locks does Scrooge have on the front door of his house?
Answer: Three

After locking the middle lock Scrooge bolts the bottom and the top of the door from the inside. It makes one wonder how Mrs. Dilber gets in the next morning.
Question Reference: Quiz: Scrooge.
12 What did the street boys mockingly call Scrooge as he walked through the street?
Answer: Father Christmas

The street urchins called him Father Christmas, sarcastically.
Question Reference: Quiz: Scrooge (1970).
13 Scrooge blames his vision of Marley on poor digestion and states there is more of what in him?
Answer: Gravy

Later Scrooge says he will just swallow a toothpick and be tormented by apparitions of his own creation for the rest of his days.
Question Reference: Quiz: Scrooge.
14 When Tom Jenkins, a street vendor, dances through the streets singing 'Thank You Very Much,' who was he singing to?
Answer: Scrooge

He was thanking Scrooge for dying during the first sequence and for releasing him from his debts during the second.
Question Reference: Quiz: Scrooge (1970).
15 At what time does Marley tell Scrooge the first ghost will arrive?
Answer: 1 a.m.

Actually he says "when the bell tolls one."
Question Reference: Quiz: Scrooge.
16 What does the Spirit of Christmas Present give Scrooge to drink in the golden goblet?
Answer: The milk of human kindness

Everytime Scrooge makes a selfish or unkind remark in his presence, the spirit reminds him to drink more milk of human kindness.
Question Reference: Quiz: Scrooge (1970).
17 What is Fan's dying request to her brother?
Answer: Take care of my boy

Scrooge leaves before she says this and only learns about the request when the Ghost of Christmas Past takes back.
Question Reference: Quiz: Scrooge.
18 When the Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come cast Scrooge through his grave into hell who was there to greet him?
Answer: Marley

Marley was there to greet him and welcome him to his new job as satan's assistant.
Question Reference: Quiz: Scrooge (1970).
19 What does Bob Cratchit say to Scrooge every year when Scrooge supposes Bob will want the whole of Christmas day off?
Answer: If it is quite convenient Sir

Scrooge mentions that Bob says this every year and that every year it is just as inconvenient as the last.
Question Reference: Quiz: Scrooge.
20 What is Scrooge's chamber in hell like?
Answer: It is freezing

Scrooge finds hell to be a cold place, his punishment for keeping his office so cold out of stinginess.
Question Reference: Quiz: Scrooge (1970).
21 For how many years did Scrooge and Marley work together?
Answer: 18

They began as clerks together in the same office.
Question Reference: Quiz: Scrooge.
22 How long does the Ghost of Christmas Present say that Tiny Tim has left to live?
Answer: Less then a year

He tells Scrooge that unless things change "None other of my kind will find him here."
Question Reference: Quiz: Scrooge.
23 What type of drink to the Cratchit's use for their Christmas toast?
Answer: Gin punch

They are told there is enough for two glasses each.
Question Reference: Quiz: Scrooge.
24 Mrs. Dilber takes the clothes off Scrooge after he dies because she thinks it was too fine a garment just to use to bury him in. What type of cloth does she suggest will be good enough?
Answer: Calico

Calico is a plain white cotton cloth, heavier than muslin.
Question Reference: Quiz: Scrooge.
25 In the morning Scrooge is elated and feels like a new man. As he is going on about the ghosts and the fact that he now has a second chance in life what does he say he must do that sends Mrs. Dilber screaming from the room?
Answer: Stand on his head

It must have been quite a sight for Mrs. Dilbur considering Scrooge would have had nothing on under his nightshirt!
Question Reference: Quiz: Scrooge.