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49 Scrooged Trivia Questions & Answers

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1 In this Christmas movie classic, Bill Murray portrayed Frank Cross, the head of programming for the fictional television network IBC. Which star of Hollywood's golden age played his boss, network president Preston Rhinelander?
Answer: Robert Mitchum

Mitchum "rode the rails" as a teenager during the Depression and was arrested for vagrancy in Georgia, resulting in a stint on a prison chain gang. Two of his roles landed him on the American Film Institute's list of 100 Greatest Heroes and Villains: Reverend Harry Powell in "The Night of the Hunter" (1955) and Max Cady from "Cape Fear" (1962). He is one of only four actors to have two villainous roles on the list. The others are Faye Dunaway ("Mommy Dearest" and "Bonnie and Clyde"), Bette Davis ("The Little Foxes" and "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane") and Jack Nicholson ("The Shining" and "Batman").
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When Frank was confronted by the ghost of his mentor, Lew Hayward, to what does he attribute this "hallucination"?

2 In what city does this movie take place?
Answer: New York City

There and many nice shots of New York in this movie.
3 What does Frank Cross want to give his brother for Christmas?
Answer: a bath towel

He gave him a shower curtain the year before.
4 The opening line from IBC's show "The Night the Reindeer Died" referred to the only man who can stop the psychos from seizing Santa's workshop. Which television tough guy is this?
Answer: Lee Majors

Lee Majors played himself in this movie within a movie. As he set out to take on the bad guys Santa told him, "Lee, you've been VERY good this year." Later in the movie, Bill Murray's character Frank Cross was elated that the trailer for TV show was so frightening it resulted in an old woman suffering a heart attack. "You can't BUY publicity like that!"
5 On what classic story is this movie based?
Answer: A Christmas Carol

The film is a funny modern-day adaptation of Dickens's "A Christmas Carol."
6 What is the first year the Ghost of Christmas Past takes Frank back to?
Answer: 1955

He's four years old. We see what a grouch his father was, and why Frank has no good associations with Christmas.
7 When Frank was confronted by the ghost of his mentor, Lew Hayward, to what does he attribute this "hallucination"?
Answer: Russian vodka poisoned by Chernobyl

Hayward was portrayed by TV veteran John Forsythe, star of "Bachelor Father" and "Dynasty." In "Scrooged" his character was said to have died while playing golf. He appeared to Frank in a decomposing form and urged Frank to make mankind his life's work, then warned him that he would be visited by three ghosts.
8 Bill Murray plays the "Scrooge" character named Frank Cross. This character has a particular wall border in his office that says what?
Answer: a definition of 'cross'

Cross (k'ros): "A thing they nail people to."
9 How many children does Grace have?
Answer: 5

Three daughters and two sons.
10 In one of the most-quoted lines from "Scrooged", who said to Frank,"You know I like the rough stuff"?
Answer: Carole Kane as the Ghost of Christmas Present

As the Ghost of Christmas Present, Kane took Frank to the home of his secretary, Grace, and showed him how she lives in near poverty because he pays her so little. They also visited Frank's brother James and heard him defend Frank and express his love for his big brother despite his stingy, self-centered ways.
11 Bill Murray's character had a brother in this movie. What was his first name?
Answer: James

The actor John Murray, who played Frank Cross's younger brother in the movie, is actually Bill Murray's brother.
12 What's the name of the homeless man that Frank brushes off, and who eventually freezes to death?
Answer: Herman

He keeps calling Frank 'Dick,' thinking he's Richard Burton.
13 The fictional network IBC produced a live version of the classic tale "A Christmas Carol." Frank Cross referred to the narrator as " America's favorite old fart." Who was the narrator?
Answer: John Houseman

"A Christmas Carol" was one of several IBC TV productions to be aired on Christmas Eve. It was narrated by legendary British actor Sir John Houseman and starred veteran borscht belt comedian Buddy Hackett as Scrooge.

Houseman won an Academy Award as Best Supporting Actor for what is perhaps his signature role, Professor Charles Kingsfield in 1973's "The Paper Chase." In his later years he taught at New York's famed Julliard School where his students included Patti Lupone and Kevin Kline.
14 Murray's character is visited by several ghosts. Who plays his dead boss who comes back as a ghost?
Answer: John Forsythe

John Forsythe played the ghost of Lew Hayward, Murray's former boss, who has long since passed on (based on Jacob Marley).
15 Who attends Frank's cremation?
Answer: James and Wendy

Just Frank's brother, James, and his sister-in-law, Wendy.
16 Frank's secretary Grace had a son named Calvin who did not speak. His character was based on which character in the original "Christmas Story"?
Answer: Tiny Tim

The boy turned mute following the murder of his father. Calvin performed a Christmas miracle at the end of the the film when he spoke for the first time in many years and reminded Frank Cross to end his on-air holiday message with "God bless us, everyone." The actor who played Calvin, Nicholas Phillips later appeared in the 1992 TV movie "The Jacksons: An American Dream" as Randy Jackson.
17 The Ghost of Christmas Past was played by what musician?
Answer: David Johansen

David Johansen played with a band called The New York Dolls. He also recorded under the name "Buster Poindexter."
18 How does Bryce Cummings get into such a powerful position so quickly?
Answer: he went to school with Preston's son

It's all about connections.
19 Murray's girlfriend, Claire, works for what organization?
Answer: Operation Reach Out

Claire was a true humanitarian who devoted her life working at a homeless shelter.
20 When the crew can't get the antlers onto the mouse's head, what does Frank suggest they do?
Answer: staple them

Claire is horrified.
21 What was the correct answer to the "Gilligan's Island" question that Frank's brother, James, and his guests couldn't answer when playing "Trivial Pursuit" on Christmas Eve?
Answer: S.S. Minnow

James was played by Murray's brother, the actor John Murray. The question was "What was the name of the boat that took the castaways to 'Gilligan's Island'?" Other guests at the party, which Frank Cross visited with the Ghost of Christmas Present (Carol Kane), were another Murray brother, Joel Murray, actress Wendy Malick and the film's co-writer, Mitch Glazer.
22 The Ghost of Christmas Present was played by which television actress?
Answer: Carol Kane

Carol Kane was on the televion show "Taxi". She played Simka Dahblitz, Latka's girlfriend. As the Ghost of Christmas Present, she is subject to unpredictable bouts of violence with Frank.
23 What is the name of the first television show previewed in the movie?
Answer: The Night the Reindeer Died

24 What was Claire's nickname for Frank?
Answer: Lumpy

Claire called Frank "Lumpy" because the night they met he hit his head not once, but twice, resulting in lumps to his head. His full name was Francis Xavier Cross. According to IMDb, "Scrooged" was the 13th highest grossing film of 1988.
25 What was the slogan Murray's television network used to promote holiday programming?
Answer: "Yule love it"

The television jingle, "Yule love it", is seen and heard throughout the movie since Murray's character is in charge of holiday programming.