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76 Tombstone Trivia Questions & Answers

Tombstone .
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1 Wyatt had four full brothers. Virgil and Morgan were in the movie, but who were the other two?
Answer: James and Warren

There were actually six Earps. The full brothers were Virgil, Morgan, Wyatt, Warren and James. James was the youngest and was not a character in the movie. Warren was the second oldest and also was not in "Tombstone".
There was also a half brother named Newton.
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trivia question Quick Question
Doc Holliday has something that only goes so far. What is it?

2 At how many consecutive hands did Doc Holliday beat Ike Clanton?
Answer: 12

Doc must be the luckiest bloke ever to win 12 hands in a row. Ike is very upset about this and accuses Doc of cheating.
3 What veteran actor narrates the beginning and end of the movie?
Answer: Robert Mitchum

Charlton Heston plays Henry Hooker in the movie, and Terry O'Quinn plays the mayor of Tombstone.
4 Where were the first 'Cowboys' from?
Answer: Texas

A group of outlaws exiled from Texas formed the Cowboys.
5 What was the main resource being mined in Tombstone?
Answer: silver

Tombstone, the movie, is a classic western that tells the story of the Earp brothers and their fight against the Cowboys gang. The movie is set in the town of Tombstone, Arizona, during the late 1800s. One of the main resources being mined in Tombstone during that time was indeed silver. The discovery of silver in the area led to a mining boom and the town quickly grew in size and importance. The silver mines in Tombstone were some of the richest in the country, and the wealth generated by the mines attracted many people to the area, including outlaws and lawmen alike.
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6 That's Latin, darlin ! It appears Mr. Ringo is an educated man. Now I really hate him !
Answer: Doc

Right before the gun spinning scene.
7 What color was the velvet in the box that Wyatt's pistol was in?
Answer: green

The box holding the pistol had green velvet in it, and the gun had Wyatt's name engraved in it.
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8 After the game of poker, what does Doc Holliday challenge Ike to?
Answer: A spelling contest

Doc challenges Ike to a spelling contest, with which Ike doesn't respond to very well. This was another one of Doc's famous and hilarious lines throughout the movie.
9 Who calls Wyatt a "Kansas law dog"?
Answer: Ike Clanton

"Law just don't go round here." Ike utters this line (twice) at the Oriental, the first time that Wyatt encounters the Cowboys. It's also right before Doc and Johnny Ringo mouth off in Latin.
10 What saloon does Wyatt acquire a quarter interest in?
Answer: The Oriental

He does so by getting rid of Johnny Tyler -- played by none other than Billy Bob Thornton.
11 Creek Johnson and Texas Vermillion both had the same first name. What was it?
Answer: Jack

Jack is the correct answer to the question about Creek Johnson and Texas Vermillion sharing the same first name. Interestingly, the name Jack has been a popular name in Western movies and TV shows. It is often associated with the archetype of the rugged, independent cowboy. In fact, the name Jack has been used in many Western classics, including "Shane," "The Magnificent Seven," and "The Wild Bunch." Additionally, the name Jack has been used in other genres of film and television, such as "Lost" and "24."
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12 Law dog, law don't go around here !
Answer: Ike

13 What was the name of the character who sold his soul to the devil in the play at the Bird Cage Theater?
Answer: Faust

The name of the charater was Faust. Josephine played the devil in the same play.
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14 What are the names of Wyatt Earp's brothers?
Answer: Virgil and Morgan

Virgil and Morgan both go to Tombstone, so the Earp brothers can become a family again.
15 At the first meeting of Johnny Ringo and Doc Holliday, Doc contemplates whether or not he should hate Ringo. What makes him decide "Now, I really hate him"?
Answer: Johnny is an educated man.

Johnny is/does all those things at their first meeting, but his speaking Latin is what makes Doc declare the "really hate him" line.
16 Who is the owner of the saloon where Wyatt becomes a dealer?
Answer: Milt

'Milt Joyce -- Owner, operator.'
17 What does Doc consider to be an honest trade?
Answer: poker

In the movie Tombstone, Doc Holliday is known for his love of gambling and his exceptional skills at poker. He considers poker to be an honest trade, as it requires both skill and strategy to win. Interestingly, the real-life Doc Holliday was also a skilled gambler and even made a living as a professional gambler at one point in his life. Despite his reputation as a gunslinger, it was his gambling skills that often kept him financially afloat.
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18 Isn't anyone here man enough to play for blood ?
Answer: Ringo

Doc's answer is 'I'm your Huckleberry'
19 What was Doc Holliday's signature phrase in the movie?
Answer: "I'm your huckleberry."

It was, "I'm your huckleberry." This was Doc's way of saying bring it on!
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20 What type of tree does Doc Holliday call Wyatt Earp after he declines to dance with the actress?
Answer: An Oak

Doc calls Wyatt an oak. But as we see later, Wyatt can't help but like the actress.
21 What is Virgil's wife's maiden name?
Answer: Sullivan

When she proclaims that Virgil can't go to the Oriental because "me and my old man are gonna have some fun," Virgil tells us that her maiden name was Sullivan as if to excuse her behavior. Blaylock is Maddie's maiden name, Marcus is Josephine's surname, and Joyce is Milt's(owner of the Oriental) last name.
22 According to Fred White, who is the 'real law around' Tombstone?
Answer: The Cowboys

'I mean, they're it!'
23 How much of his lung tissue had Doc lost?
Answer: 60 percent

Doc Holliday, the character portrayed in the movie Tombstone, suffered from tuberculosis which caused him to lose 60 percent of his lung tissue. This debilitating disease was common during the time period and often led to a slow and painful death. Despite his illness, Doc was known for his sharp wit, intelligence, and skill with a gun. His friendship with Wyatt Earp and their involvement in the events leading up to the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral have become legendary in American history.
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24 I have 2 guns, one for each of you !
Answer: Doc

After Curly shots the town sheriff one of the cowboys calls him a drunk and bets he's seeing two of him.
25 What were Doc Holliday's last words?
Answer: "This is funny."

They were "This is funny."
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