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Trivia Questions and Answers
photo of Leicester City

100 Leicester City Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Leicester City? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Leicester City (Sports). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 When was the last time that Leicester City were crowned Champions of England, before they won it in the 2015-16 season?
Answer: They'd never won it

Prior to the 2015-16 season, the highest they had finished in their 132-year history was 2nd in 1928.
  From Quiz: Leicester City's Outstanding Season
2 When was the club, which was originally called 'Leicester Fosse', first established?
Answer: 1884

Leicester Fosse played on a field opposite Fosse Road for 7 years before moving to the fantastic Filbert Street ground in 1891, playing there for 111 years. They then moved to the Walkers Stadium in 2002.
    Your options: [ 1884 ] [ 1886 ] [ 1896 ] [ 1900 ]
  From Quiz: Leicester City FC
3 What year was Leicester City founded?
Answer: 1884

Leicester were founded as Leicester Fosse, playing on a field near Fosse Road.
  From Quiz: Leicester City FC
4 Which 'fans favorite' did Peter Taylor sell to Wolves?
Answer: Dean Sturridge

Although Peter Taylor hardly ever played Sturridge he was Leicester's top scorer, so no wonder he was the fans favorite.
    Your options: [ Matt Piper ] [ Robbie Savage ] [ Lee Marshall ] [ Dean Sturridge ]
  From Quiz: Leicester - Early 21st century
5 Which former Leicester & England player said this about Steve Walsh: 'He's always been renowned for his trmendous spirit and single minded aproach.Everytime he goes out onto the field of play, he gives it everything?'
Answer: Gary Lineker

Gary Lineker is one of England's most famous players, and for him to say that about Walshie must be special.
    Your options: [ Frank Worthington ] [ Gordon Banks ] [ Gary Lineker ] [ Peter Shilton ]
  From Quiz: Steve Walsh
6 Who replaced Brian Little as manager of Leicester?
Answer: Mark Mcghee

He left Reading to come to Filbert Street when Brian Little left to join Villa.
  From Quiz: The Foxes
7 Leicester City were formed in 1884 under what name?
Answer: Leicester Fosse

Leicester City's original name of Leicester Fosse is derived from the ancient Roman road, Fosse Way, adjacent to their first home ground. The club reformed as Leicester City in 1919 after Fosse had suffered severe financial troubles.
  From Quiz: Leicester City FC History
8 The best match I saw under O'Neill had to be the only game with Heskey and Collymore, playing up front together against Sunderland, but what was the score?
Answer: Leicester 5-2 Sunderland

It was an amazing match, with Collymore scoring a hat-trick on his home debeut. Unfortuantly Heskey was sold to Liverpool a few days later. Just think where Leicester would be if these 2 were still up front!
  From Quiz: Under Martin O'Neill
9 At the beginning of the 2002-03 season, Leicester City moved from their old home at Filbert Street into their new stadium, named _____________ ?
Answer: Walkers Stadium

It was originally going to be called Walkers Bowl! Thankfully, fans and sportswriters criticised this motion, and we have to be grateful that Walkers Crisps (who had naming rights) listened!
  From Quiz: 21st Century Foxes
10 What were the odds on Leicester winning the Premier League before the start of the season, as made by Ladbrokes?
Answer: 5000-1

Leicester City finished just 14th in their previous season, 2014-15. This title win by Leicester City was the longest-odds winner of a football competition in living memory. Other labels: "the biggest single price winner in history" (i.e. a one-off not an accumulator), "the biggest upset in sporting history".
  From Quiz: Leicester City's Outstanding Season
11 When did Leicester Fosse first get promoted to the top division in England, then known as 'English Division One'?
Answer: 1907-08

Leicester Fosse finished runner-up in the English Second Division, gaining promotion for the first time in their club history.
  From Quiz: Leicester City FC
12 Who replaced David Pleat as manager in 1991?
Answer: Gordon Lee

He was only a caretaker manager, and was in charge for 4 months, but he saved Leicester from relegation to Division 3.
  From Quiz: Leicester City FC
13 How many years did Steve Walsh play for Leicester?
Answer: 14

Steve Walsh joined in 1986, and left Leicester in 2000.
  From Quiz: Steve Walsh
14 When was Leicester City Founded?
Answer: 1884

They were originally called Leicetser Fosse.
  From Quiz: The Foxes
15 After playing at a number of temporary grounds, which stadium became their home in 1891, where they would remain for the next 111 years?
Answer: Filbert Street

Filbert Street opened in 1891 with a match against Loughborough Town. The record attendance at the stadium was 47,298 for an FA Cup tie against Tottenham Hotspur in 1928. The final match at the ground came in 2002 when Tottenham Hotspur were again the visitors. Later that year, Leicester moved into the brand new Walkers Stadium, later renamed the King Power Stadium.
    Your options: [ City Ground ] [ Highfield Road ] [ County Ground ] [ Filbert Street ]
  From Quiz: Leicester City FC History
16 In the Leicester game with Heskey and Collymore against Sunderland, other than Heskey and Collymore, who scored in the game?
Answer: Stefan Oakes

It was a Beckham style freekick, from outside the area curling right around the wall.
  From Quiz: Under Martin O'Neill
17 The first league match of the 2002-03 season in Leicester's new stadium was a 2-0 win over Watford. Which player scored both of Leicester's goals?
Answer: Brian Deane

The strike partnership of Deane and Dickov proved to be a highly potent one, and both players proved hugely popular with Foxes fans.
    Your options: [ Paul Dickov ] [ Brian Deane ] [ Muzzy Izzet ] [ James Scowcroft ]
  From Quiz: 21st Century Foxes
18 Who was Leicester's top goal scorer for the 2015-16 season?
Answer: Jamie Vardy

Vardy scored 24 goals for Leicester in 2015-16, the equal second-most in the Premier League with Sergio Aguero (Manchester City) ... behind Harry Kane with 25 gaols (Tottenham Hotspur).
  From Quiz: Leicester City's Outstanding Season
19 Which ex-Leicester City player scored a penalty for Blackburn Rovers in the 1991-92 Division 2 playoff final?
Answer: Mike Newell

Mike Newell broke the hearts of the 30,000+ LCFC fans who traveled to Wembley, as Blackburn Rovers got themselves promoted to the newly-named 'Premiership' to play top-flight football.
    Your options: [ Mike Newell ] [ Gordon Banks ] [ Gary Lineker ] [ Paul Kitson ]
  From Quiz: Leicester City FC
20 Who took over as Full-Time Leicester Manager after Peter Taylor was sacked?
Answer: Dave 'Harry' Bassett

Dave Bassett took over with Micky Adams as the assistant manager, but things didn't go too well, and Bassett stepped down to Directer of Football, and Micky Adams took the full time job.
  From Quiz: Leicester - Early 21st century
21 Who did Steve Walsh play for before he went to Leicester?
Answer: Wigan Athletic

Walshie played for a few years at Wigan until 1986 when he was transfered to Leicester, and became a 'fans favorite.'
  From Quiz: Steve Walsh
22 What have been the first choice colours of Leicester City's strips since 1904?
Answer: Blue & White

After wearing a variety of different colour schemes during their first 20 years, Leicester City permamently adopted blue and white as their first choice strip in 1904. Shirt designs change from season to season, but the most common Leicester kit is blue shirts with a white trim, and white shorts.
  From Quiz: Leicester City FC History
23 When Leicester got promoted by beating Crystal Palace, in the Play-off final in the 1995-1996 season, who was the only player in the squad that still played in 2002?
Answer: Muzzy Izzet

And Izzet hadn't even been bought, he was just on loan, and because of his success, Leicester bought him at the end of the season.
  From Quiz: Under Martin O'Neill
24 Leicester City's brilliant manager in the 2015-16 season was Claudio Ranieri. What nationality is he?
Answer: Italian

Ranieri was born in Rome in 1951. He has supported the Roman club AS Roma since he was a boy. He was sacked as manager of the Greek national team in November 2014, after they lost at home to Faroe Islands, and was appointed manager of Leicester City in July 2015.

He was previously a manager in the Premier League - manager of Chelsea from September 2000 to May 2004, when he was sacked by Roman Abromivich (who had acquired the Chelsea club in June 2003). He did not win any titles or cup competitions during those four seasons.
  From Quiz: Leicester City's Outstanding Season
25 In 1992-93, LCFC reached the playoff final for the second year running. But against which team did they lose 4-3 in an exciting but heartbreaking final?
Answer: Swindon Town

Glenn Hoddle's Swindon Town went 3-0 up in City's 2nd successive final, but the LCFC fans were terrific, staying behind their team and inspiring them to comeback and draw level at 3-3. However, City were to lose at Wembley for a second year running.
    Your options: [ Swindon Town ] [ Stoke City ] [ Cambridge United ] [ Wimbledon ]
  From Quiz: Leicester City FC
26 In January 2008, who did Leicester get on loan to replace Paul Henderson?
Answer: Ben Alnwick

Leicester had Marton Fulop on loan until January, when Leicester tried to buy him on a permanent basis. However, Fulop was recalled to Sunderland and wasn't available, so Leicester loaned Tottenham Hotspurs Ben Alnwick.
  From Quiz: Leicester City FC
27 How many goals did transfer Ade Akinbyi record in his first full season at the club?
Answer: 7

Ade Akinbyi quickly became the fans' least favorite player, as most of his goals were tap-ins.
  From Quiz: Leicester - Early 21st century
28 Who did they beat in the final of the league Cup in 1964?
Answer: Stoke City

They beat them 4-3 on aggregate, to win their first Cup competition since they began.
  From Quiz: The Foxes
29 What is Leicester City's club nickname?
Answer: The Foxes

Leicestershire is considered to be the origin of the "sport" of fox hunting. Leicester City adopted a fox on their club badge in 1948, and the "foxes" nickname in all likelihood began being used at around the same time.
  From Quiz: Leicester City FC History
30 Who was voted as Leicester City's player of the season at the end of the 2001-02 nightmare?
Answer: Frank Sinclair

Very few players came out of that season with ANY credibility whatsoever. Goalkeeper Ian Walker deserved a medal in my opinion - without him the team probably would have been relegated by October - but Frank had a good season too. Sadly though, it's difficult to put out of mind a ridiculous 40 yard own goal he conceded on 2nd March 2002 at Middlesbrough! Leicester lost the match 0-1.
  From Quiz: 21st Century Foxes
31 What position in the Premier League were Leicester City on Christmas Day 2015?
Answer: 1st

A year earlier, on Christmas Day 2014, Leicester were bottom of the Premier League, which highlights the strong change/reversal in the club's fortunes.
  From Quiz: Leicester City's Outstanding Season
32 Who became the first manager to win his first league game since David Halliday in 1955?
Answer: Ian Holloway

It was against Bristol City, and won 2-0.
  From Quiz: Leicester City FC
33 In the 2002-2003 season, which goal was named Leicester's goal of the season?
Answer: Muzzy Izzett vs. Grimsby

Muzzy's goal was a spectacular overhead kick from just inside the penalty area. All the other goal's were Leicester's goal of the month. Dickov's in August, Stewart's in September, and Benjamin's in February.
    Your options: [ Paul Dickov vs. Gillingham ] [ Trevor Benjamin vs. Portsmouth ] [ Jordan Stewart vs. Wimbeldon ] [ Muzzy Izzett vs. Grimsby ]
  From Quiz: Leicester - Early 21st century
34 Which position did Steve Play for MOST of his Leicester carrer?
Answer: Defender

Although for one season Brian Little played him up-front, and he seemed to score a lot of goals despite this he played in defence coming forward to get a few goals, mainly headers.
  From Quiz: Steve Walsh
35 Who did Leicester sell Frank Worthington to?
Answer: Bolton Wanderers

He went in the season of 1979 to Burndern Park, after finishing the previous season with 24.
  From Quiz: The Foxes
36 Which Leicester player was the Greek Captain?
Answer: Theo Zagorakis

The Leicester shirt with '37 Zagorakis' on the back sold more than anyone else's in Greece at the time.
  From Quiz: Under Martin O'Neill
37 Under Peter Taylor's reign (June 2000 - September 2001), his first season in charge saw Leicester top of the 2000-01 Premiership after a handful of games. Where did the team finish up at the end of the 2000-01 season?
Answer: 13th

City reached the top after four games, but any Foxes fans will know that this was generally because of the side left behind by arguably the most popular Leicester manager, Martin O'Neill (December 1995 - June 2000). Unfortunately after he'd left to join Celtic he decided to take the team's influential midfielder Neil Lennon with him, after which the results started to go down the pan somewhat!
  From Quiz: 21st Century Foxes
38 In February 2016, which team beat Leicester City in the Premier League for the second time that season?
Answer: Arsenal

Arsenal v Leicester City finished 2-1. Arsenal were the only team to do this in the 2015-16 season, and were one of only two teams to beat Leicester in the entire Premier League season (the other loss was Liverpool v Leicester 1-0 in December 2015).
Back in September 2015, Leicester City v Arsenal had finished 2-5.
    Your options: [ Arsenal ] [ Manchester City ] [ Tottenham Hotspur ] [ Liverpool ]
  From Quiz: Leicester City's Outstanding Season
39 LCFC were relegated in 1994-95. How many seasons did it take LCFC to get promoted back to the top division of English Football?
Answer: 1

Leicester City gained promotion the season after relegation, despite not one but two managers leaving the club. Despite this, Martin O'Neill turned a disastrous season around by beating Crystal palace in the 1995-96 Division 1 playoff finals.
  From Quiz: Leicester City FC
40 What animal represents Leicester?
Answer: Fox

They are nicknamed the Foxes and its in the Leicester crest.
  From Quiz: Leicester City FC
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