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260 Nicknames & Mascots Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Nicknames & Mascots? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Nicknames & Mascots (Sports). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 Which team are known for singing "When the Saints Go Marching In"?
Answer: Southampton

The nickname of Southampton is "The Saints" so it seemed appropriate that they adopted the Dixie jazz tune "When the Saints Go Marching In" as their anthem. The tune was made popular by Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong in the 1930s and was adopted by the Saint's supporters in the 1950s. Many other teams have made claim to this song as their anthem over the years.
    Your options: [ Arsenal ] [ Southampton ] [ Swansea ] [ Portsmouth ]
  From Quiz: English Football Team Anthems & Chants
2 This match has a feline theme as "The Tigers" take on "The Black Cats". So who is playing whom?
Answer: Hull City v. Sunderland

Hull City v. Sunderland at Boothferry Park. Hull are known as "The Tigers" because of their yellow-and-black home strip; Sunderland's "Black Cats" soubriquet derives either from the Black Cat Gun Battery that once overlooked the River Wear or from a lucky black cat that some supporters felt contributed to the club's winning of the FA Cup in 1937.
  From Quiz: Who is Playing Whom? - by Club Nickname!
3 They won the first FA Cup played at Wembley in 1923. Who are known as The Trotters?
Answer: Bolton Wanderers

Bolton Wanderers were a founder member of the English Football League in 1888. The club was formed as Christ Church FC in 1874 , but changed their name to Bolton Wanderers three years later. They moved their home ground three times before settling at Burnden Park in 1895 for 102 years, when they moved to the newly-built Reebok Stadium. The original nickname was "The Spots" as their kit had red polka dots on the shirts.
  From Quiz: English Football Team nicknames
4 Which UK seaside football team has the nickname The Gulls?
Answer: Torquay United FC

Blackpool, for obvious reasons, are known as The Seasiders; Bournemouth are called The Cherries as they have always played in predominately red shirts; Plymouth are called The Pilgrims as it was from here that the Pilgrim Fathers, in 1620, sailed for The New World in the Mayflower - the ship that features on the club's badge.
    Your options: [ AFC Bournemouth ] [ Blackpool FC ] [ Torquay United FC ] [ Plymouth Argyle FC ]
  From Quiz: Footballing Birds
5 Which British football team are nicknamed The Stags?
Answer: Mansfield Town FC

Mansfield's badge has the head of a stag on a yellow and blue background (their other nickname is The Yellows). Barnsley are known as The Tykes (a name for Yorkshiremen), Tottenham are The Spurs and Birmingham The Blues.
    Your options: [ Birmingham City FC ] [ Barnsley FC ] [ Mansfield Town FC ] [ Tottenham Hotspur FC ]
  From Quiz: Footballing Animals
6 What bird is the nickname for Altrincham?
Answer: Robins

Altrincham was founded in 1891. The team became famous for avoiding relegation for three consecutive seasons (2005-06 through 2007-08) as a result of other teams' misfortunes. The team shuffled between the Conference National and the Northern Premier League (there was no Conference North until 2004) for eight years until 2005. Altrincham spent 2009-10 in the Conference National.
  From Quiz: Non-Premier League Nicknames
7 Who is Sunderland AFCs mascot?
Answer: Samson

He has a girlfriend, a lady cat named Delilah who often appears with him. His name came from a famous beer 'Samson Ale', manufactured by the now-defunct Vaux Breweries who were long-term sponsors of Sunderland AFC.
  From Quiz: English Football Team Mascots
8 Which club's nickname is Rossonera or Rossoneri?
Answer: A.C. Milan

This nickname is based on their shirt colour which is red and black. Rosso means red and neri means black. Another of their nicknames is il Diavolo, meaning the Devil.
    Your options: [ Real Madrid ] [ Deportivo ] [ Inter Milan ] [ A.C. Milan ]
  From Quiz: Football Club Nicknames
9 The Philadelphia Gridiron team shares its nickname with which club?
Answer: Crystal Palace

Philadelphia's NFL side and Crystal Palace are both known as 'The Eagles'.
Sheffield United are 'The Blades', Lincoln City are called 'The Imps' and Cardiff City are known as 'The Bluebirds'.
    Your options: [ Sheffield United ] [ Crystal Palace ] [ Lincoln City ] [ Cardiff City ]
  From Quiz: English Football Nicknames
10 The "Fields of Anthenry" was a song associated with which international side in 2000?
Answer: Republic of Ireland

"Fields of Athenry" was sung by the Irish national team and was also sung at Irish football and rugby matches. It was a song based on the famine of Ireland and was recorded first by singer Danny Doyle.
    Your options: [ England ] [ Wales ] [ Scotland ] [ Republic of Ireland ]
  From Quiz: Football Chants and Songs UK
11 Who are The Cottagers?
Answer: Fulham

Fulham play at Craven Cottage, hence the nickname. Luton are the Hatters, Watford the Hornets and Brentford are the Bees.
  From Quiz: British Football Club Nicknames
12 Which club are known as the Stags?
Answer: Mansfield Town

Ted Hartson scored 55 goals for the club in 1936/37 in Division 3 North.
    Your options: [ Huddersfield Town ] [ Mansfield Town ] [ Milwall ] [ Plymouth Argyle ]
  From Quiz: Club Nicknames
13 Which was the name of non-league side Hendon's mascot?
Answer: Monty the Lamb

An extremly tough one to start, but you may have guessed correctly.
    Your options: [ Monty the Moose ] [ Monty the Lamb ] [ Monty the Dog ] [ Monty the Goat ]
  From Quiz: UK Football Mascots [2]
14 What was the name of Northampton Town's mascot?
Answer: Clarence the Dragon

Did you know Clarence finished 12th in the first annual Mascot Grand National, and once represented the Mascot XI in a match against a team of local radio presenters?
  From Quiz: UK Football Mascots [1]
15 Which team are known as the Lions?
Answer: Millwall

Millwall entered the Football League in 1921. Bury are known as the 'Shakers', Watford are the 'Hornets', and Lincoln are the 'Imps'.
    Your options: [ Bury ] [ Lincoln City ] [ Watford ] [ Millwall ]
  From Quiz: Animal Nicknames League Teams
16 Which team are called The Clarets?
Answer: Burnley

Burnley are known as The Clarets because of their club colours.
    Your options: [ Burnley ] [ Wimbledon ] [ Coventry City ] [ Rotherham United ]
  From Quiz: Football Team Nicknames
17 Red Devils were the nickname of what team?
Answer: Manchester United
  From Quiz: English Football Team Nicknames
18 West Ham United, an English Premiership team from London, are known by which nickname?
Answer: The Hammers

The club badge contains two crossed hammers.
    Your options: [ The Hammers ] [ Sky Blues ] [ Red Devils ] [ The Londoners ]
  From Quiz: English Club Nicknames
19 Which team sing "Steve Bloomer's Watchin' "?
Answer: Derby County

Steve Bloomer was Derby County's record goal scorer with 331 goals and also scored 28 times for England. The song "Steve Bloomer's Watchin' " is based on an Australian Rules Football song and the lyrics were altered by two Derby fans in 1996. The song became the official club anthem in 1997. A bronze bust of Bloomer sits inside the stadium at Pride Park.
    Your options: [ Sheffield United ] [ Derby County ] [ Bradford City ] [ Rotherham United ]
  From Quiz: English Football Team Anthems & Chants
20 This fixture is a pair of Reds: "The Red Imps" playing "The Red Devils". Which teams are playing?
Answer: Lincoln City v. Manchester United

This match would be a real money-spinner for Lincoln City, "The Red Imps", as they take on Manchester United, "The Red Devils", at Sincil Bank. Lincoln play in a red strip, but their nickname is also a nod to a 13th Century stone carving inside Lincoln Cathedral that depicts an imp. As for Manchester United - well, I have to say that I'm a founder member of the "Anyone But United" club! Apparently their "Red Devils" nickname was nicked from the local Rugby League club, Salford - somehow that doesn't surprise me!
    Your options: [ Bristol City v. Arsenal ] [ Nottingham Forest v. Charlton Athletic ] [ Liverpool v. Rotherham united ] [ Lincoln City v. Manchester United ]
  From Quiz: Who is Playing Whom? - by Club Nickname!
21 Which West Midlands club is known as The Baggies?
Answer: West Bromwich Albion

West Brom were formed in 1878 and have played at The Hawthorns since 1900. In the early days they were known as The Throstles, a song thrush, which is featured on the club crest.
    Your options: [ Birmingham City ] [ West Bromwich Albion ] [ Walsall ] [ Wolverhampton Wanderers ]
  From Quiz: English Football Team nicknames
22 In similar vein, which UK seaside football team is nicknamed The Seagulls?
Answer: Brighton and Hove Albion FC

Brighton's club badge features a flying seagull. Southampton are known as The Saints (because they used to be called Southampton St Mary's), Hull as The Tigers (because of their black and gold playing kit) and Greenock Morton as The Pride of the Clyde (for obvious geographical reasons!)
    Your options: [ Greenock Morton FC ] [ Southampton FC ] [ Brighton and Hove Albion FC ] [ Hull City FC ]
  From Quiz: Footballing Birds
23 Which British football club have the unusual nickname The Monkey Hangers?
Answer: Hartlepool FC

    Your options: [ Burnley FC ] [ Sheffield United FC ] [ Hartlepool FC ] [ Middlesbrough FC ]
  From Quiz: Footballing Animals
24 Which team is nicknamed the Tractor Boys?
Answer: Ipswich Town

The nickname is supposedly done out of mockery, but it is named for its agricultural heritage. The East Anglia club has a rivalry with Norwich City. Ipswich Town spent two season in the Premier League before being relegated to Division One (previous name for the Football League Championship) in 2003.
    Your options: [ Cardiff City ] [ Ipswich Town ] [ Queens Park Rangers ] [ Watford ]
  From Quiz: Non-Premier League Nicknames
25 Arsenal have a very imposing mascot who entertains at their magnificent Emirates Stadium. What's his name?
Answer: Gunnersaurus Rex

Arsenal fans are known as 'Gooners', so Gunnersaurus Rex is quite a clever wordplay on the nickname. In his fact file on the official Arsenal website, he's said to be a well respected mascot with a friendly nature.
  From Quiz: English Football Team Mascots
26 The Pensioners used to be the nickname of which club?
Answer: Chelsea

Chelsea adopted an image of a Chelsea pensioner for their first crest, leading to them being called 'The Pensioners'. The exact origins are unclear but this explanation is widely accepted.
    Your options: [ Arsenal ] [ Man Utd ] [ Liverpool ] [ Chelsea ]
  From Quiz: Football Club Nicknames
27 The San Antonio basketball team shares its nickname with which club?
Answer: Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham and San Antonio are both famously known as 'Spurs'. Sheffield Wednesday are called 'The Owls', Darlington are 'The Quakers', while Plymouth Argyle's nickname is 'The Pilgrims'.
    Your options: [ Sheffield Wednesday ] [ Tottenham Hotspur ] [ Darlington ] [ Plymouth Argyle ]
  From Quiz: English Football Nicknames
28 Which English Premier League team in 2006, sang a variation of the song "Fields of Athenry"?
Answer: Liverpool

Liverpool sang the song changing athenry to Anfield Road, in reference to the stadium Anfield. It was to tell people of the stadium's great history.
    Your options: [ Everton ] [ Blackburn Rovers ] [ Manchester United ] [ Liverpool ]
  From Quiz: Football Chants and Songs UK
29 Which team are known as The Blades?
Answer: Sheffield United

Sheffield is famous for its steel and in particular its cutlery, hence the Blades! Sheffield Wednesday are the Owls, Barnsley the Tykes, and Walsall the Saddlers.
    Your options: [ Sheffield United ] [ Barnsley ] [ Sheffield Wednesday ] [ Walsall ]
  From Quiz: British Football Club Nicknames
30 Which football league club are known as the Bees?
Answer: Brentford

Brentford reached the quarterfinals of the FA Cup in 1938 and 1989.
    Your options: [ Leyton Orient ] [ Brentford ] [ Burnley ] [ Bury ]
  From Quiz: Club Nicknames
31 Which was the name of Manchester City's mascot?
Answer: Moonchester

Moonchester was an extremly original mascot and had an alien costume. Bluey was the mascot of Ipswich Town.
    Your options: [ Bill the Blue ] [ Moonchester ] [ Bluey the Horse ] [ Liam and Noel ]
  From Quiz: UK Football Mascots [2]
32 What was the name of the Arsenal mascot?
Answer: Gunnersaurus Rex

Many have said the reason for Arsenal's brilliant form was due to this mascot.
  From Quiz: UK Football Mascots [1]
33 Which team are known as the Magpies?
Answer: Newcastle United

Newcstle first won the League title in the 1904-05 season. York City are known as the 'Minstermen', Oldham are the 'Latics' and Grimsby are the 'Mariners'.
    Your options: [ York City ] [ Grimsby Town ] [ Oldham Athletic ] [ Newcastle United ]
  From Quiz: Animal Nicknames League Teams
34 Exeter City are known as what?
Answer: Grecians

This is the nickname of the local market boys in the area.
  From Quiz: Football Team Nicknames
35 The Baggies nickname belongs to what team?
Answer: West Bromwich Albion

West Bromwich Albion is a professional football club in England that is commonly referred to as "The Baggies." The nickname is said to have originated from the team's distinctive striped kit, which resembled a large bag. The club has a long and storied history, having been founded in 1878, and has won numerous domestic and international titles over the years. Despite facing some difficult times in recent years, West Bromwich Albion remains a beloved and respected team in English football.
  From Quiz: Nicknames of English Football Clubs
36 What team had the nickname the Gunners?
Answer: Arsenal
  From Quiz: English Football Team Nicknames
37 Another London team, Charlton Athletic.
Answer: The Addicks

No-one knows where this comes from for sure, but it is believed to stem from a fish and chip shop that sold 'haddock' and chips!
    Your options: [ The Addicks ] [ The Lions ] [ The Cottagers ] [ The Reds ]
  From Quiz: English Club Nicknames
38 Which team sing "Blue is the Colour"?
Answer: Chelsea

"Blue is the Colour" was released by Chelsea team prior to their appearance in the League Cup Final in 1972.It ultimately reached Number 5 in the UK Singles Chart. They have always worn blue shirts and their shorts were changed to blue in the 1960s.
    Your options: [ Coventry City ] [ Chelsea ] [ Blackburn Rovers ] [ Bristol Rovers ]
  From Quiz: English Football Team Anthems & Chants
39 This match features what could be seen as a "hunter" and "hunted" pairing, with "The Foxes" taking on "The Bantams". Who is playing whom?
Answer: Leicester City v. Bradford City

Another attractive fixture as Leicester City, "The Foxes", take on Bradford City, "The Bantams". Leicester is the county town of Leicestershire which is traditionally one of the most important areas for foxhunting in England and home to the famous Quorn Hunt; it's also said that the outline of the county on the map resembles a fox's head. The nickname for Bradford City, "The Bantams", stem from the colours of the club's strip - claret and amber - which are unique in the Football League. It's said the in the years before World War I Bradford's supporters used to take live bantams to home matches as mascots. Slightly off-topic, but I would heartily recommend the Bradford City fanzine, "The City Gent", which has been published since 1984.
  From Quiz: Who is Playing Whom? - by Club Nickname!
40 Sir Tom Finney played for this club known as The Lilywhites?
Answer: Preston North End

Preston were founded in 1880 and a founder member of the Football League in 1888. They were the first English football club to achieve the "Double" - League Championship and FA Cup in the same year, when they won both competitions in 1889.
  From Quiz: English Football Team nicknames
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