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380 Arsenal Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Arsenal? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Arsenal (Sports). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 In which year was Arsenal founded?
Answer: 1886

The club was founded in October 1886, by a group of workers in a munition workshop. The first name of the club was Dial Square FC.
    Your options: [ 1911 ] [ 1904 ] [ 1886 ] [ 1898 ]
  From Quiz: History of Arsenal FC
2 The club known as Arsenal FC was founded in October 1886 after contributions from munitions workers. Which now-defunct British coin did each worker give to the project?
Answer: Sixpence

The idea to form the club was the brainchild of Scottish factory worker David Danskin, who alongside his 15 fellow munitions workers at Royal Arsenal, in Woolwich, helped to form Dial Square, which would later be renamed Arsenal FC (Dial Square was the name of the workshop at the firm Royal Arsenal). Each member contributed a sixpence while Danskin added another three shillings to help lay the foundations of the football club.

They became Royal Arsenal in December 1886 and Woolwich Arsenal in May 1893 (when the club became a limited liability company). In April 1914 they dropped "Woolwich" and became The Arsenal. They dropped "The" in November 1919.
    Your options: [ Halfpenny ] [ Sixpence ] [ Shilling ] [ Half crown ]
  From Quiz: Team History: Arsenal FC
3 From May 2003 to October 2004, Arsenal went unbeaten in the Premier League. Across how many games were they unbeaten?
Answer: 49

Between May 2003 and October 2004, Arsenal went 49 league games unbeaten. It was during these times that the Arsenal team was referred to as the 'Invincibles', as they won the 2003-04 Premiership title undefeated. This squad included Kolo Toure, Sol Campbell, Patrick Vieira, Pires and Thierry Henry among others.
  From Quiz: Joy to the Gunners
4 The summer transfer window prior to the start of the 2011-12 season was notable for a key departure. Who left the Emirates after two years of speculation about his exit?
Answer: Cesc Fabregas

Captain Cesc Fabregas finally fulfilled his dream of returning home to Barcelona before the start of the 2011-12 season. Robin van Persie was named captain after Fabregas' departure. None of the other choices were sold during the transfer window.
  From Quiz: Arsenal : Season 2011-12
5 Arsenal had a very harsh start to the season, having lost key players over the summer. Among them were captain Cesc Fabregas who was sold to FC Barcelona. Which player was made the new club captain for the 2011-12 season?
Answer: Robin van Persie

Robin van Persie (who was appointed vice-captain in the previous season) was given the prestigious armband when Fabregas left. The striker came to Arsenal from Feyenoord in 2004.
    Your options: [ Robin van Persie ] [ Bacary Sagna ] [ Thomas Vermaelen ] [ Mikel Arteta ]
  From Quiz: Arsenal's 2011-12 Season
6 Manuel Almunia is a successful goalkeeper. Which country does he come from?
Answer: Spain

Manuel Almunia joined Arsenal in 2004, but for the first years of his career at Arsenal, he had to battle for a place against Jens Lehmann. He did not receive a call up for Euro 2008 and has never played an international game, possibly because of the strength of Iker Casillas. He has also played for Osasuna B, Celta Vigo, and Albacete.
    Your options: [ Portugal ] [ Paraguay ] [ Brazil ] [ Spain ]
  From Quiz: Nationalities of Arsenal Footballers
7 By the end of October, who jumped out of the gate and was Arsenal's top goal scorer?
Answer: Samir Nasri

Samir Nasri scored 7 goals in 10 his games. Marouane Chamakh was second by scoring 6 goals in 13 games. Theo Walcott was third scoring 6 goals in 6 games, followed by Andrey Arshavin with just 5 in 13 games.
  From Quiz: Arsenal 2010
8 How many goals did Thierry Henry score in his career at Arsenal?
Answer: 226

Henry scored 226 goals in his career at Arsenal (he scored 174 goals in 254 Premier Lague games). He joined Arsenal from Juventus in 1999, and left for Barcelona in 2007.
  From Quiz: The Gooners
9 When was Arsenal Football Club founded?
Answer: 1886

They were first called Dial Square, before changing their name to Royal Arsenal.
  From Quiz: Arsenal FC
10 In what year did the legendary Arsene Wenger take over?
Answer: 1996

Before he managed the Gunners, he had managed AS Monaco, and RC Strasbourg among others.
  From Quiz: Arsenal Kingdom
11 Who scored a hat-trick in Arsenal's 5-1 victory against Wimbledon on the opening day of the season?
Answer: Alan Smith

Alan Smith finished the season as the First Division's top scorer with 23 goals. He was top scorer again when Arsenal won the championship in 1991.
  From Quiz: Arsenal's 1988-89 Season
12 What is Thierry Henry's middle name?
Answer: Daniel

Robert Pires' middle name is Emmanuel.
  From Quiz: Good Old Arsenal
13 Which Arsenal player along with Thierry Henry scored his 100th goal in season 2002/03, to help them join the exclusive 100 goal club at Arsenal?
Answer: Dennis Bergkamp

Thierry and Dennis Bergkamp completed their quest for one hundred goals in January 2003. They joined a list of fourteen other players who achieved the feat, those players were as followed with total goals are Ian Wright (1991-98) with 185, Cliff Bastin (1929-46) 178, John Radford (1962-76) 149, Jimmy Brain (1923-31) 139, Ted Drake (1934-45) 139, Doug Lishman (1948-56) 137, Joe Hulme (1926-38) 125, David Jack (1928-34) 124, Reg Lewis (1935-1953) 118, Alan Smith (1987-95) 115, Thierry Henry (1999 - ) 205***, Jack Lambert (1926-33) 109, Frank Stapleton (1972-1981) 108, David Herd (1954-1961) 107, Dennis Bergkamp (1995- ) 117*** and
Joe Baker (1962-66) 100.

Henry and Bergkamp were still players as of March 2006 and both added to their overall totals.
  From Quiz: The Arsenal 100 Club
14 1996-97 saw Arsenal face German opposition in the UEFA Cup first round, but who did they play?
Answer: Borussia Monchengladbach

Arsenal crashed out by 6-4 on aggregate after two 3-2 losses.
The second game saw the emergence of Arsene Wenger as coach.
  From Quiz: Arsenal in Europe - Part 2
15 Arsenal began their European adventures in which season?
Answer: 1963-64

In 1963-64, the Gunners played Staevnet of Denmark in round one, defeating the Danes 7-1 away, and losing at home 2-3, therefore winning 9-4 on aggregate. They were then beaten in round two by Belgian side Royal Liege 4-2 on aggregate (1-1 at home 1-3 away).
The competition was the Inter Cities Fairs Cup.
    Your options: [ 1967-68 ] [ 1968-69 ] [ 1962-63 ] [ 1963-64 ]
  From Quiz: Arsenal in Europe - Part 1
16 Arsenal's famous trademark chant "1-0 to the Arsenal", was sung to the tune of a song by which group?
Answer: Village People

It was sung to the tune of the Village People's "Go West", although the same track was covered by the Pet Shop Boys.
    Your options: [ Duran Duran ] [ Queen ] [ Village People ] [ Abba ]
  From Quiz: The Arsenal
17 On the official Arsenal crest, the motto "Victoria Concordia Crescit", is inscribed, but what does the other motto state which is contained within a smaller crest on the crest itself?
Answer: "Deus Per Omnia"

'Deus Per Omnia', actually means 'In God we trust'. The others are not correct but would be fun if they were - 'si vis pacem, para bellum' means: if you want peace, prepare for war. 'Parans, Volens, Potans' means: ready willing and able. Finally 'semper ubi sub ubi' means: always wear underwear.
    Your options: [ "Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum" ] [ "Deus Per Omnia" ] [ "Semper Ubi Sub Ubi" ] [ "Parans Volens Potans" ]
  From Quiz: Arsenal General, Again
18 For 87 years of the 20th century Arsenal's home was Highbury. If you were sitting in a seat at Highbury and the Arsenal fans opposite were singing "We're the North Bank at Highbury", what would your stand be singing?
Answer: "We're the Clock End at Highbury"

The South side of Highbury was known as the 'clock end', because of the large clock on the South rim. The other two incorrect chants are from other terrace chants.
  From Quiz: Arsenal in General
19 When did the club become known as Arsenal?
Answer: 1914

Arsenal were first named Dial Square in 1886, but quickly changed their name to Royal Arsenal. In 1893, they joined the football league second division under a new name, Woolwich Arsenal and kept that name until 1914.
  From Quiz: Arsenal FC History
20 Who was Arsenal's top scorer in the 2001-02 season?
Answer: Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry was not only Arsenal's top scorer, but he was the top scorer in the Premier League as well!
  From Quiz: That Fantastic Football Team
21 How many games did it take for Jensen to score his first Arsenal goal?
Answer: 98

Jenson played for and scored in Denmark's win in the final at Euro 1992; but he left Arsenal with a strike rate of one goal per 137 apperances.
  From Quiz: Short Golden Gunners
22 How do you spell this famous Arsenal player's name?
Answer: Denis Compton

In 1948 he was in the Arsenal team that won the league championship, and in 1950 he won a FA Cup winners' medal when Arsenal beat Liverpool 2-0.
  From Quiz: The Golden Gunners
23 Who were Arsenal sponsored by in the 2000-01 season?
Answer: Dreamcast

Arsenal were sponsored by SEGA Dreamcast.
  From Quiz: The Gunners of Arsenal
24 In which English city do Arsenal play their home matches?
Answer: London

Although originally the works team of the Woolwich Arsenal in South London, Arsenal play their home matches in Highbury, North London.
    Your options: [ Liverpool ] [ London ] [ Manchester ] [ Birmingham ]
  From Quiz: Arsenal Football Club
25 Arsenal played its first European football match on 25th September 1963. Against which opponent was this match? (think of an European capital)
Answer: Copenhagen XI

This was a First Round match in the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup. Arsenal won 7-1. Their opponents that night were also known as Staevnet (they were a Danish representative team chosen from 11 member clubs). Seven years later, Arsenal won their first European competition: the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup in 1970.
    Your options: [ Spartak Moskow ] [ Porto ] [ Copenhagen XI ] [ Borussia Dortmund ]
  From Quiz: History of Arsenal FC
26 When was Arsène Wenger appointed as the manager to the Arsenal team?
Answer: September 1996

Arsène Wenger, a Frenchman, was appointed as the manager in September 1996. He coached French team AS Monaco and Japanese team Nagoya Grampus before joining Arsenal. His first Premiership title was won in 1998. He also won the FA Cup that year. He succeeded Bruce Rioch, who was let go.
  From Quiz: Joy to the Gunners
27 Arsenal had a debutant sent off against Newcastle United, the second straight time this has happened in the season's opening fixture. Who had to take an early bath?
Answer: Gervinho

Ivorian winger Gervinho was a pre-season signing from Lille, and was red-carded after a dust-up with Newcastle midfielder Joey Barton. In an unrelated incident, Alex Song was retroactively suspended for stamping on Barton earlier in the match.
Laurent Koscielny as red-carded at Anfield in the opening fixture of the 2010-11 season.
  From Quiz: Arsenal : Season 2011-12
28 On 28th August 2011, things went from bad to worse. Arsenal played away against Manchester United where they suffered their greatest defeat since 1896. What was the final score?
Answer: 8-2

A very painful day for all Arsenal fans (the last time Arsenal has conceded 8 goals was on 12th December 1896, when they were beaten 8-0 by Loughborough Town). However, the fans kept singing their hearts out in support of their team all through the game. Afterwards, the club decided to refund the tickets of all the traveling fans as a way of saying thank you.
  From Quiz: Arsenal's 2011-12 Season
29 Dennis Bergkamp played 316 games at league level for Arsenal. Which country did he come from?
Answer: Netherlands

Dennis Bergkamp was born in Amsterdam and played for three teams in his career. He started his youth career at Ajax, and when old enough he played for the first team from 1986-1993. He then joined Inter Milan, but wasn't as successful and only played until 1995 before joining the Gunners. He was known for his long-range curlers and sublime skill.
    Your options: [ Denmark ] [ Norway ] [ Sweden ] [ Netherlands ]
  From Quiz: Nationalities of Arsenal Footballers
30 In the Carling Cup tie against Tottenham away, Arsenal managed to beat the North London Rivals. What was the score?
Answer: 4-1

It was a fantastic derby away win, 4-1. Lansbury got the first in the 15th minute, before Robbie Keane equalized in the 49th minute. The game went into extra time and Arsenal responded well, with 2 penalties scored by Samir Nasri in the 92nd and 96th minute. Andrey Arshavin finished the game off making it 4-1 in the 105th minute.
  From Quiz: Arsenal 2010
31 Which player brought Arsenal the title in the last minute at Anfield 1989?
Answer: Michael Thomas

On 26th May 1989 Arsenal went to Liverpool needing a 2-0 win (oe 3-1, as long as it was by a two goal margin), to clinch the title. This created a unique situation where the 2 teams still in with a chance of the title played each other for the League Championship, in their last game of the season.

W D L F-A GD pts
22 10 5 65-26 +39 76 Liverpool
21 10 6 71-36 +35 73 Arsenal

The odds were against them as Liverpool hadn't lost by 2 goals at home in years. Alan Smith glanced in a header early in the second half, 0-1 .. and with the Liverpool bench in triumphal mode as the game entered the last minute, Arsenal launched one last attack, and the rest is history.

W D L F-A GD pts
22 10 6 73-36 +37 76 Arsenal
22 10 6 65-28 +37 76 Liverpool
    Your options: [ Paul Merson ] [ Alan Smith ] [ Michael Thomas ] [ Niall Quinn ]
  From Quiz: The Gooners
32 Which player scored the first Premier League goal for Arsenal at the new Emirates Stadium?
Answer: Gilberto

He was Arsenal's only goalscorer for that particular match. It was a 1-1 draw with Aston Villa.
    Your options: [ Emmanuel Adebayor ] [ Gilberto ] [ Cesc Fabregas ] [ Thierry Henry ]
  From Quiz: Arsenal FC
33 Which former Arsenal stalwart left the club for Newcastle United?
Answer: Kenny Sansom

Sansom had been replaced as captain by Tony Adams and joined Newcastle in December 1988, after a long spell in the reserves.
    Your options: [ Graham Rix ] [ David O'Leary ] [ Charlie Nicholas ] [ Kenny Sansom ]
  From Quiz: Arsenal's 1988-89 Season
34 How many major trophies did Arsenal win under George Graham?
Answer: 6

2 Leagues (1989,1991) 2 League cups (1987,1993) 1 FA cup (1993) and 1 Cup Winners Cup (1994).
  From Quiz: Good Old Arsenal
35 Who became the first Arsenal player to 100 goals for the club?
Answer: Jimmy Brain

Jimmy Brain played for Arsenal between 1923-31 and scored 139 goals in 232 matches. His 100th goal came in his 144th match.
  From Quiz: The Arsenal 100 Club
36 1997-98 was as poor a campaign as the previous season, when they crashed out at the first round stage yet again, but which unfancied Greek team turned Arsenal over, and what was the aggregate score?
Answer: PAOK Salonika 1-2

After a 1-0 defeat in Greece, Arsenal had high hopes of winning through on the home leg, but they came unstuck with a late goal from the Greeks, and a 1-1 draw was not enough.
    Your options: [ AEK Athens 1-3 ] [ OFI Crete 1-2 ] [ Panathinikos 1-3 ] [ PAOK Salonika 1-2 ]
  From Quiz: Arsenal in Europe - Part 2
37 1969-70 was Arsenal's second entry into European Football, but how many games did they play?
Answer: 12

Arsenal won the Inter Cities Fairs Cup, later the UEFA Cup by playing six sides home and away. They played Glentoran of N.Ireland winning 3-1 on agg (3-0 at home 0-1 away), round two they beat Sporting Lisbon of Portugal 3-0 on agg (3-0 & 0-0), round three they beat French outfit Rouen 1-0 on agg (1-0 & 0-0), round four was a hammering of Romanian's Dinamo Bacau winning 9-1 on agg (7-1 & 2-0), and the semi finals saw the Dutch giants Ajax off 3-1 on agg (3-0 & 0-1). In the final they played Belgian giants Anderlecht, losing the first leg away in Belgium 3-1, they returned to Highbury to win 3-0 and a trophy for the first time since 1953.
  From Quiz: Arsenal in Europe - Part 1
38 Which has the Arsenal NOT been called at some point in their past?
Answer: Plumstead Arsenal

Plumstead Common was the first ground in 1886, but never included in a name for the team.
    Your options: [ Woolwich Arsenal ] [ Dial Square ] [ Plumstead Arsenal ] [ Royal Arsenal ]
  From Quiz: The Arsenal
39 When Arsenal played Sunderland at Highbury on 9th March 1935 they set their record for the highest attendance what was it?
Answer: 73,295

Highbury's capacity since the introduction of all seating is around 38,500. However, long before seated terraces were mandated, on 9th March 1935, 73,295 fans attended a game with Sunderland, but unfortunately only saw a 0-0 draw.
  From Quiz: Arsenal in General
40 Which ground did the club, become known as Arsenal first play?
Answer: Plumstead Common

The club began life at Plumstead Common in 1885, and moved to the Sportman Ground two years later in 1887. After just one year they moved to the Manor Ground until 1890, when they moved into the Invicta Ground. They stayed there for three years before moving back to the Manor Ground until 1913, when they moved into Highbury Stadium.
    Your options: [ Sportsman Ground ] [ Plumstead Common ] [ Manor Ground ] [ Invicta Ground ]
  From Quiz: Arsenal FC History
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