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U.S. Currency ( Currencies)
U.S. Navy ( U.S. Military)
UEFA Champions League (Europe)
Uganda (Africa)
UK Sports ( Sports Mixed)
UK Horse Racing ( Horse Racing)
UK Animal ( Animals by Region)
UK Children's Television (British TV)
UK Classic TV (British TV)
UK Comedy (British TV)
UK Police and Detective Dramas (British TV)
UK Soaps (British TV)
Ukraine (Europe)
Uncle Buck ( Movies U-Z)
Underworld ( Movies U-Z)
United Nations ( Organizations)
The Untouchables ( Movies U-Z)
Up ( Movies U-Z)
Up in Smoke ( Movies U-Z)
Urban Cowboy ( Movies U-Z)
Ursidae-Bear Family (Carnivores)
US History for Kids (History for Kids)
United States Animals ( Animals by Region)
USA by Year: 1990s Sports ( USA by Year)
USA Gymnasts ( Gymnastics)
Utah (States U-W)
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