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I Am Legend ( Movies H-K)
I Dream of Jeannie (Television H-K)
I Know What You Did Last Summer ( Movies H-K)
I Love Lucy (Television H-K)
Robot I ( Movies H-K)
iCarly ( TV for Kids I-R)
Ice Age ( Movies H-K)
Ice Cream (Food & Drink)
Iceland (Europe)
Identify the Animal ( Miscellaneous Animal Trivia)
Idle Hands ( Movies H-K)
In & Out ( Movies H-K)
In Harm's Way ( Movies H-K)
In the Line of Fire ( Movies H-K)
The Inbetweeners (Television H-K)
Inception ( Movies H-K)
Incredibles, The ( Movies H-K)
Independence Day ( Movies H-K)
India Sports Mix (Asia)
Indian Foods (International Cuisine)
Indian Premier League ( Twenty20 Cricket)
Indiana (States F-L)
Indiana Jones ( Movies H-K)
Individual Dog Breeds (Dog Breeds)
Individual Warrior Cats (Mixed Warriors Quizzes)
Indochine ( Movies H-K)
Industrial Revolution ( Specialized History)
Inglourious Basterds ( Movies H-K)
Insects ( Invertebrates)
Inside Out ( Movies H-K)
Inside The Actor's Studio (Television H-K)
Inspector Morse (Television H-K)
Interview with the Vampire ( Movies H-K)
Iowa (States F-L)
Ireland (Europe)
Irish Myth (Mythology & Legends)
Iron Chef (Television H-K)
The Iron Giant ( Movies H-K)
Iron Man ( Movies H-K)
Islam (Religion)
The Island ( Movies H-K)
IT (Television H-K)
It's A Wonderful Life ( Movies H-K)
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Television H-K)
The Italian Job ( Movies H-K)
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