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Welcome to the world's greatest and most interesting compendium of over 1.3 MILLION trivia tidbits, interesting details, and answers to frequently asked trivia questions on over 70,000 topics. It has been constructed by over 23,000 people from around the world (and counting).

The L Word (Television L-P)
Labyrinth ( Movies L-P)
Lacrosse ( Sports Other)
Lady and the Tramp ( Movies L-P)
Lagomorphs-Rabbits,Hares, Pikas ( Wild Mammals)
Last Crusade (Indiana Jones)
Last Man Standing (Television L-P)
The Last of the Mohicans ( Movies L-P)
The Last Samurai ( Movies L-P)
Latter-Day Saints (Religion)
Law And Order: SVU (Law And Order)
Lawn Bowls ( Sports Other)
League of Their Own, A ( Movies L-P)
Lean on Me ( Movies L-P)
Leave It To Beaver (Television L-P)
Leeds United ( UK Football Teams)
Legally Blonde ( Movies L-P)
Legend of Korra ( TV for Kids I-R)
Legends of the Fall ( Movies L-P)
Lego (Other Games & Toys)
Leicester City ( UK Football Teams)
Leopards (Felidae-Cat Family)
Lethal Weapon ( Movies L-P)
Liar Liar ( Movies L-P)
Life is Beautiful ( Movies L-P)
Life of Brian (Monty Python)
The Life of David Gale ( Movies L-P)
Like Mike ( Movies L-P)
Lilo & Stitch ( Movies L-P)
The Lion King ( Movies L-P)
the Witch and the Wardrobe Lion (Lewis, C. S.)
Lions (Felidae-Cat Family)
Literary Movies ( Something in Common)
Lithuania (Europe)
The Little Mermaid ( Movies L-P)
Little Miss Sunshine ( Movies L-P)
A Little Princess ( Movies L-P)
Little Shop of Horrors ( Movies L-P)
Little Women ( Movies L-P)
Lizards ( Reptiles and Amphibians)
Llamas and Camels ( Other Domestic Animals)
Lonesome Dove (Television L-P)
The Longest Day ( Movies L-P)
The Longest Yard ( Movies L-P)
Looney Tunes (Television L-P)
Lord of the Rings ( Movies L-P)
The Lost Boys ( Movies L-P)
Lost in Space (Television L-P)
Louisiana (States F-L)
Love Actually ( Movies L-P)
Love and Basketball ( Movies L-P)
The Love Boat (Television L-P)
Love in Movies ( Something in Common)
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