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105 Legally Blonde Trivia Questions & Answers

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1 What was the first picture in the scrapbook that Margot made?
Answer: Elle's first shopping experience

There were many pictures in the scrapbook, but the scrapbook covered her life. So they started from the beginning where she went on her first shopping experience. Paulette commented on Elle's first shopping experience and said, "Her nanny used to try and take her to baby GAP but she would just cry."
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What was the name of the dog that was on the cover of Animal Fair magazine with Congresswoman Rudd?

2 What song is played in the opening scene of the movie?
Answer: "Perfect Day" by Hoku

The song by Hoku plays throughout the opening scene, which takes place in Elle's sorority. The song plays during the opening scene because the lyrics of this song describe Elle's life. She is one of the smartest kids in her classes, she is the president of a popular sorority and she has a good-looking boyfriend. But her life takes a turn for the worst when Warner breaks up with her later that night.
Question Reference: Quiz: Legally Blonde.
3 What color is Elle's car in the movie?
Answer: Light Blue

I liked her Porsche from the first movie better, but I guess this car showed a more mature Elle.
4 When Elle goes to Paulette's salon for the first time, what magazine is Paulette reading?
Answer: Upscale

Paulette was portrayed by Jennifer Coolidge. She was also in both "American Pie" movies.
5 "Well then, you're going to need this!"
Answer: Margot

Margot says this to Elle. She is talking about her lucky scrunchie.
6 In the beginning of the movie, what number haircoloring is on Elle's vanity?
Answer: #14

It is "Clairol" Herbal Essence #14.
7 What does Margot give Elle for luck on her LSAT exam?
Answer: a hair scrunchy

Margot gives Elle her lucky hair scrunchy that helped her pass Spanish. Serena reminds her that it wasn't the scrunchy that actually helped her pass the final.
Question Reference: Quiz: Legally Blonde.
8 What is Elle's last name?
Answer: Woods

The Sorority Girl who thought that she could just breeze through life with everything handed to her on a silver platter but learns the hard way, that it won't be.
Question Reference: Quiz: Legally Blonde.
9 What is Elle's favorite perfume?
Answer: Happy by Clinique

Clinique is her cosmetics and fragrance brand of choice in the movie, and in the beginning of the comedy we can clearly see her spraying 'Happy' on herself!
10 What information do the members of the admissions committee at Harvard NOT offer the head of the board, in attempting to convince him that Elle should go to law school?
Answer: She doesn't require any student loans.

The admissions board is clearly stunned with Elle's admissions' video. The members try to say anything they can to convince the board's head that she should attend Harvard. They also add have never had a fashion major at Harvard, and they are always looking for diversity among the students.
Question Reference: Quiz: Legally Blonde.
11 What did Emmet get Elle as a wedding gift?
Answer: A snow globe

Elle gave Emmet a snow globe that had them standing in Fenway Park. Fenway Park was Emmet's favorite place in the entire world. They were supposed to get married there, but some other things came up, and they didn't.
12 What is the name of Elle's dog?
Answer: Bruiser

Bruiser Woods is the name of Elle's dog, that basically goes everywhere with her. Elle likes to dress Bruiser up in different outfits and put Bruiser in her purse. In the movie, Bruiser is described as a dog that likes Taco Bell commercials, is friendly to most humans and is a Gemini vegetarian, just like Elle is. During the movie, Bruiser makes a connection with Vivian Kensington when Vivian visits Elle in her room.
Question Reference: Quiz: Legally Blonde.
13 When Elle gets into work, how many coffees does she bring with her?
Answer: Three

Elle, being the considerate girl she is, brought coffee for two other male employees in the firm.
14 Complete the name. Warner Huntington...
Answer: the third

Warner Huntington the Third, was portrayed by Matthew Davis, he was also in "Urban Legends: Final Cut".
15 "My cousin had that. Apparently you get a really bad rash on your..."
Answer: Serena

Serena says this to Margot when she has just found Elle studying for the LSATS.
16 Also in the beginning, in the shower scene, what is on the undies of the girl in the red top?
Answer: red cross

This is while her sorority sisters are getting the card signed. Everyone thought Warner was going to propose to Elle, but they wound up breaking up.
17 What magazine is Elle reading when she finds a picture of Warner's older brother?
Answer: Fox and Hound

Margot and Serena take Elle to get a manicure and pedicure. While Elle waits, she picks up the magazine 'Fox and Hound'. Inside, she sees a picture of Warner's older brother and his fiancee.
Question Reference: Quiz: Legally Blonde.
18 Why does Elle get in the car with Warner after he broke up with her and she ran out of the restaurant?
Answer: She would ruin her shoes otherwise

She refuses to get in the car until he says that she will ruin her shoes walking home; only then does she give in!
Question Reference: Quiz: Legally Blonde.
19 According to Elle, which color is never going to be 'the next pink'?
Answer: Orange

I totally agree!
20 When a group is introducing themselves at Harvard, what does Aaron Mitchell's shirt say?
Answer: Genius

Aaron Mitchell, played by Kelly Nyks, says, "I have an IQ of 187 and it's been suggested that Stephen Hawking stole his 'Brief History of Time' from my 4th grade paper." "A Brief History of Time" was published in 1988 and has sold more than 9 million copies.
Question Reference: Quiz: Legally Blonde.
21 What did Elle say to herself as she was picking out the final outfit she chose when she was trying on outfits for her first day of work in Washington D.C.?
Answer: Too perfect for words!

Elle had went through three clothing choices by herself in the mirror. The first one, she described as "Too Monica". The second outfit she held up she said was "Too Hillary". Then finally, Elle chose this bright pink suit, and said "Too perfect for words!" when she was picking out an outfit for the next day.
22 What color is Elle's resume?
Answer: Pink

When Professor Callahan asks if Elle is interested in one of his internship spots, he asks for a copy of Elle's resume. Elle gives him these pink papers, which are actually her resume. Professor Callahan seems stunned by this and becomes even more shocked when he finds out that her resume smells like perfume. He gives Elle's resume to Emmett, who smells it and says that it smells good.
Question Reference: Quiz: Legally Blonde.
23 What color were the balloons that the secretaries at the firm gave to Elle to congratulate her on her promotion?
Answer: Red

Unfortunately, though, Elle was fired before she was promoted. She was able to keep the balloons though.
24 How many pounds did Elle say you could lose at one of Brooke's exercise sessions?
Answer: 3

Brooke helped Elle go from a size 6 to a size 4.
25 "What is this, like an RSVP thing?"
Answer: Elle

Elle says this to Vivian when she is wanting to join her study group.