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Quiz about Legally Blonde
Quiz about Legally Blonde

10 Legally Blonde Questions | Movies Trivia Quiz

This should be a fun quiz! I have always loved this movie and decided to create a quiz on the topic. Good luck!

A multiple-choice quiz by quizking92. Estimated time: 2 mins.
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2 mins
Multiple Choice
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Dec 03 21
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Question 1 of 10
1. What song is played in the opening scene of the movie? Hint

Question 2 of 10
2. What is the name of Elle's dog? Hint

Question 3 of 10
3. What color is Elle's resume? Hint

Question 4 of 10
4. What is the name of Paulette's dog? Hint

Question 5 of 10
5. According to Chutney's testimony, why did she kill her father? Hint

Question 6 of 10
6. What major does Elle have, before she goes for law? Hint

Question 7 of 10
7. Where does Elle first meet Paulette? Hint

Question 8 of 10
8. What class does Elle graduate in? Hint

Question 9 of 10
9. What is Enrique's boyfriend's first name? Hint

Question 10 of 10
10. What body part of the delivery man's face does Paulette break? Hint

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. What song is played in the opening scene of the movie?

Answer: "Perfect Day" by Hoku

The song by Hoku plays throughout the opening scene, which takes place in Elle's sorority. The song plays during the opening scene because the lyrics of this song describe Elle's life. She is one of the smartest kids in her classes, she is the president of a popular sorority and she has a good-looking boyfriend.

But her life takes a turn for the worst when Warner breaks up with her later that night.
2. What is the name of Elle's dog?

Answer: Bruiser

Bruiser Woods is the name of Elle's dog, that basically goes everywhere with her. Elle likes to dress Bruiser up in different outfits and put Bruiser in her purse. In the movie, Bruiser is described as a dog that likes Taco Bell commercials, is friendly to most humans and is a Gemini vegetarian, just like Elle is. During the movie, Bruiser makes a connection with Vivian Kensington when Vivian visits Elle in her room.
3. What color is Elle's resume?

Answer: Pink

When Professor Callahan asks if Elle is interested in one of his internship spots, he asks for a copy of Elle's resume. Elle gives him these pink papers, which are actually her resume. Professor Callahan seems stunned by this and becomes even more shocked when he finds out that her resume smells like perfume. He gives Elle's resume to Emmett, who smells it and says that it smells good.
4. What is the name of Paulette's dog?

Answer: Rufus

Paulette's dog, that her ex-husband kept from her, is named Rufus. Paulette's dog's name is mentioned when Paulette talks to Elle about how angry she is that her ex-husband keeps her dog in his trailer home. Later in the movie, she goes back to her ex-husband's house with Elle to get Rufus back. They succeed and Rufus goes home with them.
5. According to Chutney's testimony, why did she kill her father?

Answer: Chutney thought she was shooting Brooke.

Chutney accidentally killed her father because she thought that she was going to shoot Brooke. Chutney was very angry that her father married Brooke because Brooke was only a few years older than Chutney and the age difference between Brooke and Mr. Windham was over thirty years. Chutney was never able to accept Brooke's age, so she tried to kill her.
6. What major does Elle have, before she goes for law?

Answer: Fashion

Elle was going for fashion design in her old college before she goes to Harvard for law school. Elle's previous major is revealed to the audience when Elle is interested in transferring to Harvard. First, Elle mentions that she has a 4.0 GPA in classes such as The History of Polka Dots. Also, Elle's major is mentioned in her video along with other information such as the fact that she is the president of her sorority, can remember a lot of knowledge and uses legal terms in everyday life.
7. Where does Elle first meet Paulette?

Answer: At a beauty and nail salon

Elle meets Paulette at the nail salon that she works at. Elle has a rough first day at law school when she finds out about Vivian and Warner's new relationship, so she goes to get a manicure and pedicure. Paulette does Elle's nails while Elle is crying over the intensity of law school and about Warner's new relationship.

They instantly hit it off and become great friends throughout the movie. Paulette visits Elle while she is in court at the end of the movie.
8. What class does Elle graduate in?

Answer: Class of 2004

Elle graduates Harvard Law School, with honors, in the Class of 2004. This fact is revealed when Elle is speaking at graduation. While she is speaking, you can see the Class of 2004 banner above her head. Also, in Elle's video that she sends to get into Harvard, she mentions that she would like to be a part of the Class of 2004.

While Elle makes her graduation speech she mentions about how first impressions can be wrong and how Professor Stromwell quotes Aristotle on Elle's first day of law school.
9. What is Enrique's boyfriend's first name?

Answer: Chuck

Enrique has a boyfriend named Chuck when he comes into Brooke Windham's trial. While Enrique is on the stand, he is tricked, by Emmett, into saying that he has a boyfriend named Chuck. When Enrique denies the claim, Chuck hears him and storms out of the courtroom in anger. Then, Enrique yells out Chuck's name and tries to stop him from leaving.
10. What body part of the delivery man's face does Paulette break?

Answer: His nose

Paulette breaks the delivery man's nose while they are in the nail salon where she works. Paulette tries the Bend and Snap method that Elle teaches her and she accidentally snaps into the delivery man's face. This is revealed when Paulette frantically calls Elle for advice while Elle is in court. Elle tries to calm Paulette down by saying that she knew this girl who threw up on this guy during the "Blair Witch Project", and they ended up dating for six months. Thank you for taking my quiz and after you are finished reading the correct answers, please rate this quiz. If you enjoyed this quiz, feel free to try any of my other quizzes. Also, please feel free to send me any questions, comments or concerns!
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