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Cabin Fever ( Movies A-C)
Caddyshack ( Movies A-C)
Nicolas Cage ( People Themed A-D)
Caillou ( TV for Kids A-C)
Calvin & Hobbes (Comics A-D)
Camp Rock (Television A-C)
Can't Buy Me Love ( Movies A-C)
Can't Hardly Wait ( Movies A-C)
Canadian Geography for Kids (Our World for Kids)
Canidae- Dog Family (Carnivores)
Cannonball Run ( Movies A-C)
Cape Fear ( Movies A-C)
Care Bears (Games and Toys for Kids)
Carlito's Way ( Movies A-C)
Carlton Blues (AFL Teams)
Carolina Hurricanes ( NHL Teams)
Jim Carrey ( People Themed A-D)
Carrie ( Movies A-C)
Carry On ( Movies A-C)
Cars 2 (2011) (Cars .)
Cars in Movies ( Something in Common)
Casablanca ( Movies A-C)
Casino ( Movies A-C)
Casino Royale (James Bond)
Casper ( Movies A-C)
Cast Away ( Movies A-C)
Cat Breeds (Cats)
Cat Health (Cats)
The Cat in the Hat ( Movies A-C)
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof ( Movies A-C)
Catch Me If You Can ( Movies A-C)
CatDog ( TV for Kids A-C)
Cats (Animals)
Cats Don't Dance ( Movies A-C)
Cats in Entertainment (Famous Animals)
Cattle ( Other Domestic Animals)
Celtic Football Club ( Scotland)
John Cena ( Wrestling Personalities A-D)
Center Stage ( Movies A-C)
Cetaceans and Sirenians ( Wild Mammals)
Chanukah (Festivals and Holidays)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Dahl, Roald)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ( Movies A-C)
Charlie Brown (Television A-C)
Charlie's Angels (Television A-C)
Charlie's Angels ( Movies A-C)
Cheaper by the Dozen 2 (Cheaper by the Dozen)
Cheerleading ( Sports Other)
Cheeses and Dairy Products (Food & Drink)
Cheetah Girls ( TV for Kids A-C)
Chelsea ( UK Football Teams)
Chicago (Illinois)
Chicago the Movie ( Movies A-C)
Chick Flicks ( Something in Common)
Child's Play ( Movies A-C)
Children's Christmas Books (Kid Lit General)
CHiPs (Television A-C)
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang ( Movies A-C)
Chocolat ( Movies A-C)
Chocolate (Confectionery, Chocolates & Candy)
Christianity (Religion)
Christmas Movies ( Something in Common)
Christmas Vacation (National Lampoon)
Church Roles (Roman Catholicism)
Cinderella ( Movies A-C)
Cinderella Man ( Movies A-C)
Cinderella Story, A ( Movies A-C)
Cities for Kids (Our World for Kids)
Citizen Kane ( Movies A-C)
City of God ( Movies A-C)
Clerks. ( Movies A-C)
Clockwork Orange, A ( Movies A-C)
Close Encounters of the Third Kind ( Movies A-C)
Clothes Specific ( Beauty Accessories & Fashion)
Clue ( Movies A-C)
Clueless ( Movies A-C)
Cnidarians (Corals, Hydras, Etc.) ( Invertebrates)
Coach Carter ( Movies A-C)
Cocktail ( Movies A-C)
Cocktails and Mixed Drinks ( Wines, Beers and Spirits)
Code Geass (Television A-C)
Coen Brothers ( People Themed A-D)
Coffee ( Beverages (Non-Alcoholic))
Collingwood Magpies (AFL Teams)
The Color Purple ( Movies A-C)
Colorado (States A-D)
Colorado Avalanche ( NHL Teams)
Comic Books Mixture (Comics)
Coming To America ( Movies A-C)
The Commitments ( Movies A-C)
Commonwealth Games (Wide World of Sports)
Community (Television A-C)
Con Air ( Movies A-C)
Conan the Barbarian / Destroyer ( Movies A-C)
Connecticut (States A-D)
Constantine ( Movies A-C)
Contact ( Movies A-C)
Cooking and Baking (Food & Drink)
Cool Hand Luke ( Movies A-C)
Cool Runnings ( Movies A-C)
The Core ( Movies A-C)
Coronation Street (Television A-C)
Corpse Bride ( Movies A-C)
Cosmetics ( Beauty Accessories & Fashion)
The Count of Monte Cristo ( Movies A-C)
A Country Practice (Television A-C)
Cowboy Bebop (Television A-C)
Coyote Ugly ( Movies A-C)
The Craft ( Movies A-C)
Crash ( Movies A-C)
Cricket Challenge ( Cricket)
Criminal Minds (Television A-C)
Crocodiles ( Reptiles and Amphibians)
Crossing Jordan (Television A-C)
Crow, The ( Movies A-C)
Tom Cruise ( People Themed A-D)
Crustaceans ( Invertebrates)
Cry Freedom ( Movies A-C)
Cry-Baby ( Movies A-C)
Cuba (Caribbean)
Curb Your Enthusiasm (Television A-C)
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button ( Movies A-C)
Curious George ( Movies A-C)
Curling ( Sports Other)
The Cutting Edge ( Movies A-C)
Cyprus (Europe)
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