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Topics beginning with "M"

Leading Men Quizzes, Trivia and Puzzles

Welcome to the world's greatest and most interesting compendium of over 1.3 MILLION trivia tidbits, interesting details, and answers to frequently asked trivia questions on over 70,000 topics. It has been constructed by over 23,000 people from around the world (and counting).

Madagascar ( Movies L-P)
Magic & Magicians (Entertainment Other)
Magnum P.I. (Television L-P)
Mahabharata (Hinduism)
Maine (States M)
Malcolm In The Middle (Television L-P)
Malory Towers (Blyton, Enid)
Malta (Europe)
Mamma Mia! ( Movies L-P)
Man on Fire ( Movies L-P)
Manchester City ( UK Football Teams)
Manchester United ( UK Football Teams)
Marathons (Track & Field)
Marsupials and Monotremes ( Wild Mammals)
Martin (Television L-P)
Virgin Mary (Christian People / Saints)
Mary Poppins ( Movies L-P)
Mary Tyler Moore Show (Television L-P)
The Mask of Zorro ( Movies L-P)
Master and Commander ( Movies L-P)
Match Game (Television L-P)
Matilda (Dahl, Roald)
The Matrix ( Movies L-P)
McLeod's Daughters (Television L-P)
Mean Girls ( Movies L-P)
Melbourne Cup (Australia)
Merlin (Television L-P)
Mexico (North America)
Michigan (States M)
The Middle (Television L-P)
Midsomer Murders (Television L-P)
Minnesota (States M)
Miracle ( Movies L-P)
Mississippi (States M)
Missouri (States M)
Fun Mixed Animal Grab Bag (Animals)
Mixed Animals for Experts (Mixed Animal Trivia)
Mixed Mammals ( Wild Mammals)
Mixture: Comedy (TV Mixture)
Mixture: Reality TV (TV Mixture)
Mixture: Sci-Fi (TV Mixture)
Mixture: Talk Shows (TV Mixture)
Modern Family (Television L-P)
Mollusks ( Invertebrates)
Monk (Television L-P)
Monopoly (U.S. Version) (Monopoly)
Monsters Inc. ( Movies L-P)
Monty Python Movies ( Movies L-P)
Moonstruck ( Movies L-P)
Morocco (Africa)
Mortal Kombat ( Movies L-P)
Moulin Rouge! ( Movies L-P)
Movie Taglines (Movie Mixture)
Movie Villains ( Something in Common)
Mr. & Mrs. Smith ( Movies L-P)
Mr. Bean (Television L-P)
Mr. Holland's Opus ( Movies L-P)
Mrs. Doubtfire ( Movies L-P)
Muhammad Ali ( Boxing Champions)
Mulan ( Movies L-P)
Munsters (Television L-P)
The Muppets ( Movies L-P)
Murdoch Mysteries (Television L-P)
The Music Man ( Movies L-P)
Musician Movies ( Something in Common)
Mustelidae-Weasel Family (Carnivores)
My Big Fat Greek Wedding ( Movies L-P)
My Cousin Vinny ( Movies L-P)
My Fair Lady ( Movies L-P)
My Little Pony ( TV for Kids I-R)
Mystery Series (Blyton, Enid)
Myths and Legends for Kids ( Topics for Kids)
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