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Topics beginning with "B"

Leading Men Quizzes, Trivia and Puzzles

Welcome to the world's greatest and most interesting compendium of over 1.3 MILLION trivia tidbits, interesting details, and answers to frequently asked trivia questions on over 70,000 topics. It has been constructed by over 23,000 people from around the world (and counting).

Babe ( Movies A-C)
Babe Ruth ( MLB Players L-R)
Baby Animal Names ( Miscellaneous Animal Trivia)
Bachelor and Bachelorette (Television A-C)
Bachelor Party ( Movies A-C)
Backyardigans ( TV for Kids A-C)
The Bad Beginning (Snicket, Lemony)
Bad Boys ( Movies A-C)
Bad Girls (Television A-C)
'Bad Girls' - Seasons and Episodes (Bad Girls)
Badminton ( Sports Other)
Bahamas (Caribbean)
Ballet (Performing Arts)
Bambi ( Movies A-C)
Banana Splits (Television A-C)
Band of Brothers (Television A-C)
Barbershop ( Movies A-C)
Barbie Dolls ( Dolls and Bears)
Barney Miller (Television A-C)
Barrie J.M. ( Kid Lit Authors A - K)
Basic Instinct ( Movies A-C)
Batman ( Movies A-C)
Batman TV (Television A-C)
Batman (1989) (Batman)
Batman Begins (Batman)
Batman Forever (Batman)
Batman Returns (Batman)
Bats ( Wild Mammals)
Baywatch (Television A-C)
Beaches ( Movies A-C)
Bears in Entertainment (Famous Animals)
Beast Quest ( Books by Series)
A Beautiful Mind ( Movies A-C)
Beauty And The Beast ( Movies A-C)
Bedazzled ( Movies A-C)
Bedknobs and Broomsticks ( Movies A-C)
Beerfest ( Movies A-C)
Bees and Wasps (Insects)
Beetlejuice ( Movies A-C)
Before Sunrise ( Movies A-C)
Belly ( Movies A-C)
Ben 10 ( TV for Kids A-C)
Ben Hur ( Movies A-C)
The Benchwarmers ( Movies A-C)
Bend it Like Beckham ( Movies A-C)
Benny & Joon ( Movies A-C)
Best In Show ( Movies A-C)
The Best Man ( Movies A-C)
Betta Fish ( Fish)
Better Off Dead ( Movies A-C)
Beverly Hillbillies (Television A-C)
Bewitched (Television A-C)
Beyblade (Television A-C)
Bible Colors (Bible: Something in Common)
Bible Food and Drink (Bible: Something in Common)
Bible Oddities (Bible: Something in Common)
Bible People (The Bible)
Big ( Movies A-C)
Big Bang Theory (Television A-C)
Big Brother (Television A-C)
'Big Brother' - UK (Big Brother)
The Big Chill ( Movies A-C)
Big Daddy ( Movies A-C)
Big Fish ( Movies A-C)
Big Jake ( Movies A-C)
Big Lebowski, The ( Movies A-C)
Big Time Rush ( TV for Kids A-C)
Big Trouble in Little China ( Movies A-C)
Bill (Television A-C)
Bill And Ted ( Movies A-C)
Billiards ( Snooker and Pool)
Billy Elliot ( Movies A-C)
Billy Madison ( Movies A-C)
Biology for Children (Science for Kids)
The Birdcage ( Movies A-C)
Birds for Kids (Animals for Kids)
The Birds ( Movies A-C)
Birmingham City ( UK Football Teams)
Black Hawk Down ( Movies A-C)
Blackadder (Television A-C)
Blackburn Rovers ( UK Football Teams)
Blackjack ( Casinos & Gambling )
Blade ( Movies A-C)
Blade Runner ( Movies A-C)
Blast from the Past ( Movies A-C)
Blazing Saddles ( Movies A-C)
Bleach (Television A-C)
Blondie (Comics A-D)
Blood Brothers ( Musicals A-G)
Bloodsport ( Movies A-C)
Blow ( Movies A-C)
Blue Heelers (Television A-C)
The Blue Lagoon ( Movies A-C)
Blues Brothers, The ( Movies A-C)
Enid Blyton ( Kid Lit Authors A - K)
Board Games for Kids (Games and Toys for Kids)
Bob the Builder ( TV for Kids A-C)
Body Piercings & Tattoos ( Beauty Accessories & Fashion)
Bodybuilding ( Sports Other)
Bold and the Beautiful (Television A-C)
Bollywood (Foreign Mixture)
Bolt ( Movies A-C)
Bonanza (Television A-C)
Bond Girls (James Bond)
Bond Mixture (James Bond)
Bond Villains (James Bond)
The Bone Collector ( Movies A-C)
Boogie Nights ( Movies A-C)
Boomerang ( Movies A-C)
Boondock Saints, The ( Movies A-C)
Boondocks (Television A-C)
Borders (Names, Maps and Borders)
Boston (Massachusetts)
The Bourne... ( Movies A-C)
Bowling ( Sports Other)
Boxcar Children: General (Warner, Gertrude)
Boy (Dahl, Roald)
Brain Candy ( Movies A-C)
Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) (Dracula)
Braveheart ( Movies A-C)
Breads and Grains (Food & Drink)
The Break-Up ( Movies A-C)
Breakfast At Tiffany's ( Movies A-C)
Breakfast Club ( Movies A-C)
Breaking Bad (Television A-C)
Bridge ( Card Games)
The Bridge on the River Kwai ( Movies A-C)
Bridget Jones ( Movies A-C)
Bringing Down the House ( Movies A-C)
British Cinema (Foreign Mixture)
British TV (TV By Country)
Brokeback Mountain ( Movies A-C)
A Bronx Tale ( Movies A-C)
Brother Bear ( Movies A-C)
Bruce Almighty ( Movies A-C)
Back to the Future Part 3 (Back To The Future)
Buddhism (Religion)
A Bug's Life ( Movies A-C)
Bulgaria (Europe)
Bull Durham ( Movies A-C)
Sandra Bullock ( People Themed A-D)
The burbs ( Movies A-C)
Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid ( Movies A-C)
Butterflies and Moths (Insects)
The Butterfly Effect ( Movies A-C)
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