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1950s TV (TV By Year)
1970s TV (TV By Year)
1980s TV (TV By Year)
1990s TV (TV By Year)
2000s TV (TV By Year)
2010s TV (TV By Year)
60s Cartoons (Mixture: Animated)
80s Cartoons (Mixture: Animated)
A Touch of Frost (Television A-C)
A-Team (Television A-C)
Absolutely Fabulous (Television A-C)
The Addams Family (Television A-C)
Adventure Time (Television A-C)
Airwolf (Television A-C)
Alan Partridge (Television A-C)
ALF (Television A-C)
Alias (Television A-C)
All In The Family (Television A-C)
Allo Allo (Television A-C)
AHS: Coven (American Horror Story - Seasons and Episodes)
AHS: Murder House (American Horror Story - Seasons and Episodes)
American Idol (Television A-C)
Andy Griffith Show (Television A-C)
Andy Griffith Show: Characters (Andy Griffith Show)
Animals On TV (TV Mixture)
Animaniacs (Television A-C)
Anime (Mixture: Animated)
Anne of Green Gables (Television A-C)
Any Day Now (Television A-C)
Archer (Television A-C)
As Time Goes By (Television A-C)
Australian TV (TV By Country)
Average Theme Songs (TV Theme Songs)
Bachelor and Bachelorette (Television A-C)
Bad Girls (Television A-C)
'Bad Girls' - Seasons and Episodes (Bad Girls)
Banana Splits (Television A-C)
Band of Brothers (Television A-C)
Barney Miller (Television A-C)
Batman TV (Television A-C)
Baywatch (Television A-C)
Beverly Hillbillies (Television A-C)
Bewitched (Television A-C)
Beyblade (Television A-C)
Big Bang Theory (Television A-C)
Big Brother (Television A-C)
'Big Brother' - UK (Big Brother)
Bill (Television A-C)
Blackadder (Television A-C)
Bleach (Television A-C)
Blue Heelers (Television A-C)
Bold and the Beautiful (Television A-C)
Bonanza (Television A-C)
Boondocks (Television A-C)
Breaking Bad (Television A-C)
British TV (TV By Country)
Camp Rock (Television A-C)
Charlie Brown (Television A-C)
Charlie's Angels (Television A-C)
CHiPs (Television A-C)
Code Geass (Television A-C)
Community (Television A-C)
Coronation Street (Television A-C)
A Country Practice (Television A-C)
Cowboy Bebop (Television A-C)
Criminal Minds (Television A-C)
Crossing Jordan (Television A-C)
Curb Your Enthusiasm (Television A-C)
Dad's Army (Television D-G)
Dallas (Television D-G)
Dancing With The Stars (Television D-G)
Dark Shadows (Television D-G)
Days Of Our Lives (Television D-G)
Deadliest Catch (Television D-G)
Death Note (Television D-G)
Dick Van Dyke Show (Television D-G)
A Different World (Television D-G)
dinnerladies (Television D-G)
Doctor Who (Television D-G)
Downton Abbey (Television D-G)
Drake and Josh (Television D-G)
Dynasty (Television D-G)
Early Edition (Television D-G)
Edd N Eddy Ed (Television D-G)
Emergency (Television D-G)
Emmerdale (Television D-G)
Entourage (HBO) (Television D-G)
ER (Television D-G)
Evangelion (Television D-G)
Everybody Hates Chris (Television D-G)
Everybody Loves Raymond (Television D-G)
Facts of Life (Television D-G)
Fairy Tail (Television D-G)
Family Affair (Television D-G)
Family Feud (Television D-G)
'Family Guy' Characters (Family Guy)
Family Matters (Television D-G)
Family Ties (Television D-G)
Father Ted (Television D-G)
'Father Ted' - Episodes (Father Ted)
Fawlty Towers (Television D-G)
Firefly (Television D-G)
The Flash (Television D-G)
Flavor of Love (Television D-G)
Flintstones (Television D-G)
Food Network (Mixture: Networks)
Foyle's War (Television D-G)
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Television D-G)
'Friends' - Joey ('Friends' Characters)
'Friends' - Phoebe ('Friends' Characters)
'Friends' - Rachel ('Friends' Characters)
Movies 'Friends' Guests (Friends)
'Friends' Season 3 ('Friends' Seasons and Episodes)
'Friends' Season 4 ('Friends' Seasons and Episodes)
Frosty the Snowman (Television D-G)
Fruits Basket (Television D-G)
Full House (Television D-G)
'Full House' - Characters (Full House)
Fullmetal Alchemist (Television D-G)
Futurama (Television D-G)
Game of Thrones (Television D-G)
George Lopez (Television D-G)
'Gilmore Girls' - Season 1 ('Gilmore Girls' - Seasons and Episodes)
Girlfriends (Television D-G)
'Glee' - Characters (Glee)
The Goldbergs (Television D-G)
U.S.M.C. Gomer Pyle (Television D-G)
The Good Life (Television D-G)
Good Times (Television D-G)
Gossip Girl (Television D-G)
Grange Hill (Television D-G)
Green Acres (Television D-G)
Grey's Anatomy (Television D-G)
'Grey's Anatomy' - Season 1 (Grey's Anatomy)
Gundam (Television D-G)
Gunsmoke (Television D-G)
Halloweentown (Television H-K)
Happy Days (Television H-K)
Hart to Hart (Television H-K)
Hawaii Five-O (Television H-K)
He-Man (Television H-K)
Heartbeat (Television H-K)
Hell's Kitchen (Television H-K)
High School Musical Movies (Television H-K)
Hill Street Blues (Television H-K)
Hogan's Heroes (Television H-K)
Home And Away (Television H-K)
Home Improvement (Television H-K)
Honeymooners (Television H-K)
Game Show Hosts (Mixture: Game Shows)
M.D. House (Television H-K)
How I Met Your Mother (Television H-K)
I Dream of Jeannie (Television H-K)
I Love Lucy (Television H-K)
The Inbetweeners (Television H-K)
Inside The Actor's Studio (Television H-K)
Inspector Morse (Television H-K)
Iron Chef (Television H-K)
IT (Television H-K)
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Television H-K)
Jeffersons (Television H-K)
Jersey Shore (Television H-K)
Jetsons (Television H-K)
Justice League (Television H-K)
Kath and Kim (Television H-K)
Keeping Up Appearances (Television H-K)
King Of The Hill (Television H-K)
Knight Rider (Television H-K)
The L Word (Television L-P)
Land of the Lost (Television L-P)
Last Man Standing (Television L-P)
Law And Order: SVU (Law And Order)
Leave It To Beaver (Television L-P)
Lonesome Dove (Television L-P)
Looney Tunes (Television L-P)
Lost in Space (Television L-P)
The Love Boat (Television L-P)
Magnum P.I. (Television L-P)
Malcolm In The Middle (Television L-P)
Martin (Television L-P)
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