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Trivia Questions and Answers
photo of 'Family Guy' Characters

150 Family Guy Characters Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Family Guy Characters? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Family Guy Characters (Television). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
1 With what name does Consuela refer to Peter?
Answer: Mr. Peter

As Consuela introduces herself to the Griffin family, she greets Peter and the children. Stewie then goes on to comment about her make-up, saying that it looks like she is going out.
  From Quiz: Consuela - The Hispanic Maid
2 The main family in "Family Guy" involves Peter, Lois, Brian, Chris, Stewie and Meg. There is one more living animal in the house typically in Chris' bedroom. What animal is it?
Answer: Monkey

The evil monkey hides in Chris' wardrobe and scares him at night. The monkey points at him with an evil grimace and a strange tremble.
Eventually Chris makes friends with the monkey and the monkey moves on in his life.
  From Quiz: Characters of "Family Guy" Who Aren't Well-Known
3 This character specifically doesn't like pickles on his Happy Meal and wants to kill Lois. Who is this?
Answer: Stewie

Stewie had said he didn't want pickles on his Happy Meal in an episode. Stewie would always like Lois to die. He even has his own website.
  From Quiz: "Family Guy's" Freakin' Characters
4 "Dear Diary: Jackpot!"
Answer: Quagmire

This is from the episode "Peter Griffin: Husband, Father...Brother?" where Stewie tries to become a cheerleader to mind control the audience. He ties Cindi up in the bathroom saying "I'm not going to hurt you." Quagmire finds her tied up in the stall, speaks the line, and the episode ends.

Herbert says "Oh, Jackpot!" after finding that the Little League World Series is on at the end of the episode "The Courtship of Stewie's Father".
    Your options: [ Chris ] [ Herbert ] [ Quagmire ] [ Peter ]
  From Quiz: Who Freakin' Said That? - Part II
5 This character is a ladies man and is known very well for his use of the phrase "Alright".
Answer: Quagmire

Quagmire is their neighbor. He obsesses over Lois, along with pretty much anything breathing and of the female gender. Quagmire's full name is Glen Quagmire and his voice is done by Seth MacFarlane, the creator.
    Your options: [ Joe Swanson ] [ Cleveland Brown ] [ Mr. Weed ] [ Quagmire ]
  From Quiz: The Minor Characters of "Family Guy"
6 What is Lois's sister's name?
Answer: Carol

Carol is Lois's rich sister, who owns a pool table and jacuzzi. No wonder Peter likes her so much!
  From Quiz: The "Family Guy" Family
7 He had a pillow fort made for him while he was on a plane.
Answer: Peter

Having a pillow fort made for him was one of the many perks Peter had while Lois was a flight attendant for the same airline.
    Your options: [ Peter ] [ Stewie ] [ Chris ] [ Brian ]
  From Quiz: Peter, Chris, Stewie, or Brian
8 What is Mrs. Goldman's first name?
Answer: Muriel

Muriel is voiced by Nicole Sullivan who used to work on "MAD TV" alongside Alex Borstein who voices Lois Griffin.
  From Quiz: All About the Goldmans
9 Where did Lois plan to hold Stewie's first birthday party?
Answer: Cheesy Charlie's

To reserve the birthday party, Lois had to book the reservation on the day of her ultrasound. Peter cancels the reservation.
  From Quiz: All About Lois Griffin
10 What is Stewie's first name?
Answer: Stewart

His name is Stewart Gilligan Griffin.
  From Quiz: All About Stewie
11 Who does the voices of Peter, Brian and Stewie Griffin among others?
Answer: Seth MacFarlane

Peter Griffin (the father), Brian Griffin (the dog) and Stewie Griffin (the talking baby) are voiced by the creator of "Family Guy", Seth MacFarlane.
  From Quiz: 'Family Guy' Voices
12 This character was talking on the phone before he/she was rudely interrupted and thrown outside by Consuela. Who was kicked out?
Answer: Brian

Brian was talking on the phone, wondering if anyone had seen him hit the dog with his car the other night. Consuela then comes by and throws him outside, not realizing that Brian wasn't "that king of dog".
  From Quiz: Consuela - The Hispanic Maid
13 This recurring character has had many fights with Peter. Who is it?
Answer: Ernie the Giant Chicken

Ernie has had many lengthy fights with Peter. Despite looking like a man in a chicken suit, Ernie is an actual chicken who is very big.
  From Quiz: Characters of "Family Guy" Who Aren't Well-Known
14 Who loves taffy and is the Mayor of Quahog?
Answer: Adam West

Adam West is voiced by Adam West. He's best known as Batman on the original television series.
  From Quiz: "Family Guy's" Freakin' Characters
15 "Let me guess, you picked out yet another colorful box with a crank that I'm expected to turn and turn until OOP! big shock, a jack pops out and you laugh and the kids laugh and the dog laughs and I die a little inside."
Answer: Stewie Griffin

This is in the episode, "The Kiss Seen Round the World". Stewie speaks the line in the store 'Toys R Overpriced' in response to Peter's comment that they have something for him. It's not a jack-in-the-box, but in fact a tricycle, or "triky" as Stewie calls it. It later gets stolen by a bully and Stewie gets it back from him by torturing him. When Lois asks Stewie what they're playing, he responds "Roman Polanski's House". The main plot of the episode though, is Meg kissing Neil and then having to deal with it being shown on television.
    Your options: [ Bertram ] [ Chris Griffin ] [ Stewie Griffin ] [ Meg Griffin ]
  From Quiz: Who Freakin' Said That? - Part II
16 This character is an elderly man with a high, squeaky voice and is known for his "interest" in Chris Griffin.
Answer: Herbert

Herbert met Chris when Chris was a newspaper delivery boy. Ever since then Herbert has showed up at particularly awkward moments, such as appearing at Chris's window at night and at his school dance.
    Your options: [ Horace ] [ Francis Griffin ] [ Mort Goldman ] [ Herbert ]
  From Quiz: The Minor Characters of "Family Guy"
17 What does Cleveland's brother Broderick do for a living?
Answer: Plastic surgery

He operates on Peter several times when Peter gets addicted to surgery after having liposuction. Broderick apparently made a name for himself by operating on Nell Carter.
  From Quiz: The Family Guy's Friends
18 What is Lois's father's first name?
Answer: Carter

Carter Pewterschmidt's interests include shooting things and playing poker with the richest men in America, Bill Gates, Ted Turner and Micheal Eisner. He hates his son-in-law.
  From Quiz: The "Family Guy" Family
19 He knows the guy who owns the dance club for guys.
Answer: Stewie

Stewie says to Peter that he knows where he likes to go to have a good time. That place is the dance club.
    Your options: [ Stewie ] [ Chris ] [ Peter ] [ Brian ]
  From Quiz: Peter, Chris, Stewie, or Brian
20 What is Mort's greatest fear?
Answer: Swords

Mort says this in "Mr. Saturday Knight". He is afraid of swords because he was poked in the ear with a sword once when he was three and again when he was thirty.
  From Quiz: All About the Goldmans
21 What instrument does Lois play and teach?
Answer: Piano

Lois is a piano teacher and player. Through many episodes, she is seen teaching many students, including Peter at one point.
  From Quiz: All About Lois Griffin
22 What is Stewie's middle name?
Answer: Gilligan

It has been said by Stewie on several occasions and also stated on "Dammit Janet".
  From Quiz: All About Stewie
23 Over the phone, what did Consuela inform Stewie that she took from him?
Answer: play money

Stewie notifies Consuela that he is missing about $1,000 in play money, which she quickly admits to have taken and refuses to return to him.
  From Quiz: Consuela - The Hispanic Maid
24 This character is a relative of Lois and runs his own company. Who is he?
Answer: Carter Pewterschmidt

Carter Pewterschmidt is a billionaire industrialist and is the owner of U.S. Steel. He is married to Barbara Pewterschmidt and has three children. Lois, Carol and Patrick. Patrick is later revealed to be a mad man.
  From Quiz: Characters of "Family Guy" Who Aren't Well-Known
25 When Chris starts selling his paintings and makes money, he gets a new name. What's the name Chris is given?
Answer: Christobel

This happened in the episode "A Pictures Worth a Thousand Bucks". Christobel also dated Kate Moss in this episode.
  From Quiz: "Family Guy's" Freakin' Characters
26 "Meg, if you don't wanna babysit anymore that's fine, but don't you stand there and lie to me."
Answer: Lois Griffin

This was one of Lois's best lines in the episode "8 Simple Rules for Buying My Teenage Daughter". Peter follows up with the line "Oh-ho Meg, she torched your ass man! She torched your ass." Stewie gets a babysitter in this episode with whom he falls in love, and ends up killing her boyfriend. (He locks him in the trunk and forgets about him, and it can be assumed that he suffocates.)
    Your options: [ Stewie Griffin ] [ Peter Griffin ] [ Lois Griffin ] [ Brian Griffin ]
  From Quiz: Who Freakin' Said That? - Part II
27 "Newport would like to extend a special welcome to all of those here today who have children stationed overseas in Iraq...[silence]...just kidding!"
Answer: Regatta announcer

This was from the episode "Model Misbehavior" where Lois realizes her dream of becoming a model. The quote is spoken just before the annual Newport Regatta right before John Hinckley fired the starting gun (and is congratulated by Jodie Foster). This is one of my favorite quotes.
    Your options: [ Carter Pewterschmidt ] [ Regatta announcer ] [ Tom Tucker ] [ Stewie Griffin ]
  From Quiz: Who Freakin' Said That? - Part I
28 Who is the female news anchor for Quahog?
Answer: Diane Simmons

Lori Alan provides the voice for Diane Simmons. Diane often argues with the other news anchor, Tom Tucker, and both anchors have a habit of saying inappropriate things when they think the camera is off, with an emphasis on "think".
  From Quiz: The Minor Characters of "Family Guy"
29 Who is Peter's "husky" great, great uncle?
Answer: Jabba the Griffin

Jabba the Griffin is just like Jabba the Hutt (unsurprisingly), complete with slavegirl in tow. He is voiced by Seth MacFarlane.
  From Quiz: The "Family Guy" Family
30 He dated Kate Moss.
Answer: Chris

Having Chris date Kate Moss was one of the things Antonio did to make Chris into a famous artist.
    Your options: [ Chris ] [ Stewie ] [ Peter ] [ Brian ]
  From Quiz: Peter, Chris, Stewie, or Brian
31 What school club is Neil Goldman a member of?
Answer: The Newspaper Club

Neil helps meg get a job at the school newspaper because she needs extracurricular activities to attend Brown University.
  From Quiz: All About the Goldmans
32 When Lois plays the slots at an Indian Casino in "The Son Also Draws", she loses money and what else?
Answer: The car

While gambling, she loses the car, and Peter has to go on a "Spiritual Journey". He earns back the car from the Indians who run the casino.
  From Quiz: All About Lois Griffin
33 Who is Stewie's mother?
Answer: Lois

He tries to kill her in almost every episode.
  From Quiz: All About Stewie
34 Who was the second voice of Meg Griffin?
Answer: Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis starred in such shows as "That 70's Show" and "Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves".
  From Quiz: 'Family Guy' Voices
35 At the end of the day, Consuela refuses to leave the Griffin house. Why is this?
Answer: it's raining outside

For some reason, Consuela is deathly afraid of rain. Peter and Lois are no match for her stubbornness, and she ends up staying the night at the Griffin house.
  From Quiz: Consuela - The Hispanic Maid
36 This Jewish character is a pharmacist and lives on the same street as the Griffins. Who is it?
Answer: Mort Goldman

Mort's son Neil, has a crush on Meg. Mort is not liked by Peter and in one episode they scare him away from their house.
  From Quiz: Characters of "Family Guy" Who Aren't Well-Known
37 Which character has a sister named Carol?
Answer: Lois

Carol is Lois's rich sister. Carol had claimed that she had eight husbands leave her.
    Your options: [ Quagmire ] [ Lois ] [ Bonnie ] [ Cleveland ]
  From Quiz: "Family Guy's" Freakin' Characters
38 "Oh great! Thanks a lot. As if it wasn't already hard enough to fit in."
Answer: Death

This was in the third segment of "Family Guy Viewer Mail #1" when all the characters are children. Peter tries to impress Lois by laughing at Death, but Lois will only be impressed if the kids stay the night in the spooky mansion on the hill. All the kids end up getting scared by Mort's virtual ghost, and Lois decides she likes smart kids better.
  From Quiz: Who Freakin' Said That? - Part II
39 "All this work keeping people from having sex, now I know how the Catholic church feels! Bzing!"
Answer: Stewie Griffin

This is from "Emission Impossible" where Stewie is madly trying to stop Peter from impregnating Lois. Stewie speaks the line before entering Peter's body to try to kill all his sperm so that he cannot father a baby brother for Stewie.

Freakin' hilarious!
    Your options: [ Bertram ] [ Stewie Griffin ] [ Brian Griffin ] [ Jake Tucker ]
  From Quiz: Who Freakin' Said That? - Part I
40 Which character lives in Chris's closet?
Answer: The Evil Monkey

The Evil Monkey often threatens Chris, but nobody believes Chris when he tells people about it. Unfortunately, the Evil Monkey was not always evil; he only went bad when he found his wife having an affair. Truly one of the great tragedies of our time. Another explanation offered later was that he wasn't really evil, that was just his thinking face.
    Your options: [ Herbert ] [ The Greased-Up Deaf Guy ] [ Jasper ] [ The Evil Monkey ]
  From Quiz: The Minor Characters of "Family Guy"
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