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Trivia Questions and Answers
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630 Full House Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Full House? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Full House (Television). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 In season 1 episode 8. "Jesse's Girl", Jesse falls for his guitar student, but she prefers Joey. What was her name?
Answer: Corrina Spicer

Joey and Jesse get in a day-long fight over Corrina.
  From Quiz: "Full House" - Are You a True Fan?
2 How much money did Michelle make selling lemonade in season 8 episode 6, "You Pet It, You Bought It"?
Answer: $221

Michelle earns a large salary, $221, by selling lemonade to sweaty construction workers on a hot day. With this money she goes to the candy store, but comes home with a donkey.
  From Quiz: "Full House" Challenge
3 What time was DJ born?
Answer: 3:48 AM

In season 3 episode 17, "13 Candles", DJ sets her alarm to the specific time she was born to mark the beginning of her 13th birthday.
  From Quiz: The Ultimate "Full House" Quiz
4 Which character, who also appeared on three other television shows, was played by John Stamos?
Answer: Jesse Katsopolis

Stamos appeared in 170 episodes of "Full House" as the character, and also on one episode of "Hanging With Mr. Cooper" and an episode of "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon", both in character as Uncle Jesse.

Stamos returned for four of the first 13 episodes of "Fuller House", the sequel set in real time 21 years after the end of the first series.
    Your options: [ Jesse Katsopolis ] [ Michelle Tanner ] [ Danny Tanner ] [ Joey Gladstone ]
  From Quiz: "Fuller House" - The Cast and Characters
5 In "There's a Pox In My House," who gets the chicken pox?
Answer: Jesse, Joey, Stephanie

Stephanie came home from school with the chicken pox and the next day Jesse and Joey had them. Michelle never caught them.
  From Quiz: "Full House" Adults
6 Stephanie stains DJ's sweater while at a grocery store. What is the name of the food Stephanie has been sampling when this happens?
Answer: Funky Franks

Stephanie ate too many Funky Franks at the store when she stained the sweater with mustard. She later shrinks it in the dryer.
  From Quiz: Full House
7 What is the last name of the family that the show is centered around?
Answer: Tanner

While these are all last names from the show, the people with these last names don't play that big of a part. Gibbler is the last name of the Tanners' neighbors. Larson is the last name of a woman that Danny dated. Donaldson is the last name of the woman Jesse marries.
  From Quiz: Full House
8 What is Danny's middle name?
Answer: Ernest

Danny says that he has a horrible middle name. But Joey says that he has a worse middle name.
  From Quiz: "Full House" Will Be Forever
9 How many episodes are in "Full House?"
Answer: 192

There are 192 episodes including two part episodes.
  From Quiz: How Well Do You Know "Full House?"
10 In the episode "Secret Admirer", who does Rusty want to give the letter to and who does he want that person to think sent it?
Answer: DJ, Paperboy

In the episode Rusty gives it to Michelle but she gives it to the wrong person so it becomes crazy in the Tanner household.
  From Quiz: Full House
11 How many seasons aired of "Full House"?
Answer: 8

They ended the show with Michelle falling off the horse at the end of season 8.
  From Quiz: Full House
12 What is the name of Jesse's favorite comb?
Answer: Mr. Goodpart

The name is Mr. Goodpart. When Michelle loses her memory they know she has it back because she knew that.
  From Quiz: Full House
13 How old was Michelle when her mom died?
Answer: 9 months

Michelle Tanner was only nine months old when her mom died. Stephanie was about five and DJ was ten.
  From Quiz: "Full House" Quiz
14 In episode 1, who does Jesse ask to marry him?
Answer: Becky

Jesse and Becky are at a dinner party with Jesse's Greek relatives when he asks her.
  From Quiz: 'Full House' Season 4
15 Which singer's autograph do DJ and Kimmy ditch school to get?
Answer: Stacy Q.

DJ and Kimmy ditch school to get Stacy Q's autograph in the episode entitled "DJ Tanner's Day Off" in season 1. DJ and Kimmy say "Stacy Q! She's so rad!" a few times in this episode.
    Your options: [ Stacy Q. ] [ Madonna ] [ Stacy P. ] [ Stacy L. ]
  From Quiz: "Full House" Mania
16 In the first season, what commercial did DJ audition for that Stephanie ended up getting instead?
Answer: Oat Boats Cereal

Before DJ was scheduled to present her audition to an agent, she stepped out to fix her hair. While she was gone, Stephanie was pretending to audition for the Oat Boats cereal commercial. When the agent arrived, he heard every word Stephanie said and the commercial was given to her instead of DJ. DJ got very angry.
  From Quiz: "Full House": The Tanner Sisters
17 Danny has two red convertibles in the episode "The Big Three-O". What are the names of the cars?
Answer: Bullet and Walter

In the beginning of the episode, Danny has Bullet. Then Jesse drives it into the Bay. Joey and Jesse buy him another one and Danny names it Walter.
  From Quiz: General "Full House"
18 In "Three Men and Another Baby", what was the name of the baby the Tanner family was looking after?
Answer: Tony

As the family was looking after the baby, Michelle started to get jealous because Jesse was spending so much time with Tony.
  From Quiz: "Full House" Season 3
19 What is the name of Stephanie's third grade teacher who suggests that Stephanie get reading glasses?
Answer: Mrs. Claire

This episode entitled, "Stephanie Gets Framed" aired January 25, 1991 during season four. This episode includes Jaleel White (Steve Urkel) as a guest star. Urkel tells Stephanie that "the trick is to make them laugh with you, before they can laugh at you." Stephanie takes all of Joey's joke glasses to school, but they are confiscated by Ms. Claire, played by Cynthia Steele. Ms. Wiltrout is Michelle's Kindergarten teacher played by June Lockhart, and Mr. Lowry (Philip Levien) is Stephanie's teacher in the 4th grade. Mrs. Henry is a name I made up.
  From Quiz: Tanner Time: Eight years of "Full House"
20 In what episode did Kimmy first appear?
Answer: 3rd

Her name was mentioned in the first when DJ was on the phone with her, but she wasn't seen until the third episode. Kimmy is the annoying next door neighbor who Danny wouldn't care if she never came to the house again.
  From Quiz: The Tanners
21 Is Michelle Tanner left handed or right handed?
Answer: Ambidextrous

Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen play Michelle. Mary-Kate writes with her left hand and Ashley writes with her right hand.
  From Quiz: A "Full House" Quiz
22 What was Danny's wife's name?
Answer: Pam

She was killed by a drunk driver.
  From Quiz: Full House
23 The "Full House" theme song goes: "What ever happened to _____? The _______ _______, the ________, __________ tv?"
Answer: predictability, milk man, paperboy, evening

The "Full House" theme song is called "Everywhere You Look".
  From Quiz: How Much Do You Know About "Full House"?
24 What is the last name of the family?
Answer: Tanner

Throughout the show, they say their last name many times.
  From Quiz: "Full House" Fun
25 What is the name of the car salesman that Joey and Jesse buy Danny's new car from?
Answer: Paul

This is from the episode where Danny unknowingly bids against Jesse and Joey for the same car.
  From Quiz: Fabulous "Full House"
26 What was the price of D.J.'s sweater that got shredded by a lawn mower?
Answer: $80

In the episode "Little Shop Of Sweaters" D.J. tries to replace the royal blue sweater. While at the store, Stephanie reads a sign that says "buy now, pay later". Stephanie mistakes the sign's meaning and takes the sweater, she is accused of shop-lifting.
  From Quiz: You Got it Dude!
27 What are the names of Danny's daughters?
Answer: D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle

D.J. is short for Donna Jo, she is the oldest, Stephanie is the middle child, and Michelle is the youngest of Danny's daughters.
  From Quiz: In the "Full House"
28 When Kimmy goes to the Dodgers game with Nelson, she tries to pinch the bat boy's butt but gets a hand full of what?
Answer: Tommy LaSorda

This is after Nelson and D.J. break up - Kimmy claims to have gotten a hickey from Nelson but a picture in the paper shows she got hit in the neck with a foul ball.
  From Quiz: "Full House" Fun
29 How many people lived in the Tanner house when the show ended?
Answer: 9

It was Danny, DJ, Stephanie, Michelle, Jesse, Becky, Nicky, Alex and Joey.
  From Quiz: 'Full House' Trivia
30 What city was "Full House" set in?
Answer: San Francisco

The series was set in San Francisco near the bay. In the opening of the show while the theme song played, we were shown clips of the famous San Francisco street cars.
  From Quiz: "Full House" Trivia
31 Who was the pest next door?
Answer: Kimmy

Kimmy Gibbler was played by Andrea Barber, who turned 30 years old on July 3, 2006. She also played the first Carrie Brady on "Days of Our Lives" from 1982-86. Andrea married Jeremy Rytky in September 2002 and had her first baby in 2004.
  From Quiz: More 'Full House'
32 Who did DJ have to choose between in the episode where a new member entered Jesse's new band?
Answer: Nelson and Viper

Viper and Nelson both tried to win DJ's heart but Viper won.
  From Quiz: 'Full House' Mania
33 The name of the actor who played Danny Tanner is whom?
Answer: Bob Saget

Bob Saget and Dave Coulier, who plays Joey on the show, were real-life best friends as well as best friends on the show.
  From Quiz: "Full House" Challenge
34 What was the name of the boy that Stephanie had her first kiss with?
Answer: Josh

In season 6 episode 13, "The Dating Game", Josh wants to go out for pizza with his and Stephanie's baseball team, but Stephanie incorrectly guesses he has romantic intentions.
  From Quiz: The Ultimate "Full House" Quiz
35 Who was Danny's mother?
Answer: Claire

Claire Tanner was Danny's mom. She was in quite a few episodes. One of the episodes she was in was "The Return Of Grandma."
  From Quiz: "Full House" Adults
36 Joey receives money from an old savings bond and gives everyone a gift. How many dollars does Danny expect to get from him?
Answer: 800

Danny loaned Joey money to fix his car 11 years ago. Joey spent some of the savings bond money on a pin ball machine.
  From Quiz: Full House
37 How many people are living in the house at the end of the series?
Answer: nine people

Here is a list of the nine people: Danny, DJ, Stephanie, Michelle, Joey, Jesse, Becky, Nicky, and Alex.
  From Quiz: Full House
38 What is the name of Jesse's favorite comb?
Answer: Mr. Goodpart

Jesse says this in the last episode. Also he says it in the episode where Danny was trying to get Michelle a Super Fortress.
  From Quiz: "Full House" Will Be Forever
39 What is the "Full House" family's address?
Answer: 1882 Gerrard Street

In "Full House" the address is 1882 Gerrard Street, but in real life the house in "Full House" has the address 1709 Broderick Street.
  From Quiz: How Well Do You Know "Full House?"
40 When Danny and Joey became soulmate best friends, what did they each put into the time capsule to show their friendship (besides the vows)?
Answer: A baseball hat and an insult book

This episode also reveals Danny and Joey's middle names - Ernest and Alvin.
  From Quiz: Full House
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