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900 Grey's Anatomy Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Grey's Anatomy? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Grey's Anatomy (Television). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 According to Dr. Thomas, what time is it in Moscow when it's five in Seattle?
Answer: Four

Cristina and Dr. Thomas are operating on a patient. Cristina looks at the clock and says, "It's five o'clock in Seattle"(which is the time that Mark's machine is going to be unplugged) and Dr. Thomas says, "And four o'clock in Moscow".
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2 Who does Cristina stab with an epi?
Answer: Alex

Alex is massaging the heart during surgery. Cristina tries to push a unit of epi and suddenly pushes it to Alex's hand which causes Alex's heart to stop. Alex later says that Cristina was trying to kill him.
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3 In season 6 in the episode "Sanctuary", who was the second doctor that got shot?
Answer: Dr. Karev

Dr. Reed was the first person who got shot by Mr. Clark.
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4 Who was Dr. McDreamy?
Answer: Derek Shepherd

In the interns called Derek Dr. McDreamy. They called Mark Dr. McSteamy! Mark was played by Eric Dane and Derek by Patrick Dempsey.
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5 Which of the following people has never been pregnant or had a child?
Answer: Alex

Dr Bailey had her child in season 2. Cristina was been pregnant twice, once in season 2 and once in season 7-8, and Meredith adopted a child called Zola after having a miscarriage.
    Your options: [ Meredith ] [ Dr Bailey ] [ Cristina ] [ Alex ]
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6 This actress has portrayed Alexandra Grey on 'Grey's Anatomy', starting in season 3. Who is she?
Answer: Chyler Leigh

Chyler Leigh portrays Lexie Grey. She was firstly an intern, and later moved on to be a resident, one year behind April, Cristina, Meredith, Jackson and Alex, She is also Meredith's half-sister. Lexie passed away on the season 8 finale after she suffered severe injuries from a plane crash. Katherine Heigl portrayed Izzie Stevens during the show's first five seasons (and a few episodes of the sixth one), Ellen Pompeo portrays Meredith Grey and Sara Ramirez portrays Callie Torres.
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7 Which intern paid off her debts with money she earned by modeling?
Answer: Izzie

Isobel Stevens was portrayed by Katherine Heigl. The character of Izzie was married to Alex Karev.
    Your options: [ Meredith ] [ Cristina ] [ Lexie ] [ Izzie ]
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8 What tragic event happens to Cristina on her wedding day in season three?
Answer: She gets her eyebrows waxed off.

She gets her eyebrows waxed off and reports to the hospital wanting to cut something open before she gets married.
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9 Viewers were left in suspense at the end of the fifth season when George O'Malley and Izzie Stevens, both patients at the time, both flatlined as their friends frantically tried to save them. What was the outcome, as shown in the sixth season premiere, "Good Mourning"?
Answer: George died and Izzie lived

Dr. George O'Malley, portrayed by T.R. Knight since the show's very first episode, died following being hit by a bus at the end of the previous season. Izzie had had cancer, and while she had pulled through and was recovering, she had a little scare right at the end of the season, but lived. Even though she lived, she didn't stick around much longer; she was fired for making a mistake with a patient's care and left town, and her husband, Alex. She only appeared in a small handful of episodes in season six.
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10 Which of these characters does not appear in Season 6?
Answer: Preston Burke

Preston Burke left the show after Season 3. George O'Malley died in the Season 6premiere, Izzie appeared for two episodes and Reed died in the episode "Sanctuary".
    Your options: [ George O'Malley ] [ Preston Burke ] [ Izzie Stevens ] [ Reed Adamson ]
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11 In the season opener, viewers were introduced to Owen Hunt, a military doctor. He ended up saving Cristina Yang's life when she was involved in a freak accident. What happened?
Answer: She was stabbed by an icicle.

The season opener was titled "Dream a Little Dream of Me, Parts 1 and 2". In the middle of a fight with Meredith about Meredith constantly talking about Derek moving in with her, Cristina walked out the front doors of the hospital and slipped on a patch of ice. While she was on the ground, a big icicle fell from the roof and impaled Cristina in the abdomen. Major Owen Hunt, a trauma surgeon who, until recently, had been serving in the Middle East, was at the hospital because he'd done emergency triage on a patient involved in another accident. He saved Cristina, and then accepted a job as an attending at Seattle Grace. He and Cristina flirted with each other and slowly began building a relationship throughout the season, while trying to overcome the psychological damage the war had done to Owen.
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12 In season 1 we are introduced to several of the doctors' significant others. Which significant other is never seen or referred to in the first season?
Answer: Adele

Adele is never mentioned or seen until season 2 when Richard's secretary informs him that she has mentioned divorce over the phone if he doesn't make it home for Thanksgiving dinner.
    Your options: [ Tucker ] [ Adele ] [ Addison ] [ Hank ]
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13 Who does Meredith Grey date throughout the first five seasons (on/off relationship)?
Answer: Derek Shepherd

They began their relationship on the first episode when Derek met Meredith sitting at Joe's Bar before the first day of her internship. They slept together, she kicked him out, only to find out that morning that he is the head of neurosurgery at SGH. They've had an on/off relationship for the first five seasons up until they got married at the end of the fifth season.
  From Quiz: Going Grey? "Grey's Anatomy" Trivia
14 In the episode "Dream A Little Dream Of Me," what was the name of the ball that the three females were going to?
Answer: "Fire and Ice"

During an ice storm three woman were on their way to the Fire and Ice ball. After being involved in an accident, they ended up at Seattle Grace Hospital.
  From Quiz: Autopsy of "Grey's Anatomy" Season 5
15 Who was nominated for a Harper Avery?
Answer: Cristina Yang

She was nominated for her work with the 3-D printed conduits. She ultimately lost due to the Harper Avery Foundation's ties with Grey Sloan Memorial.
  From Quiz: "Grey's Anatomy" Season 10
16 What kind of animal did Izzie save in the season opener?
Answer: a deer

In "A Change is Gonna Come", the team of doctors had their hands full with a three-car accident. Alex, Meredith and Cristina each took one of the victims, leaving Izzie and her interns with nothing to do. That is, until a little boy showed up in ER asking her to save the deer in his truck. It was the deer that they had hit, causing the three-car accident. Izzie's interns were unimpressed about treating an animal, and the little boy's father was skeptical, but Izzie treated the deer just like she would a human, and after using the paddles, the deer stood right up and was fine.
  From Quiz: "Grey's Anatomy" Season 4
17 What was the colour of Izzie's dress that she picked for the prom?
Answer: Dark pink

The dark pink dress was the one she finally picked after trying on numerous others. The prom was the night that Denny died, if Izzie hadn't spent so long choosing the right dress, she may have made it to Denny's bedside before he died.
  From Quiz: "Grey's Anatomy" Series 1 & 2
18 Who did Meredith not see in her after life?
Answer: Katie Bryce

Denny talked her into go back. Bonnie was from "into you like a train." Ellis and Meredith had their final moment together in the hallway after Ellis died. Such a sad moment.
  From Quiz: "Grey's Anatomy" Seasons 1-3
19 What's Dr. Burke's first name?
Answer: Preston

The others are Alex Karev, Richard Webber, and Derek Shepherd.
  From Quiz: All About "Grey's Anatomy"
20 Who first said that they thought George was gay?
Answer: Alex Karev

"You're not gay?" was Alex Karev's first statement asking George if he was gay. George responded by saying he wasn't. A couple minutes later, Cristina asked the same question.
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21 What was the name of Meredith's mother?
Answer: Ellis

Ellis Grey was an icon at Seattle Grace Hospital. She died in the show's second season after living with an early onset disease for several years.
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22 What sentence is said by Meredith at the end of episode 23 ("Readiness is All")?
Answer: "That's how the good things come too"

The whole sentence is: "Bad things come suddenly, with no warning but we forget that sometimes, that's how the good things come too".
  From Quiz: "Grey's Anatomy" Season 9
23 Who does Jackson kick out of his OR because he can't concentrate?
Answer: Bailey

An old patient of Bailey's shows up and wants Sloan and Jackson to remove the lymphoma on her hand but Bailey comes in the OR. She talks so much and causes Jackson to kick her out.
  From Quiz: "Grey's Anatomy" Season 8
24 On season 8 in the episode "Flight", what did Cristina keep telling Meredith?
Answer: "I can't find my shoe!"

Cristina was in a bit of a shock and conformed to asking that question as a coping mechanism.
  From Quiz: "Grey's Anatomy" Season Finales
25 How many times was Derek married before he married Meredith?
Answer: 1

Derek's first wife was Addison and his second wife was Meredith. Addison was also on "Private Practice".
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26 Who played Addison Montgomery?
Answer: Kate Walsh

Sarah Drew played April Kepner.
  From Quiz: "Grey's Anatomy" Season 1-8
27 This actress portrays a character in 'Grey's Anatomy' who was selected to be chief resident by Dr. Owen Hunt on the season 7 finale. Who is she?
Answer: Sarah Drew

Sarah Drew stars as Dr. April Kepner in 'Grey's Anatomy'. April was fired by Chief Webber in "I Saw What I Saw", but was later rehired by Derek Shepherd. She was also refired by Owen after failing her boards, but he hired her back yet again. April started a relationship with Jackson later in the show.
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28 Who was Meredith's mother?
Answer: Ellis

Meredith met her mother in "limbo" before returning to the world.
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29 In season 5, Derek is having a hard time dealing with killing a pregnant woman and won't get off of the sofa. Whose cereal is he eating?
Answer: Karev's

He's eating Alex's cereal and shoves it back to him when he gets up to shower.
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30 Meredith's father returned this season in "Tainted Obligation", and he needed something from Meredith. A big something - what kind of organ transplant did Meredith and her father, Thatcher, undergo?
Answer: Liver transplant

Thatcher Grey, Meredith and Lexie's father, developed a severe drinking problem following the death of his wife. He showed up at the hospital, sick and needing a liver transplant. Because of his alcoholism, he wouldn't be a candidate for a donor liver from the Transplant Committee, so it was up to his daughters to help him. Lexie wanted to, but wasn't a viable match. Meredith hesitated, because of lingering feelings of abandonment due to Thatcher's leaving her and her mother when she was a young child and starting a new family with Lexie's mother, but she ultimately wanted her father to live and donated a piece of her liver. The transplant resulted in Meredith being bedridden for several episodes - while actress Ellen Pompeo was pregnant.
  From Quiz: "Grey's Anatomy" Season 6
31 In this season, a woman died because of a doctor's lack of attention. Which doctor caused her death?
Answer: April Kepner

April saw a man with a axe in his chest and forgot to check the patient's throat. That patient later died and the doctor's were all questioned to determine who was responsible. April was fired, but later rehired.
    Your options: [ Lexie Grey ] [ April Kepner ] [ Meredith Grey ] [ Jackson Avery ]
  From Quiz: All About Season 6
32 What hospital department did the residents experience for the first time this season, and enjoyed visiting there?
Answer: Dermatology

In the episode, "Brave New World", Cristina had to go to the dermatology department because a patient of hers had a rash. She was amazed at what she found there - a calm, serene oasis in the hospital where they had free juice and doctors got to take long lunch breaks. It was a totally different environment than the pit or the operating room that the surgical residents were used to. Cristina let her friends in on the secret, and she, Izzie, Meredith and George hung out in dermatology when they needed some peace and quiet.
  From Quiz: "Grey's Anatomy" Season 5
33 Later on in the first season, Derek finally gives in to Meredith's ultimatum "I want facts and until I get them my pants are staying on!" One piece of information he gives her about himself is his favourite flavour of ice-cream. What is it?
Answer: Coffee

Derek also tells Meredith his favourite colour is Blue. Not light Blue, Indigo!
  From Quiz: "Grey's Anatomy" Trivia - Hardcore Fans Only
34 This pair is the first girl/girl relationship there is in the show. The relationship starts in season four and ends in season five. The two are: Callie Torres and ________?
Answer: Erica Hahn

Becoming the first lesbian couple on the show, Erica and Callie started their relationship in season four finale, but dropped during season five due to a fight they had. Erica left SGH and Callie stayed behind.
  From Quiz: Going Grey? "Grey's Anatomy" Trivia
35 In what episode did Cristina and Dr. Hunt first kiss?
Answer: "Dream A Little Dream Of Me Part 2"

Dr. Hunt comes to the rescue of Cristina after an icicle stabs her in the side. After he pulls Cristina's icicle out, he turns around and kisses her.
  From Quiz: Autopsy of "Grey's Anatomy" Season 5
36 Which intern died during the season premiere?
Answer: Heather Brooks

Both Heather and Dr. Webber were electrocuted during the super storm. Derek and Shane were unable to revive her in the season opener.
    Your options: [ Jo Wilson ] [ Heather Brooks ] [ Shane Ross ] [ Stephanie Edwards ]
  From Quiz: "Grey's Anatomy" Season 10
37 Who died in "Let the Truth Sting"?
Answer: Really Old Guy

Really Old Guy, also known as Charlie, had been introduced last season, as a comatose patient in whose room the then-interns ate lunch. He woke up in this season, but only wanted to die. Izzie wouldn't let him, and worked hard to save him, even when he tried to pull the plug on himself. He died at the end of the episode, and Izzie made everyone hold a memorial for him in his room.
  From Quiz: "Grey's Anatomy" Season 4
38 One task Cristina was given was to find a male leg that had been amputated following an accident. She returned triumphant with the wrong leg, a lady's leg! What colour was the nail varnish?
Answer: Red

She returned, after scouring the hospital, with a beautifully manicured female leg.
  From Quiz: "Grey's Anatomy" Series 1 & 2
39 What was the nickname George received from the other interns in the first season?
Answer: 007

007 is from James Bond and means "A License to Kill." The nickname was given after his first patient almost died.
  From Quiz: All About "Grey's Anatomy"
40 What is Dr. Derek Shepherd's nickname?
Answer: McDreamy

All of the interns call Derek Sheppard "McDreamy" because of his good looks. The nickname was started by Cristina, though she usually said it sarcastically.
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