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Trivia Questions and Answers
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510 King Of The Hill Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about King Of The Hill? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to King Of The Hill (Television). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 "Why would anyone do drugs when they can just mow a lawn?"
Answer: Hank Hill

Hank says this liner in season nine's "Yard, She Blows!"
  From Quiz: "King of the Hill" - Who Said That?
2 What is Peggy's legal, wedded name?
Answer: Margaret Hill

Although most people know the Hill matriarch as Peggy, she is legally named Margaret. Her middle name is unknown, except that it starts with a J.
  From Quiz: King of the Trivia Hill
3 What was the name of Hank Hill's guitar?
Answer: Betsy

Bobby once played Betsy with a block of cheese, saying "Look, I'm Eddie Cheddar!" And of course Hank thought, "That boy ain't right!"
  From Quiz: The King of "King of the Hill" Trivia
4 What is Cotton's infant son's name?
Answer: G.H.

Cotton has a new baby boy with his much younger, second wife, Didi. He named him G.H. which stands for Good Hank.
  From Quiz: King of the Hill
5 In the season 9 episode "Bobby on Track", what is the nickname Bobby earns while on the track team?
Answer: The Stick

After Bobby's joke of a performance in a charity run, Hank forces him to join the track team.
  From Quiz: KOTHology
6 Hank, Dale, Bill and Boomhauer drink in the alley quite a bit. What type of beer do they drink?
Answer: Alamo

They are all pretty dedicated to only drinking this type of beer. One time they even drove down to Mexico to buy some when the U.S was sold out. In the end, all of them but Bill (the one who drove back) got sick from drinking it.
  From Quiz: "King of the Hill"
7 In "Revenge of the Lutefisk", who ended up being the man with the terrible smell?
Answer: Bobby

One of the funniest episodes! The new woman minister thinks someone in the congregation hates her when that mystery person (Bobby) eats all her lutefisk and throws the pan away, this leads to someone (Bobby) burning the church down! Cotton gets blamed and repeatedly screams that hilarious line "find the man with the terrible smell!"
  From Quiz: "King of the Hill" - Food
8 What did Cotton and Dale steal from the museum?
Answer: General Santa Ana's artificial leg

Cotton and Dale stole the leg from the museum because Cotton did not want it to go back to Mexico.
  From Quiz: King of the Hill
9 Who is Hank's wife?
Answer: Peggy

Hank's wife's name is Peggy and she happens to be particularly good at Boggle.
  From Quiz: King of the Hill
10 What state do the Hills live in?
Answer: Texas

The Lone Star State
  From Quiz: King Of The Hill
11 'Hank, you're living back in the days of black and white TVs and a democratically elected Congress.'
Answer: Dale

Dale said this to Hank because of Hank's insistence to use worms for fishing bait.
    Your options: [ Bill ] [ Dale ] [ Peggy ] [ Bobby ]
  From Quiz: 'King Of The Hill' Quotes
12 "Uncle Hank, I quit being a virgin the first time I had sex."
Answer: Luanne Platter

This quote is said by Luanne in season five's "Luanne Virgin 2.0". Luanne is certainly not short on comedic relief quotes like this one.
    Your options: [ Luanne Platter ] [ Kahn Souphanousinphone ] [ Bobby Hill ] [ Buck Strickland ]
  From Quiz: "King of the Hill" - Who Said That?
13 What is Bobby's middle name?
Answer: Jeffrey

Bobby's full name is Robert Jeffrey Hill.
  From Quiz: King of the Trivia Hill
14 Who was John Redcorn's daughter?
Answer: Kate

In "Untitled Blake McCormick Project", we discovered that John Redcorn had cheated on Nancy with Charlene, then known as Candy, and they had a daughter.
  From Quiz: The King of "King of the Hill" Trivia
15 What is Hank scared of in the garage when he and Bobby are building the boat?
Answer: A bat

Hank is terrified of bats, and when he sees one in the garage, he leaves Bobby to fend for himself. One of the best episodes ever!
  From Quiz: King of the Hill
16 In "After the Mold Rush", Peggy is reading a pamphlet called "So You Got Mold". She finds out a celebrity had his dog, Muffin, die from mold. Who was that celebrity.
Answer: Ed McMahon

The pamphlet also says Erin Brockovich had mold.
    Your options: [ Wille Nelson ] [ Ed McMahon ] [ Roger Clemens ] [ Tom Arnold ]
  From Quiz: KOTHology
17 How many men does Cotton claim to have killed in WWII?
Answer: 50

Cotton is constantly talking about the 'fiddy' men that he killed. Nobody knows if this is true because all the times he tells one of the stories he goes from Japan to Germany in the matter of a day.
  From Quiz: "King of the Hill"
18 Finish this sentence, spoken by Bill Dauterive: "If everybody fried their food..."
Answer: there would be no war

In "Mutual of OmAbwah," Bill and Boomhauer try fried bananas at a fair and get inspired to fry just about everything. Eventually they try frying a can of beer, which explodes!
    Your options: [ we could build a new world together ] [ then everybody would be fat ] [ there would be no war ] [ we would all be friends ]
  From Quiz: "King of the Hill" - Food
19 Who calls Peggy "Hank's Wife"?
Answer: Cotton

Cotton is Hank's dad. He goes to night clubs and harasses women.
  From Quiz: King of the Hill
20 Who runs the concession stand at the Arlen Speedway?
Answer: Jimmy Witchard

Bobby worked for Jimmy briefly, until he tried to make Bobby walk across the track during a race.
  From Quiz: King of the Hill
21 What is Hank and Peggy's son's name?
Answer: Bobby

Hank and Peggy's fat little blonde-haired son is named Bobby. Bobby is often caught doing girly things.
  From Quiz: King of the Hill
22 What county do the Hills live in?
Answer: Heimlich County

It's not a real county. Texas does have a King County and a Hill County!
  From Quiz: King Of The Hill
23 'The truth is like sunlight. People used to think it's good for you.'
Answer: Nancy

Nancy is a weather lady.
    Your options: [ Cotton ] [ Nancy ] [ Hank ] [ Bill ]
  From Quiz: 'King Of The Hill' Quotes
24 "No coincidence. I like to hump, I like to eat, and I don't like to drive."
Answer: Buck Strickland

Strickland uses this line during season four's "High Anxiety".
    Your options: [ Buck Strickland ] [ Bill Dauterive ] [ Hank Hill ] [ Dale Gribble ]
  From Quiz: "King of the Hill" - Who Said That?
25 How many biological siblings does Hank have?
Answer: 2

Hank has two brothers: GH and Junichiro.
  From Quiz: King of the Trivia Hill
26 John Redcorn used to work as a roadie for which band?
Answer: Winger

His vision quest told him that "wrangling groupies for Winger was not my proper life path."
    Your options: [ Winger ] [ Def Leppard ] [ Slayer ] [ Metallica ]
  From Quiz: The King of "King of the Hill" Trivia
27 What does Nancy start to lose due to her breakup with John Redcorn?
Answer: Her hair

The stress of breaking up with John Redcorn causes Nancy to lose tons of hair. This is first noticed by Luanne when she's fixing Nancy's hair for the news report.
  From Quiz: King of the Hill
28 In "Perils of Polling", Dale takes Hank to an outlet mall on polling day. What is the reason Hank tells Dale he needs his keys?
Answer: He bought him a leather keychain

Later Dale realizes Hank has tricked him, because he says Hank knows he doesn't like keychains.
  From Quiz: KOTHology
29 At Buckley's funeral, Khan told a story about a guy being chased by a ferocious tiger. What did that man eat while hanging from the branch?
Answer: strawberry

(From "Death of a Propane Salesman II") At the funeral, the minister had very little to say about Buckley, then invited those attending to say a word about him as well. Hilariously, nobody liked Buckley enough to get up - except Khan, who only liked Buckley because he drove Hank crazy!
  From Quiz: "King of the Hill" - Food
30 What was the name of the cult that Luanne joined?
Answer: Omega

Thinking it was just a sorority, Luanne joined the Omega House, where nobody ate very much, they sold jams and jellies, and they called everyone Jane.
  From Quiz: King of the Hill
31 What is the name of the song that Khan wrote for Bobby?
Answer: Fat White Lump

"Fat White Lump is about me?!?"
  From Quiz: King of the Hill
32 What is their dog's name?
Answer: Ladybird

The family's brown dog has arthritis and she is pretty old.
  From Quiz: King of the Hill
33 What kind of fuel does Hank sell?
Answer: Propane

Propane and Propane Accessories.
  From Quiz: King Of The Hill
34 'My sloppy joe is all sloppy and no joe!'
Answer: Bobby
  From Quiz: 'King Of The Hill' Quotes
35 "Soccer was invented by European ladies to keep them busy while their husbands did the cooking."
Answer: Hank Hill

Hank says this quote in season three's "Three Coaches and a Bobby".
    Your options: [ Hank Hill ] [ Bill Dauterive ] [ Dale Gribble ] [ Cotton Hill ]
  From Quiz: "King of the Hill" - Who Said That?
36 So, are the Souphanousinphones Chinese or Japanese?
Answer: Neither

Kahn Souphanousinphone and his family are Laotian.
  From Quiz: King of the Trivia Hill
37 Who was the football coach at Tom Landry Middle School?
Answer: Coach Kleehammer

He told Peggy in "Bobby Slam" that Roe Vs Wade didn't apply in his gym.
  From Quiz: The King of "King of the Hill" Trivia
38 In the episode "Trans-Fascism", who is the driver of Sugarfoot's lunch truck?
Answer: Hank

Mr. Strickland proposes that he and Hank have a lunch truck that will serve foods that contain trans fats after they are banned from Arlen.
  From Quiz: King of the Hill
39 In "Lady and Gentrification", hipsters change the type of fish in the fish tacos, infuriating Hank and Enrique. What kind of fish do the hipsters put in the fish tacos?
Answer: Salmon

To get all the hipsters to move out, all of the Hill's friends act like they have just moved into the neighborhood. The hipsters did not want to live by the white hillbillies.
  From Quiz: KOTHology
40 What state is Bill originally from?
Answer: Louisiana

Bill is originally from New Orleans. Hank is from New York though and was born while Cotton was trying to kill Castro at a Yankees game.
  From Quiz: "King of the Hill"
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