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90 My Big Fat Greek Wedding Trivia Questions & Answers

My Big Fat Greek Wedding .
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1 Where do Toula and her family live?
Answer: Chicago, IL

If you live in the mid-west, you'll be able to recognize where they live. If not, Toula mentions it in the opening scene.
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John Corbett, the actor who played Ian, was previously a regular in which 1990s television show?

2 What is the name of the Greek restaurant that the Portokalos family own and work at?
Answer: Dancing Zorba's

At the beginning of the movie, Toula starts working at the restaurant, but later works at her aunt's travel agency.
3 What is the name of the restaurant Toula's family owns?
Answer: Dancing Zorbas'

Dancing Zorbas' is the restaurant owned by the Portokalos family. Toula works there at the beginning of the movie but then goes on to work for her Aunt Voula.
4 "Are you saying Toula will get involved in drugs?" ("Head vs. Neck".)
Answer: Maria

Maria says this to Gus when they are discussing Toula going to school.
5 "What do you mean he don't eat no meat?!" ("Meet the Family".)
Answer: Thia Voula

"I'll make lamb."
6 Who is the delightful actress who plays Toula Portokalos?
Answer: Nia Vardalos

The screenplay for this movie was written by Ms. Vardalos. She was paid only $100.00 for rights to the screenplay, but was offered the starring role as well.
7 What was the name of the Greek restaurant Toula's family owned?
Answer: Dancing Zorba's

Toula spent most of her adult life working in the family restaurant.
8 When Toula was six, what kind of learning institution did she have to go to?
Answer: Greek school

In the end of the movie, Toula's daughter ends up going to Greek school.
9 What is the name of the restaurant owned by Toula's family?
Answer: Dancing Zorba's

This is where Toula worked until she decided to go back to school.
10 What special kind of lessons does Toula go to as a child?
Answer: Greek language

At the end of the movie, Toula sends her daughter to Greek school too.
11 "I could snap you like a chicken." ("Meet the Family".)
Answer: Thia Voula

Thia Voula is played by Andrea Martin, who was born in Portland, Maine.
12 "I was kind of going through a phase up until now." ("Romantic Interludes".)
Answer: Toula

This is when Toula and Ian are on the bridge before he meets the family.
13 What Hollywood supercouple were the main producers of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"?
Answer: Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson saw Ms. Vardalos performing a one-woman show based on the same theme. There are various other producers involved in a lesser capacity.
14 In which city was the movie set?
Answer: Chicago

Although the movie was set in Chicago, the majority of the film was shot in Toronto.
15 Toula's father believed that one household cleaner could fix everything and anything. What was it?
Answer: Windex

He uses it on his car, on his windows, on his hands, and everything else.
16 According to Toula's mother, Greek women are lambs in the kitchen and __________ in the bedroom?
Answer: tigers

Toula's mother is played by Lainie Kazan.
17 What is the name of the character, who becomes Toula's husband?
Answer: Ian Miller

Toula in real life is married to Ian Miller's teacher friend.
18 What does Toula's brother Nick keep making for his father's restaurant?
Answer: menus

Nick keeps drawing a new menu for Dancing Zorbas', but Gus just pushes it aside. Finally, at the end of the movie Nick decides to take some art classes.
19 "Didn't I say it was a mistake to educate women?" ("The Family Knows!")
Answer: Gus

Gus says this when he meets Ian for the first time.
20 "Right, you're so not worth this." ("Becoming Greek".)
Answer: Toula

She says this to herself when Ian is getting baptisized into the Greek Orthodox Church.
21 At the beginning of the movie, Toula works at her family's restaurant. Where does Toula work after taking a computer seminar?
Answer: Olympus Travel

The name of the travel agency is never mentioned, but you see the sign above the agency more than once during the course of the movie.
22 What did Toula's dad put on sores and ailments to cure them?
Answer: Windex

Her father used to spray Windex on everything. Even Ian, Toula's husband sprayed it on his pimple on the day of the wedding.
23 What does Toula's fiancee, Ian, do for a living?
Answer: School teacher

He teaches school and Toula goes to visit him when he's teaching class to discuss their wedding plans.
24 According to Toula's father, Ian's last name comes from a Greek word that means _________ ?
Answer: apple

Toula's dad said that Miller comes from "meilo" and that means apple.
25 The character who becomes Toula's husband: what is his occupation?
Answer: teacher

You first learn that Ian Miller is a teacher when he is talking with his friend at Dancing Zorba's.