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Trivia Questions and Answers
photo of Iowa

180 Iowa Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Iowa? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Iowa (Geography). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 What city of Iowa is close to a crater impact site from a meteorite collision, from 74 million years ago?
Answer: Manson

The Manson impact crater is dated to have been formed in the Cretaceous period. It was once thought that this was the impact left behind after the dinosaur extinction event, but tests of the site confirmed that it was too old.
  From Quiz: U.S.A: All About Iowa
2 This cyclonic Iowa college town is coincidentally linked with TV's Daniel Boone and the 1967 hit "When the Snow Is on the Roses". Which city is it?
Answer: Ames

Ed Ames is a singer/actor who played the role of Mingo in the TV series "Daniel Boone". As a singer he sang with his brothers as the Ames Brothers, and his cover single of "When the Snow Is on the Roses" reached number one on the US charts in 1967.

Ames is the home of Iowa State University. In 2012, it was ranked eighth in population among Iowa cities.
    Your options: [ Cornell ] [ Grinnell ] [ Ames ] [ Dubuque ]
  From Quiz: Coincidental Iowa Town Names
3 In what Iowa town is the Hobo Museum located?
Answer: Britt

Britt even has a Hobo Convention on the second weekend every August. The museum is located in an old movie theater.
  From Quiz: Iowa Tourist Attractions
4 Des Moines, Iowa, lies at the confluence of which two rivers?
Answer: Des Moines River and Raccoon River

The Des Moines River is a tributary of the Mississippi River and originates in southern Minnesota. The Raccoon River is a tributary of the Des Moines River. This confluence made the site very attractive to John Dougherty who recommended in 1834 that a settlement be established. The Grand, Mississippi, Missouri, and Wolf Creek all flow through or border Iowa.
    Your options: [ Mississippi River and Missouri River ] [ Des Moines River and Raccoon River ] [ Missouri River and Grand River ] [ Wolf Creek and Des Moines River ]
  From Quiz: Des Moines, Iowa
5 Zearing was founded in what year?
Answer: 1881

Zearing was founded in 1881. However, the area was inhabited in the 1840s by farmers, and some of those same families are still in town or on the outskirts to this day. We are excited to be celebrating our 125th birthday in 2006.
  From Quiz: Zearing- A Great Town To Call Home
6 What is Iowa's nickname?
Answer: The Hawkeye State

  From Quiz: What Do You Know About Iowa?
7 Every year in the town of Britt, people of this "profession" gather for a convention.
Answer: hobos

The National Hobo Convention is held every August in the town of Britt, near the Minnesota border. About 30,000 people gather at this festival honoring hobos, a type of bum or vagabond who rides on freight trains. You can even vote for your favorite hobo to be crowned Hobo King or Queen! And don't miss the Hobo Museum while you're in town.
    Your options: [ hobos ] [ babysitters ] [ Elvis impersonators ] [ sideshow freaks ]
  From Quiz: Iowa Fun Facts
8 In which city would you find Iowa State University?
Answer: Ames

Ames is near Des Moines. It is in Story county. it is home of the Cyclones.
  From Quiz: Iowa A to Z
9 In what year was the Iowa state flower, the wild rose, chosen?
Answer: 1897

The wild rose blooms in the color pink. It was chosen as the state flower in 1897 because it decorated the meal that the Iowans presented to the battleship USS Iowa.
  From Quiz: Iowa
10 How many states border Iowa?
Answer: 6

The states are from North going clock wise, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Dakota.
  From Quiz: Iowa Geography
11 Who was the governor of Iowa in 2000?
Answer: Tom Vilsack
  From Quiz: General Knowledge about Iowa
12 Known for the Iowa Old Capitol Building, Iowa City is located in what county of Iowa?
Answer: Johnson County

The grounds of the Iowa Old Capitol Building are over 600 square miles. Iowa University is also in Iowa City, and, largely due to this, Johnson County has been the strongest Democratic county since 1984.
  From Quiz: U.S.A: All About Iowa
13 Seven Iowa counties begin with the letter B. One is named after a heroic leader of his people who fought a war against the United States. The county seat is Waterloo. Which county is it?
Answer: Black Hawk

The Black Hawk War was fought in 1832, and is another sad chapter in the disgraceful history of treatment of Native peoples by the United States government. Among the notable veterans of the Black Hawk War were future presidents Zachary Taylor and Abraham Lincoln.
    Your options: [ Buena Vista ] [ Butler ] [ Boone ] [ Black Hawk ]
  From Quiz: Iowa County Alphabetical
14 Where in Iowa is the world's largest (man-made) strawberry?
Answer: Strawberry Point

The strawberry is 15 feet high and 12 feet across! It's huge! There's a green sign under the strawberry that says "Strawberry Point".
  From Quiz: Iowa Tourist Attractions
15 Des Moines was founded in 1843 when Fort Des Moines was built, but when was it incorporated as a city?
Answer: September 1851

In May 1843, James Allen built a fort in this area to serve as a military post for defense against hostile Native Americans. Des Moines was incorporated as a city 22 September 1851. Remains of the old fort are still present.
  From Quiz: Des Moines, Iowa
16 How did Zearing get its name?
Answer: A judge from Chicago

A judge from Chicago, Illinois offered to donate a church bell to the church if the town would name itself after him. By the way, the wealthy landowner's dog choice is actually how the town of Colo, Iowa, just ten miles to the south of Zearing, got its name.
  From Quiz: Zearing- A Great Town To Call Home
17 What is unusual about the town of Sabula, Iowa?
Answer: it's situated on an island

The small town (population of about 700) of Sabula, Iowa is situated on a narrow island in the Mississippi River. The town, four blocks wide and nine blocks long, can be reached only by bridge, causeway, or boat. The island was first inhabited by Native Americans and wasn't found by white settlers until 1835. The town of Sabula, whose name is Latin for "sandy soil", was incorporated in 1864.
  From Quiz: Iowa Fun Facts
18 Herbert Hoover was born in Iowa, but when his parents died he moved in with his uncle. Where did his uncle live?
Answer: Oregon

Herbert Hoover went to Oregon without his brothers or sisters.
  From Quiz: Iowa. How much do you know?
19 What northeastern town is internationally known for its elaborate homage to Norwegian heritage known as Nordic Fest.
Answer: Decorah

Incidentally, Decorah also is home to the United States largest single ethic museum, the Vesterheim.
  From Quiz: The Image of Iowa
20 Why is the oak Iowa's state tree?
Answer: because it contributes to the wildlife

In Iowa the oak is prized for the contributions it provides for the birds and other wildlife.
  From Quiz: Iowa
21 What is the number of the main Interstate going East/West? It goes from coast to coast.
Answer: 80

If you drove this road, you would go from New York City to San Francisco. The only Interstate Highway longer than the I-80 is the I-90 which runs from Seattle to Boston.
  From Quiz: Iowa Geography
22 What is the nickname of Iowa's Arena League football team?
Answer: Barnstormers
  From Quiz: General Knowledge about Iowa
23 What other state does Iowa border to the west?
Answer: Nebraska

The Missouri River forms a significant portion of the border between Iowa and Nebraska. The only city in Iowa situated west of the Missouri River is Carter Lake. The Missouri River is the longest river in North America.
  From Quiz: U.S.A: All About Iowa
24 Which Plymouth County town located on the edge of the Loess Hills in western Iowa is coincidentally linked to Mahatma Gandhi and Krishna Pandit Bhanji?
Answer: Kingsley

Krishna Pandit Bhanji is the birth name of Ben Kingsley, who won an Academy Award for his performance as Gandhi in the film of the same name.

In 1883, when the railroad came to the area Kingsley is in today, a Vermonter named Nahum Kingsley was hired to lay out the town. Many of Kingsley's streets today have names that originated in Vermont. The Loess Hills along the Missouri River in western Iowa and Missouri, is the largest deposit of this wind-blown soil in the world, except for the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau in China.

Only Merrill, of the incorrect choices, is in Plymouth County, although Pierson is Kingsley's partner in the Kingsley-Pierson school district, and together their Panthers have won state titles in boy's golf (1987), boy's track and field (1978), and softball (1966 and 1967).
    Your options: [ Manning ] [ Pierson ] [ Kingsley ] [ Merrill ]
  From Quiz: Coincidental Iowa Town Names
25 What is the myth about the swinging Lover's Leap Bridge in Columbus Junction, Iowa?
Answer: A Native American maiden leapt to her death from it

The original bridge was built in 1886. It was rebuilt in 1922. It later became a tourist attraction, and many people come every year to enjoy it.
  From Quiz: Iowa Tourist Attractions
26 Iowa attained statehood 28 December 1846 as the 29th state. Which Iowa city was the state capital prior to Des Moines?
Answer: Iowa City

Iowa City was the first State capital. Des Moines was given that distinction in 1857. The Old Capitol Building in Iowa City now stands on the University of Iowa campus.
    Your options: [ Burlington ] [ Iowa City ] [ Des Moines was the first capital ] [ Dubuque ]
  From Quiz: Des Moines, Iowa
27 Which Iowa county is the largest in area?
Answer: Kossuth County

    Your options: [ Polk County ] [ Kossuth County ] [ Johnson County ] [ Muscatine County ]
  From Quiz: What Do You Know About Iowa?
28 Born in Iowa, this man was the first US president born west of the Mississippi.
Answer: Herbert Hoover

Herbert Clark Hoover, the 31st US president, was born in West Branch on August 10, 1874. Before becoming president, he was a mining engineer (he had a degree in geology from Stanford) and humanitarian. The Herbert Hoover National Historic Site encompasses the cottage where Herbert was born, a blacksmith shop similar to his father's, the town's first one-room schoolhouse, the Friends (Quaker)Meetinghouse where the family worshipped, and several houses. Also at the site are the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library-Museum, the gravesites of Herbert and his wife Lou, and an 81-acre tallgrass prairie.
    Your options: [ Herbert Hoover ] [ Dwight Eisenhower ] [ Richard Nixon ] [ Harry Truman ]
  From Quiz: Iowa Fun Facts
29 What part of Iowa was first settled?
Answer: Southeast

Lee county was first settled.
  From Quiz: Iowa. How much do you know?
30 Name Iowa's famous African-American opera singer.
Answer: Simon Estes

More than just farmers!
  From Quiz: The Image of Iowa
31 Iowa is a leading producer of what crop?
Answer: corn

Iowa is among the top producers of corn, soybeans and hogs in the country.
  From Quiz: Iowa A to Z
32 In production, what does Iowa rank in corn and soybeans?
Answer: First

Iowa ranks first in corn and soy beans. Iowa is known as the agricultural state.
  From Quiz: Iowa
33 What is Iowa's state bird?
Answer: Eastern Goldfinch

The eastern goldfinch eats the seeds of a variety of plants. It became the state bird in 1933.
  From Quiz: Iowa--The Hawkeye State
34 In what county is the largest city?
Answer: Polk

It is Des Moines with a population of approximately 200,000.
  From Quiz: Iowa Geography
35 When did Iowa become a state?
Answer: 1846
  From Quiz: General Knowledge about Iowa
36 Iowa is home to the Mother Mosque of America. Completed in 1934, it is the oldest still standing building originally built for the purpose of being a mosque in the USA. What city of Iowa is it located in?
Answer: Cedar Rapids

The oldest purpose-built mosque in America was near the city of Ross, in North Dakota, which was also the first ever purpose-built mosque in the USA; however it fell into disrepair and fell down.

The Mother Mosque of America was made by descendants from what is now Lebanon and Syria.
  From Quiz: U.S.A: All About Iowa
37 Which Carroll County community in west central Iowa is coincidentally linked with Super Bowls XLI, XLII, and XLVI?
Answer: Manning

Peyton Manning was the winning quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts in Superbowl XLI (2007), while his brother Eli was the winning QB for the New York Giants in Superbowls XLII (2008) and XLVI (2012).

Prior to the coming of the railroad, the Manning area was a swampy region used by the indigenous Iowa tribe, a Siouxan people also known as the Baxoje, for hunting. There were no nearby rivers and few trees. In 1881, a depot was built on the future site of the town of Manning where two railroad routes intersected, thus beginning the history of the town. In 1948 the small town high school's basketball team won a state championship by defeating the much larger Davenport High School by a score of 46-43, while Manning's football team won the 2002 Class A football title by a score of 52-0.
    Your options: [ Manson ] [ Carroll ] [ Manning ] [ Manilla ]
  From Quiz: Coincidental Iowa Town Names
38 Driving in Iowa, on which interstate would you pass exit signs for the following communities: Council Bluffs, Pisgah, Honey Creek, Hamburg, Sloan, Onawa, and Sioux City?
Answer: I-29

Interstate 29 in Iowa follows the Missouri River along Iowa's "west coast". Its northern-most entry/exit point is at Sioux City where it enters/leaves South Dakota. In CW McCall's "Old Home Filler Up and Keep On Truckin Cafe", the singer's dog is named Sloan, and he and Mavis go to Pisgah "to the picture show", which happens to be a drive-in. Although the song specifically mentions I-80, all of the exits in the question exist on I-29, which runs concurrently with I-80 for about 16-20 miles north of Council Bluffs.
    Your options: [ I-29 ] [ I-35 ] [ I-80 ] [ I-90 ]
  From Quiz: Iowa Travel
39 The World's Largest Concrete Gnome is located in what town?
Answer: Ames

The concrete gnome is 15 feet tall and 3,500 pounds. This garden gnome is found at Iowa State University. Go Cyclones!
  From Quiz: Iowa Tourist Attractions
40 Des Moines experiences a variety of weather and natural phenomena. It is most prone to which natural disasters?
Answer: Tornados and floods

Des Moines and much of Iowa lie in Tornado Alley. Threats from tornados and severe thunderstorms are common, especially in spring and early summer. The nearby Des Moines River and Raccoon River have flooded on occasion. In 1993 the Des Moines Water Works was submerged by flood leaving many of the city residents without drinking water.
    Your options: [ Tornados and grass fires ] [ Tornados and floods ] [ Floods and earthquakes ] [ Grass fires and earthquakes ]
  From Quiz: Des Moines, Iowa
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