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Quiz about Like a Bridge Over Troubled Water
Quiz about Like a Bridge Over Troubled Water

Like a Bridge Over Troubled Water Quiz

Many bridges can be found in Europe, linking people, areas and ideas. Here, a selection of ten is featured. Can you correctly place them on the map? Enjoy!

A label quiz by DeepHistory. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
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Feb 07 23
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London Regensburg Lisbon Rotterdam Budapest Prague Kyiv Florence Tiryns Färjestaden
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1. Ponte Vecchio  
2. Szechenyi Chain Bridge  
3. Erasmusburg  
4. Charles Bridge  
5. Vasco da Gama Bridge  
6. Ölandsbron  
7. Tower Bridge  
8. Steinerne Brücke  
9. Pivnichnyi Bridge  
10. Arkadiko Mycenaean Bridge  

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Florence

The beginnings of Ponte Vecchio are lost in history. Although the bridge we have today dates from at least 1345 AD, the Romans had erected a wooden bridge on the same spot. A series of early medieval stone bridges had succeeded the Roman edifice, each of them being destroyed by floods

Ponte Vecchio was the only Florentine bridge to be spared destruction by both Nazis and Allied Forces in World War II.
2. Budapest

The oldest bridge in the capital of Hungary, Szechenyi Chain Bridge was built in the mid-19th century, back when Buda and Pest were still regarded as two separate cities, the Danube lying between them. Although it was a local Hungarian magnate, Istvan Szechenyi, who had the idea to build it, the actual designing was done by an Englishman, William Tierney Clark.
3. Rotterdam

A modern architectural feat, the Erasmusbrug was completed in 1996, its construction having begun 10 years earlier. Its name honours Desiderius Erasmus, one of the most well-known Renaissance men. Quickly, it became one of the most iconic landmarks of the city and a source of pride for its inhabitants.
4. Prague

A medieval bridge, its construction beginning in 1357 and its inauguration occurring in 1402, the bridge linking the banks of the river Vltava gets its name from Charles IV, the first Bohemian king to be elected Holy Roman Emperor. It is said that the king himself laid the first stone of the foundations, although this might be a later embellishment.

Some centuries later, on the bridge's balustrade, a series of 30 statues was erected. Said statues depict various saints and figures from the Bible.
5. Lisbon

Inaugurated in 1998, just before the end of the 20th century, Vasco da Gama bridge links the banks of the river Tagus in the capital of Portugal. Its name derives from one of the most famous Portuguese explorers, who had, back in the year 1498, sailed from Portugal to India via the Cape of Good Hope.
6. Färjestaden

Ölandsbron was inaugurated in 1972, making it a hallmark of modern engineering. It links the municipality of Färjestaden, situated on the Swedish mainland, with the island of Öland. It is the longest bridge to be found entirely within Sweden, although the Öresund Bridge, which links Sweden to neighbouring Denmark, is actually longer.
7. London

Built in the Victorian era, to be more specific between 1886 and 1894, the Tower Bridge, linking the banks of the Thames River, is one of the most iconic London landmarks.

Quite often, people confuse Tower Bridge with the equally famous London Bridge, thus helping to create an utterly false rumour that America actually purchased the wrong bridge when buying the original London Bridge.
8. Regensburg

The Old Stone Bridge of Regensburg dates from the Middle Ages, namely the 13th century. For centuries, it was the only bridge in the city. At the same spot, a wooden bridge had been built in the 9th century by Charlemagne.

Napoleon was under the opinion that the location of the bridge was problematic for riverine navigation, an opinion shared by quite a number of experts today.
9. Kyiv

The Pivnichnyi Bridge is one of the newest bridges in Kyiv, built in Soviet times, namely in 1976. It was designed by architect Mikhail Krasnoshtein, but, as a result of anti-Semitic policies pursued in the Soviet Union under Brezhnev, it was credited to the Kharkiv architect A.V. Dobrovolsky.

Originally named Moskovskyi Bridge, it acquired its present name in 2018, as a result of Ukraine's wish to detach herself from the era of Russian dominance.
10. Tiryns

The Arkadiko Mycenaean Bridge is the oldest preserved bridge in the entire continent of Europe. It was constructed around 1300 BC by the Mycenaean Greeks, the civilization to which the heroes of the Homeric epics belonged. It is possible that it served both commercial and military purposes, remaining surprisingly fit for both even today.

The region of Argolis boasts at least four other bridges of the same Bronze Age provenance, albeit a bit younger than the one in Arkadiko.
Source: Author DeepHistory

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