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Quiz about Full House Characters Names
Quiz about Full House Characters Names

"Full House" Characters' Names Quiz

"Full House" is one of my favorite shows. Please match the tv character to the actor.

A matching quiz by Morganw2019. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Match Quiz
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Sep 10 22
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1. Jesse Katsopolis  
  Bob Saget
2. Stephanie Tanner  
  Candace Cameron
3. Joey Gladstone   
  Lori Loughlin
4. DJ Tanner  
  Dave Coulier
5. Michelle Tanner  
  Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen
6. Danny Tanner   
  Jodie Sweetin
7. Rebecca Donaldson Katsoplois  
  Jurnee Smollett
8. Kimmy Gibbler  
  Andrea Barber
9. Denise Frazier   
  Scott Weinger
10. Steve Hale  
  John Stamos

Select each answer

1. Jesse Katsopolis
2. Stephanie Tanner
3. Joey Gladstone
4. DJ Tanner
5. Michelle Tanner
6. Danny Tanner
7. Rebecca Donaldson Katsoplois
8. Kimmy Gibbler
9. Denise Frazier
10. Steve Hale

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Jesse Katsopolis

Answer: John Stamos

Jesse's original last name on "Full House" was Cochran. He and Danny were brother-in-laws. Jesse and Becky had twins Nicky and Alex.
2. Stephanie Tanner

Answer: Jodie Sweetin

Stephanie was a member of the Honey Bees. Her middle name is Judith. In season three she drove Joey's car into the kitchen.
3. Joey Gladstone

Answer: Dave Coulier

Joey does stand up comedy. He does the voices of "Bullwinkle" and "Popeye". Joey's famous catchphrase is "Cut It Out".
4. DJ Tanner

Answer: Candace Cameron

Donna Jo Margaret is DJ's full name. Her first real relationship was with Steve Hale. In season eight, DJ was accepted into University of California Berkeley.
5. Michelle Tanner

Answer: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

Mary Kate and Ashley were nine months old when they started filming "Full House". Michelle's stuffed pig was named Pinky. In the series finale, Michelle falls off her horse and gets amnesia.
6. Danny Tanner

Answer: Bob Saget

Danny is the co-host for "Wake Up San Francisco". His wife Pam died in an automobile accident caused by a drunk driver. Danny is a clean freak.
7. Rebecca Donaldson Katsoplois

Answer: Lori Loughlin

Rebecca is from Nebraska. She is the co-host with Danny on "Wake Up San Francisco". Jesse and Becky live in the renovated attic.
8. Kimmy Gibbler

Answer: Andrea Barber

Kimmy and DJ were best friends. In season eight, Kimmy and Duane elope to Las Vegas but DJ stops them from getting married.
9. Denise Frazier

Answer: Jurnee Smollett

Denise was Michelle's best friend. Her uncle was Little Richard.
10. Steve Hale

Answer: Scott Weinger

Steve is known for his strong appetite. He receives a scholarship to Daytona Beach University but instead goes to a local community college.
Source: Author Morganw2019

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