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Fun Trivia
  Buzz Poets : Lyrics    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
The Buzz Poets are a Pittsburgh based band that has an amazing range in sound. I will give you a lyric and you have to name the song! Have fun.
Average, 10 Qns, Lindsay_Krista, Apr 15 05
127 plays
  Buckcherry Lyrics    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
It's about a band that released two CDs and then broke up. But they are still good.
Difficult, 10 Qns, mattyjames, May 26 12
216 plays
  The Blackwood Brothers    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz is about one of the most popular quartets ever in gospel music.
Tough, 10 Qns, revstevef, Jul 13 13
129 plays
trivia question Quick Question
What tagline made the Big Bopper famous?

From Quiz "The Big Bopper"

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Music A-C: 'B' Trivia Questions

91. Be-Bop Deluxe was formed during 1972, and like many new and emerging bands, even today, they played their first shows at a popular public meeting place. At which sort of venue did the band play their first gig?

From Quiz
"Be Careful... I'm an Axe Victim!" - Be-Bop Deluxe

Answer: Public house

Be-Bop Deluxe made their first appearance as a band at 'Ye Olde Duke of Cumberland' a public house located in North Ferriby near Hull, Yorkshire, during August 1972. After rapidly building a reputation locally, Be-Bop Deluxe came to the attention of the great BBC disc jockey, John Peel and, after recording songs for Peel's show 'Top Gear' (No, not THAT 'Top Gear'!) they were signed by EMI Harvest records on the 22nd of February 1974. A reference to the venue at which the band began their career, locally known simply as 'The Duke', is made by the band in the lyric to the title track of the band's first album, 'Axe Victim' which was released in 1974.

92. This 1988 song was Bobby Brown's first top ten solo hit on the United States Billboard Hot 100 and the title track to Bobby Brown's second studio album.

From Quiz My Prerogative: The Music of Bobby Brown

Answer: Don't Be Cruel

The 1988 song "Don't Be Cruel" was the title track to Bobby Brown's second studio album. The song "Don't Be Cruel" hit number eight on the United States Billboard Hot 100, number one on the United States Billboard Hot R&B Singles chart and number number thirteen on the United Kingdom singles chart.

93. Which song is about the movie that had an escaped lunatic stalking and killing babysitters?

From Quiz Blitzkid Lyrics

Answer: Myers 10/31

"Whiteface mask and a butcher knife. Catatonic taker of life. Murdering on Hallows' Eve It's devil's night and there is no reprieve." There is also the great lyrical take on the tagline from "Halloween"... "I'm comin' home tonight." This song is from the album "Let Flowers Die". Blitzkid belong to a genre of music called "Horror punk". This genre's forerunners were such bands as The Misfits and The Cramps.

94. What phrase is frequently chanted by Biffy fans at live shows?

From Quiz Biffy Clyro

Answer: "Mon the Biff"

If you shouted "Mon the Biff!" as you selected the correct answer, you are well on your way to becoming a true Biffy fan.

95. To whom was Berlioz engaged when he won the Prix de Rome?

From Quiz Berlioz

Answer: Camille Moke

Camille Moke was a beautiful pianist whom Berlioz befriended and later asked to marry. Soon after he arrived in Rome he learned that she had married Camille Pleyel, the piano manufacturer.

96. Joe's dad owned and ran a guitar shop. How old was Joe when he first picked up a guitar?

From Quiz Joe Bonamassa

Answer: Four years old

At twelve years old, he opened for B.B. King and this blues virtuoso gave him so much advice that the young Joe thought he could do this for the rest of his life. He was playing Jimi Hendrix songs note for note and later on was drawn to the sounds of Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Free.

97. Blind Faith was formed by Eric Clapton after he had jammed a few times with a friend in his basement in Shere, Surrey. Who was this incredibly talented and famous friend?

From Quiz Blind Faith - The Tricky Ones

Answer: Steve Winwood

Jack's squabbles with Ginger were the main contributer to the final split up of Cream. Jeff Beck should have formed a band with Clapton but did not. Jim Dumbar - oh how I wish...

98. Fill in the missing lyrics: "But he still ain't changed his ___ He likes it better ___"

From Quiz "Old Hippie" by The Bellamy Brothers

Answer: lifestyle, the old way

In 1985, the song "Old Hippie" went to number two on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart. It went to number one in Canada.

99. Prior to joining Buffalo Springfield, Neil Young played in a band with which future funk/R&B star?

From Quiz Buffalo Springfield

Answer: Rick James

Both Neil Young and Bruce Palmer played with Rick James in a Toronto band called the Mynah Birds in 1965. Neil Young said Rick James had a Mick Jagger type stage routine. Palmer humorously told journalist Scott Young, "As far as we knew he (James)was white back then."

100. Three members of Bad English -- Jonathan Cain, John Waite, and Ricky Phillips -- had played together previously in a successful band from the 1970s. What was that band's name?

From Quiz Bad English (the music group)

Answer: The Babys

The Babys -- known for hits like "Every Time I Think of You" and "Isn't It Time" -- were an all-British rock group, unlike Bad English which featured members from both the U.S. and the U.K.

101. Between the Buried and Me's second music video came from the song "Mordecai" of the album "The Silent Circus". The somewhat bizarre and seemingly low grade music video features the escapades of which unusual characters?

From Quiz The Music of Between the Buried and Me

Answer: Barbie and Ken dolls

The rest of the choices would certainly be bizarre, but the Ken doll protagonist was an unusual enough choice for a heavy metal video. Especially when he was shown traversing a city very much resembling the cardboard cut-out handiwork of small children.

102. The biggest hit Johnny Burnette had in the US and UK was "You're ______"; what is the missing age from the title?

From Quiz The Music Of Johnny Burnette

Answer: Sixteen

"You're Sixteen" gave Johnny Burnette a number eight hit on the US pop chart in 1960. It reached number three on the UK chart in 1961. Ringo Starr had a number one with the song for one week on the US pop chart in 1974. It reached number four on the UK chart in 1974, with Paul McCartney on kazoo and backing vocals by Harry Nilsson.

103. What happened at the "Britain's Got Talent" audition after Susan Boyle sang?

From Quiz Susan Boyle Dreamed a Dream

Answer: A standing ovation

She got a standing ovation. Her voice has been called spellbinding, amazing, and magical. The song "I Dreamed a Dream" seemed to represent Susan's own life and struggle, as in these partial lyrics: "All the tigers come out at night, with their voices soft as thunder. And they tear your hopes apart, as they turn your dreams to shame..." Susan's mother had died in 2007, her siblings had moved away, she never married and her dreams did seem to be torn apart.

104. The frontman of which band provided additional vocal on the song "It's High Tide Baby"?

From Quiz They Are The Dynamite

Answer: Lostprophets

The Blackout have previously toured with Lostprophets and Sean Smith provides additional vocals for a song on their album "Liberation Transmission".

105. Neil Innes was a core member of the Bonzos. He also played a member of the Rutles, the spoof band behind such hits as "All You Need Is Cash" and "Cheese 'n' Onions" - but which member?

From Quiz The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band

Answer: Ron Nasty

Nasty was the Rutles' answer to John Lennon. The Rutles, incidentally, played Glastonbury in 2004 - I went to see them, but missed half their set as, ironically, I was heading off to watch Paul McCartney on the Pyramid Stage.

106. The song 'Children of The Night' is said to take inspiration from which vampire movie?

From Quiz The Best Band In Town

Answer: The Lost Boys

Such is the influence of 'The Lost Boys' on the band, the name of one tour by The Blackout was 'Sleep All Day, Party All Night' - taken from the tagline of the movie.

107. The Beloved set the listener a riddle at the start of the song. "Consider, if you will this great big question, unanswered still oh, can you spot the difference that lies between the colour _____ and the colour _____". Which colours?

From Quiz Anatomy of a Song: "Hello"

Answer: Blue and green

A complicated riddle that is answered later in the song - "What's the answer? It's plain to see - blue is blue and always will be". So now you know! Of course the difference between blue and green, as anyone who knows their primary colours will be aware of, is the colour yellow, which just happens to rhyme with "Hello". Coincidence? I think not.

108. Where was Gary Barlow born?

From Quiz Gary Barlow

Answer: Frodsham

Gary was born 20th January 1971 in Frodsham, Cheshire, to parents Colin and Marjorie. He was one of two children and the youngest.

109. In 2001, Beatallica released their first EP. What is the name of the EP?

From Quiz Beatallica

Answer: A Garage Dayz Nite

A "Garage Dayz Nite" is the name of the EP. The album cover references Metallica's "Garage Days Re-Revisited" with the handwriting and parodies The Beatles' second album cover ("Hard Day's Night") that was released in the UK. All the listed songs are featured on "A Garage Dayz Nite".

110. What was the name of Anita's first ensemble?

From Quiz Anita Baker and her Gift

Answer: Chapter 8

Anita started performing at jazz clubs in Detroit by the time she was 16. She joined "Chapter 8", quitting school after the bass player for the band heard her sing. They had one hit and the band was dropped by Ariola Records because Anita lacked "star quality". I bet they kicked themselves years later.

111. Where did Baby Bash begin his music career?

From Quiz Baby Bash

Answer: Houston, TX

He first joined another rapper, South Park Mexican, in Houston, TX in 1998.

112. How many band members are there?

From Quiz The Black Keys

Answer: Two

The band consist of Patrick Carney on drums, and Daniel Auerbach on guitar and vocals. The Black Keys duo was created by chance. Dan had booked recording time for him and his current band in Patrick's basement recording studio. When Dan's group didn't show, Patrick and Dan started jamming together and recorded their first demo.

113. How many members are in Blaqk Audio?

From Quiz Blaqk Audio

Answer: two

Blaqk Audio consists of only two male members.

114. "This isn't who I am," is in what Bayside song?

From Quiz Bayside

Answer: They Looked Like Strong Hands

Bayside put a cover of the song "A Long December" on their Japanese release. This song was originally performed by the Counting Crows.

115. Name the current members in the band?

From Quiz Behemoth

Answer: Nergal, Orion, and, Inferno

Baal was a member from '91 to '96, Desecrator from '91 to '92, Les '95 to '96, Orion '97 to '03, Novy '00 to '04 and Seth did one session for "Demigod" in '04.

116. The Blackwood Brothers originally were based in Mississippi, yet they moved to this city in Tennessee, which became their home.

From Quiz The Blackwood Brothers

Answer: Memphis

The Blackwood Brothers, made Memphis their home for most of their career.

117. Which country are The Be Good Tanyas from?

From Quiz The Be Good Tanyas

Answer: Canada

Trish Klein, Samantha Parton and Frazey Ford are all from Vancouver in Cananda. They met and discovered their joint love of music whilst working on a tree plantation.

118. From which song is the following line taken: "Got hitched just like a good boy should"?

From Quiz Bluetones Lyrics

Answer: Solomon Bites The Worm

The first single from their second album, "Return To The Last Chance Saloon". This song marked a move away from janglyness to riff based songs.

119. Coats and Campbell quickly teamed up with drummer Mike Ambs to form the band. The Burning Brides played their first concert in May of 1999, opening up for another big band at the time. What band was it?

From Quiz Burning Brides

Answer: Queens of the Stone Age

Queens of the Stone Age are also a rock/heavy metal band with hits like "Feel Good Hit of the Summer" and "In My Head". The Burning Brides are known as a band very similar to Queens of the Stone Age music.

120. When was the Big Bopper born?

From Quiz The Big Bopper

Answer: October 24th, 1930

May 13th, 1941 is Ritchie Valens' birthday and September 7th, 1936 is Buddy Holly's birthday.

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