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This list has a selection of what I think are some of my best quizzes, including those that were especially meaningful or rewarding to write. I hope you enjoy playing them as much as I enjoyed writing them. Have fun!

List created by player Lpez.

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  "Rush Hour" For Dummies great trivia quiz - 10 questions - 4 mins
Many of us have seen the hilarious movie "Rush Hour". If you watched this movie, you should be able to answer most of these questions correctly. Good luck!
Average, 10 Qns, Lpez, Jun 10 14
594 plays
  Heartbreak Hotel great trivia quiz - 10 questions - 7 mins
Hello, and welcome to the Heartbreak Hotel! Join me as I walk you through our ten floors of heartbreak, sadness, unhappiness and love, and be warned, our guests may break your heart... Anyway, enjoy your stay!
Easier, 10 Qns, Lpez, Aug 19 23
Aug 19 23
1597 plays
  Why I'm Not Worried About Ebola great trivia quiz - 10 questions - 4 mins
The 2014 Ebola outbreak scared the world, but in Mexico, we have other stuff to worry about, since we've had a few epidemics going on around here, and other scary illnesses and conditions. Can you figure them out? Good luck!
Easier, 10 Qns, Lpez, Jul 24 22
Jul 24 22
1312 plays
  Books for Crooks great trivia quiz - 10 questions - 5 mins
I assume authors don't write their books intended for criminals to read, or even worse, to copy. However, there have been several crimes related to literary works, which makes me think if these crooks thought those books were written for them. Good luck!
Easier, 10 Qns, Lpez, Jul 27 22
Jul 27 22
899 plays
  Five Reasons To Visit Paris Five Reasons To Visit Paris top quiz - 10 questions - 7 mins
As you land in the capital of France, your flight attendant gives you a brochure with five reasons to visit ten of Paris' most important places, and yes, you'll be going to all of them. Good luck!
Easier, 10 Qns, Lpez, Sep 24 18
Sep 24 18
3538 plays
  Hopeless Wanderer - 10 questions - 3 mins
Hey! Today I will play the role of a Hopeless Wanderer, who will wander through some famous and well-known events in history. Good luck!
Easier, 10 Qns, Lpez, May 09 15
Recommended for grades: 9,10,11
1112 plays
  Fighting for Peace - 10 questions - 5 mins
Since the creation of the State of Israel in 1948, it has sadly been involved in many wars and other military conflicts, all of which have shaped the history of the country. I hope that after all this fighting, peace can be reached. Good luck!
Average, 10 Qns, Lpez, Jun 04 14
631 plays
  For The Brokenhearted - 10 questions - 6 mins
Recently, I experienced my first love experience, which did not end well (a severe case of unrequited love). I was depressed for a long time, and to help me get over it, I created a special playlist. Here are some of the lyrics of those songs. Good luck!
Average, 10 Qns, Lpez, Jul 24 22
Jul 24 22
547 plays
  Pizza and Other Sizzling Words popular trivia quiz - 10 questions - 3 mins
There are so many words that contain "zz" in them. Do you want to find out about some? Good luck!
Very Easy, 10 Qns, Lpez, Mar 16 22
Recommended for grades: 4,5,6
Very Easy
Mar 16 22
2018 plays
  Everything Looks Bad if You Remember It - 10 questions - 7 mins
Ugh! Mexico is out of the World Cup... AGAIN! Mexicans are used to this, but it hurts, more and more each time, and we're getting tired of it, at least I am. Do you remember some of the eliminations of the Mexican national team? I do, and it looks bad...
Average, 10 Qns, Lpez, Dec 07 20
Dec 07 20
312 plays
  Issue my Challenge! great trivia quiz - 20 questions - 6 mins
So far, I've written 20 quizzes with titles from the Author Challenges list. When you hit the "Issue my Challenge!" button, you open a world of possibilities for many authors. If you want to know the titles I've chosen so far, play this quiz. Good luck!
Easier, 20 Qns, Lpez, Apr 26 23
Apr 26 23
2398 plays
  Please Give Me Editor's Choice, Please! - 10 questions - 8 mins
When I wrote my first 99 quizzes, I begged the editors for the coveted thumb. Oh, but they didn't care! In celebration of my 100th quiz, I dare you to figure out the titles of ten of my best quizzes. Good luck!
Easier, 10 Qns, Lpez, Jul 24 22
Jul 24 22
651 plays
  Issue my Challenge! - 2 - 10 questions - 5 mins
Some 100 quizzes ago, I took the 20 Author Challenges I had claimed and turned them into a quiz. Now that I'm approaching my 200th quiz and have 10 more challenge titles under my belt, I figured I'd do it again! I hope you enjoy the quiz and good luck!
Easier, 10 Qns, Lpez, Mar 10 21
Mar 10 21
385 plays
  Celebrating 200! - 10 questions - 5 mins
In celebration of my 200th (and first Common Bond) quiz on FunTrivia, I'm revisiting some of my favorite titles between my 100th and 199th quizzes, connecting them to something in the field of entertainment which I like very much. Good luck!
Easier, 10 Qns, Lpez, Nov 21 21
Nov 21 21
590 plays
  Hit Me With Your Best Shot - 10 questions - 7 mins
Football is a beautiful game most of the time, but sometimes it turns ugly when players start fighting with each other. This quiz is about some notorious fights and brawls in modern football history. Good luck!
Average, 10 Qns, Lpez, Apr 04 21
Apr 04 21
294 plays
  A Tribute to Bill - 10 questions - 4 mins
This quiz is dedicated to the memory of FunTrivia author and player lowtechmaster (Bill), a beloved friend and member of team Triviabiz.
Average, 10 Qns, Lpez, Aug 03 21
Aug 03 21
376 plays
  Nefesh Yehudi Homiyah Nefesh Yehudi Homiyah - 10 questions - 3 mins
This quiz is about the beautiful national anthem of Israel: "Hatikvah". Good luck!
Average, 10 Qns, Lpez, Dec 08 22
Dec 08 22
107 plays
  Issue my Challenge! - 3 popular trivia quiz - 10 questions - 3 mins
In anticipation of my 300th quiz, I am again revisiting my last ten Author Challenge quizzes and turning them into a new quiz. Thanks for playing and good luck!
Average, 10 Qns, Lpez, Feb 25 23
Feb 25 23
408 plays
  Celebrando 300 Quizzes - 10 questions - 3 mins
Happily, I've reached another milestone in the quiz writing world with this being my 300th quiz. To celebrate, here's a Spanish-themed quiz about some of those other quizzes. Thank you and good luck!
Average, 10 Qns, Lpez, Mar 04 23
Mar 04 23
167 plays

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