Quiz about Go to Town 1
Quiz about Go to Town 1

Go to Town 1 Trivia Quiz

Australia is synonymous with blue skies, beaches and long weekends. Match the Aussie towns in this great land with the synonymous words I give you. Be warned that the pronunciation may be different to the spelling. eg: Us + dad = Weipa (we + pa)

A matching quiz by leith90. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Match Quiz
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Dec 03 21
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Mobile instructions: Press on an answer on the right. Then, press on the gray box it matches on the left.
(a) Drag-and-drop from the right to the left, or (b) click on a right side answer box and then on a left side box to move it.
1. Ms Roberts small stream  
Alice Springs
2. Mild exclamation + yearn  
Gold Coast
3. Wonderland character leaps  
Tweed Heads
4. Precious metal shoreline  
5. Liberate + sleeveless cloak  
6. Busted a knoll  
Broken Hill
7. Fabric Noggins  
Port Arthur
8. Mr Laurel + Aussie swimmer Ian   
9. Lengthy stretch   
10. Fortified wine + Camelot king  
Julia Creek

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Ms Roberts small stream

Answer: Julia Creek

Ms Roberts (Julia) + a small stream (creek) = Julia Creek.

Julia Creek is a Queensland town on Overlander's way, between Townsville and Mount Isa. It was named after the niece of Donald McIntyre, the first white settler in the area.
2. Mild exclamation + yearn

Answer: Geelong

Mild exclamation (gee) + yearn (long) = Geelong.

Geelong is the second largest city in Victoria and is situated on Corio Bay, south-west of the capital Melbourne.
3. Wonderland character leaps

Answer: Alice Springs

Wonderland character (Alice) + leaps (springs) = Alice Springs.

Alice Springs (aka 'The Alice') in the Northern Territory is situated on the normally dry Todd River and is the closest town to Uluru. The original inhabitants of the Central Australia desert, the Arrerte, call it Mparntwe.
4. Precious metal shoreline

Answer: Gold Coast

Precious metal (gold) + shoreline (coast) = Gold Coast.

The Gold Coast is the region just north of the Queensland-New South Wales border and is famous for its sandy beaches and surf. If the beach isn't enough for you, it also has rainforests, theme parks and excellent shopping opportunities.
5. Liberate + sleeveless cloak

Answer: Fremantle

Liberate (free) + sleeveless cloak (mantle) = Fremantle.

Fremantle is a port city on the Swan River in Western Australia. Situated close to Perth, 'Freo' serves as the capital's major port. Fremantle was the first area in WA colonised in 1829 by the Swan River colonists.
6. Busted a knoll

Answer: Broken Hill

Busted (broken) + a knoll (hill) = Broken Hill

Situated in far west New South Wales and close to the South Australian border, is the town of Broken Hill. The town has several nick-names, one of which is 'The Silver City' due to the silver mining that the region was famous for. Since the mining boom there has broken, the town re-invented itself and is now the site of one of the largest solar power plants in the Southern Hemisphere.
7. Fabric Noggins

Answer: Tweed Heads

Fabric (tweed) + Noggins (Slang term for heads) = Tweed Heads

Tweed Heads is a town in NSW, located just across the Queensland border from its 'twin town' of Coolangatta. Coolangatta is part of Queensland's famous Gold Coast and since Tweed Heads is so close, its major industry is obviously tourism. New Years is very popular in the twin towns due to New South Wales having daylight saving time meaning people can celebrate the New Year in the Tweed and then an hour later, do it all again in Coolangatta. Is that time travel?
8. Mr Laurel + Aussie swimmer Ian

Answer: Stanthorpe

Mr Laurel (Stan) + Aussie swimmer Ian (Thorpe) = Stanthorpe

Stanthorpe is situated to the west of the Great Dividing Range in south-west Queensland, in the area known as the Granite Belt. This area is famous for its apples, wines and flowers. Two and a half hours drive from Brisbane the climate is more temperate than the coastal areas and they have even had the occasional snowfall there.
9. Lengthy stretch

Answer: Longreach

Lengthy (long) + stretch (reach) = Longreach

Located on the Tropic of Capricorn and approximately 700km inland from Rockhampton, Queensland, Longreach is situated on the 'long reach' of the Thomson River. Longreach was also one of Qantas's first outback centres and today is home to the Qantas Founders Outback Museum. The Stockman's Hall of Fame can also be found in Longreach.
10. Fortified wine + Camelot king

Answer: Port Arthur

Fortified wine (port) + Camelot king (Arthur) = Port Arthur.

Port Arthur is a small town in Tasmania just under 100 km south-east of Hobart. It first started as a timber port as the trees there are extremely tall and straight. Due to its remote location, in 1833 it became a penal colony for criminals who were repeat offenders. Now the site is a heritage museum with over 300,000 visitors annually.
Source: Author leith90

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