Quiz about Raisin of Destiny
Quiz about Raisin of Destiny

Raisin of Destiny Trivia Quiz

A recent recipe I made called for raisins soaked in rum. It made me wonder if raisins and which other fruits were used for making spirits Match these liqueurs with their appropriate fruit to find out.

A matching quiz by pollucci19. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
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Dec 03 21
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1. Midori  
2. Kruskovac  
3. Grand Marnier  
4. Aurum  
5. Creme de Cassis  
6. Manzana Verde  
7. Pisang Ambon  
8. Slivovitz  
9. Maraschino  
Green Apple
10. Passoa  

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Midori

Answer: Melon

This musk-melon flavoured liqueur is difficult to miss with its brilliant shade of green. It shouldn't surprise you then that its name is the Japanese word for the colour green. The drink was first launched by Suntory in 1978 at a party that was held for the cast and crew of the movie "Saturday Night Fever" and was made, exclusively, in Japan until 1987.

The drink is now produced in a number of countries around the world. A word of warning, whilst it has an alcohol percentage around the 20% mark, it is extremely sweet and drinking it straight is not ideal. Best to mix this one.
2. Kruskovac

Answer: Pear

This strikingly yellow liqueur is an old Croatian recipe that is generally lower in alcohol than most liqueurs. It is a sweet and used in cocktails or as a digestive. It is also known to be used to add a little extra to fruit salads. It is ideal if is kept it in the refrigerator and then savoured cold, pouring a little into a shot glass.
3. Grand Marnier

Answer: Orange

This French liqueur contains 40% alcohol, a Cognac based spirit blended with the essence of bitter oranges and balanced with sugar. Drunk neat or mixed, the orange flavoured version of this drink bears the full name of Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge, the latter words meaning "Red Ribbon".
4. Aurum

Answer: Tangerine

Aurum is an Italian liqueur that comes from the city of Pescara in the Abruzzo region of Italy. It is brandy based with a citrus infusion and has an alcohol content of 40%. Whilst it can be used to flavour ice-creams and cakes it is an ideal drink to serve with sweet food.
5. Creme de Cassis

Answer: Blackcurrant

Well we couldn't track down a decent brew made from the raisin that inspired this quiz so we're settling for second best, the blackcurrant. The blackcurrants are initially soaked in alcohol and then sugar is added to arrive at this sweet, dark red liqueur.

As the fruit will vary between regions a number of areas have taken to labelling their bottles to acknowledge the area in which the blackcurrants were grown to provide a guarantee of taste.
6. Manzana Verde

Answer: Green Apple

Manzana is the Spanish word for apple and verde translates to green. Originally made from the wild apples found in the Basque mountainsides, today apples such the Granny Smith are ustilised. Like its namesake, the green apple, it has a fresh and crisp taste and has an alcohol content that varies between 15-20%. Best used as a mixer for cocktails but also works well on ice.
7. Pisang Ambon

Answer: Banana

Marketed by the House of Lucas Bols, this is a Dutch liqueur. Now for the weird bit... it has a very distinct banana flavour, but it is bright green in colour. Yes, I know that bananas are picked green, but mention the word banana and your brain is likely to think yellow. Well, think again.

The drink originates from an old Indonesian recipe and the name "Ambon" is derived from a group of Indonesian islands and pisang in the Indonesian/Malay word for banana.
8. Slivovitz

Answer: Plum

Slivovitz is a Croatian brandy distilled from the blue plums of the Adriatic hinterland and is a double distilled brew that has been a staple of this region since the Middle Ages. Traditionally the fruit is taken from trees that are more than twenty years old, the mash is fermented for three months and, after its second distilling, it is matured in oak casks for a minimum period of two years.
9. Maraschino

Answer: Cherry

The unique aroma for this popular liqueur comes from the marasca cherries, the slightly sour fruit that comes from the Tapiwa cherry trees that have a propensity to grow wild along the Dalmatian coast. The drink was first produced on a large scale in the town of Zadar, which is now, the oldest continuously-inhabited Croatian city, by a merchant named Francesco Drioli, in 1759.

Despite the cherry origins, there is very little cherry taste in this smooth and well rounded spirit. It is more nutty on the tongue but it does have an aroma that lingers persistently.
10. Passoa

Answer: Passionfruit

Initially owned by the Remy Cointreau group, this French passionfruit flavoured liqueur was created in 1985. It is red in colour, comes in a distinctive black bottle and is one of the central ingredients in the cocktail Porn Star Martini. Launched on the worldwide market in 1994, it has proven to be extremely popular in Puerto Rico, the Netherlands and Belgium.
Source: Author pollucci19

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