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Quiz about Guess the Wright House
Quiz about Guess the Wright House

Guess the Wright House Trivia Quiz

I'll give you the name of the house designed by the extraordinary Frank Lloyd Wright and you choose its location correctly.

A matching quiz by VegemiteKid. Estimated time: 4 mins.
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4 mins
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Dec 03 21
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Mobile instructions: Press on an answer on the right. Then, press on the gray box it matches on the left.
(a) Drag-and-drop from the right to the left, or (b) click on a right side answer box and then on a left side box to move it.
1. Zimmerman House  
Chicago, Illinois
2. Westcott House  
Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania
3. Samara  
Springfield, Ohio
4. Kentuck Knob  
West Lafayette, Indiana
5. Samuel Freeman House  
Florence, Alabama
6. Lewis Spring House  
Manchester, New Hampshire
7. Rosenbaum House  
Los Angeles, California
8. F.G. Bogk House  
Tallahassee, Florida
9. Lindholm Oil Company Service Station  
Cloquet, Minnesota
10. Frederick C. Robie House  
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Zimmerman House

Answer: Manchester, New Hampshire

The only Wright home in New England opened to the public, the Zimmerman home was designed by Wright in the 1950s. It's smallish in size, designed for Dr. Isadore & Lucille Zimmerman who had no children. It is built with ingenious design techniques typical of Wright and is almost completely furnished with the original Wright-designed furniture.
2. Westcott House

Answer: Springfield, Ohio

Built in 1908, the Wescott House exemplifies Frank Lloyd Wright's innovative Prairie School design. Also concerned about the house's position in its environment, Wright's design opens the house to a lily pond, gardens, and other landscape aspects via a terrace. It was extensively renovated in the 1940s.
3. Samara

Answer: West Lafayette, Indiana

Also known as the John Christian House, this home was commissioned in 1950 by two Purdue University faculty members, and sits on a small hill near the Purdue stadium. The name 'Samara' was chosen by Wright and refers to the winged seeds of pines tree found on the property; the chevron shape of the seed is reflected in many design elements of the property.

The interior colour palette was managed by Wright's wife Olgivanna and Catherine Christian (one of the owners), while the furniture was commissioned and made to Wright's specifications.
4. Kentuck Knob

Answer: Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania

Commissioned by Isaac Newton Hagan and Bernardine Hagan, this amazing Usonian construction is a crescent-shaped house that nestles into the side of the hill, built of local sandstone and Tidewater red cypress. It is relatively small and has just one story; it is located near the breathtaking Youghiogheny River Gorge and Laurel Highlands.

It achieves Wright's goal of the "hill and house living together, each the happier for the other."
5. Samuel Freeman House

Answer: Los Angeles, California

Samuel and Harriet Freeman ran their 3-level Hollywood Hills house as an artistic and political salon until the mid-1980s, when they donated it to the University of Southern California's School of Architecture. It was built using Wright's textile block construction system, and consists of 12,000 cast concrete blocks, textured for both interior and exterior sides to create a unified scheme.
6. Lewis Spring House

Answer: Tallahassee, Florida

Lewis Spring House, an unusual pod hemicycle shaped house, is the only Frank Lloyd Wright constructed private residence in Florida. Unlike his usual angular creations, the Lewis Spring House, similar to the Guggenheim's design, employed curved walls of brick and wood both inside and out.

It was lived in by the Lewis family from its completion in 1959 until Mrs Lewis' death in 2014. The name came from the natural spring that flows from the property.
7. Rosenbaum House

Answer: Florence, Alabama

One of many FLW houses on the National Register of Historic Places, Peter Blake proclaimed that "during the 1930s Wright built four structures of a beauty unexcelled in America before or since." Rosenbaum was one of these. Its simple style, which removed the basement and attic, is innovative in that it uses underfloor heating and built in cupboards.

It is an L-shape, made from natural materials, cypress, brick and glass. The owners, the Rosenbaum family, were in occupation until 1999.
8. F.G. Bogk House

Answer: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Built in 1916, this substantial house shows Japanese influences, attributed to Wright's impending visit to Japan to build the Imperial Hotel. It has a formal, monolithic facade, an intricately patterned external frieze and the open plan living that was a trademark of Wright's style.

It has a four bedrooms and an upstairs sitting room. While not original to the house, the furniture is also of Wright's design.
9. Lindholm Oil Company Service Station

Answer: Cloquet, Minnesota

Wright had a vision of being able to grow whole communities incrementally, a bit like using building blocks, to add on elements as needed by the community. He developed a plan called the 'Broadacre City project', a series of structures to be built in a decentralisation model.

The Lindholm Gas Station was the first - and sadly, only - one to the realised. It incorporated a copper roof from which the pumps originally hung (later changed due to safety regulations) and a second-floor level observation lounge.
10. Frederick C. Robie House

Answer: Chicago, Illinois

Wright introduced his Prairie style house, proclaimed as the first uniquely American architectural style, in this domicile built for Frederick C. Robie and his wife, Lora. It is one of five wright properties in the Chicago area. It features spectacular ceiling-to-floor lead-light windows typical of the early 1900s.

The shaded ribbons of art-glass windows, connect the outside with the inside, and a cantilevered roof typical of Wright's buildings is in evidence.
Source: Author VegemiteKid

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