Quiz about A Nice Basin of Gruel
Quiz about A Nice Basin of Gruel

A Nice Basin of Gruel Trivia Quiz

This is a quick, short multiple-choice quiz on details pertaining to JA characters' quirks and personality traits. PS--please join Friends Group #116, the Jane Austen Lovers group (see homepage).

A multiple-choice quiz by robynraymer. Estimated time: 2 mins.
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2 mins
Multiple Choice
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Dec 03 21
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1. Mr. Woodhouse loves __________. Hint

wedding cake
brisk breezes
snowy landscapes

2. Mrs. Norris loves __________. Hint

being in charge
Mrs. Price
resting on the sofa

3. Miss Bates is a great __________. Hint


4. Isabella Thorpe is __________. Hint


5. Mr. Collins worships __________. Hint

Elizabeth Bennet
Lady Catherine de Bourgh
his wife and children
Sir William Lucas

6. Sir Walter Elliot loves __________. Hint

his two youngest daughters
his own appearance
Lady Russell
keeping track of his finances

7. Harriet Smith keeps __________. Hint

looking for her father
reading great works of literature
falling in love
bossing Emma around

8. Mrs. Jennings loves __________. Hint

Colonel Brandon

9. Willoughby loves __________. Hint

his wife and money
Marianne and money
Mrs. Jennings
Colonel Brandon's ward

10. Tom Bertram loves __________. Hint

Mary Crawford
his Aunt Norris
peace and quiet

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Mr. Woodhouse loves __________.

Answer: gruel

He's a sweet but kinda irritating invalid.
2. Mrs. Norris loves __________.

Answer: being in charge

Mrs. Norris is an officious _ _ _ _ _.
3. Miss Bates is a great __________.

Answer: talker

Emma hurts good Miss Bates' feelings during a picnic.
4. Isabella Thorpe is __________.

Answer: disloyal

She's a pretty, vulgar, two-faced mantrap.
5. Mr. Collins worships __________.

Answer: Lady Catherine de Bourgh

Mr. Collins may be JA's funniest character.
6. Sir Walter Elliot loves __________.

Answer: his own appearance

When Sir Walter isn't admiring his own looks, or Elizabeth's, he's lamenting how frightful everyone else is looking.
7. Harriet Smith keeps __________.

Answer: falling in love

She falls for Robert Martin, Mr. Elton, and Mr. Knightley. Finally she marries Mr. Martin, after all. Emma thinks Harriet's in love with Mr. Frank Churchill, but it's not so.
8. Mrs. Jennings loves __________.

Answer: gossip

Mrs. Jennings turns out to be very good-hearted even though she's kinda vulgar.
9. Willoughby loves __________.

Answer: Marianne and money

He loves Marianne, but not enough to risk poverty.
10. Tom Bertram loves __________.

Answer: society

Tom is always telling anecdotes about his many, many friends.
Source: Author robynraymer

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