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Quiz about From the Darcys to the Wentworths
Quiz about From the Darcys to the Wentworths

From the Darcys to the Wentworths Quiz

I give you the name of a JA character. You identify the person this character ends up marrying or the character he or she married before the book action begins. PS--please join Friends Group #116, the Jane Austen Lovers group (see homepage).

A multiple-choice quiz by robynraymer. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Multiple Choice
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Dec 03 21
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1. Elizabeth Bennet. Hint

Mr. Bingley
Mr. Gardiner
Mr. Collins
Mr. Darcy

2. Catherine Morland Hint

Mr. Jennings
Mr. Thorpe
Mr. Tilney
General Tilney

3. Mary Elliot Hint

Captain Wentworth
James Morland
Mr. Elliot
Charles Musgrove

4. Lucy Steele Hint

Edward Ferrars
Robert Ferrars
John Dashwood
Mr. Willoughby

5. Julia Bertram Hint

Mr. Yates
William Price
Henry Crawford
Mr. Rushworth

6. Marianne Dashwood Hint

Mr. Willoughby
Robert Ferrars
Edward Ferrars
Colonel Brandon

7. Louisa Musgrove Hint

Captain Harville
Admiral Croft
Captain Wentworth
Captain Benwick

8. Lydia Bennet Hint

Mr. Wickham
Mr. Darcy
Mr. Collins
Sir William Lucas

9. Harriet Smith Hint

Robert Martin
Frank Churchill
Mr. Knightley
Mr. Woodhouse

10. Henrietta Musgrove Hint

Captain Wentworth
Charles Hayter
Admiral Croft
Mr. Elliot

11. Isabella Thorpe Hint

none of these
James Morland
Captain Tilney
General Tilney

12. Mr. Collins Hint

Mary Bennet
Charlotte Lucas
Maria Lucas
Miss de Bourgh

13. Jane Fairfax Hint

Mr. Dixon
Frank Churchill
John Knightley
Mr. Perry

14. Sir Thomas Bertram Hint

Fanny Price
Miss Frances Ward
Miss Maria Ward
Mrs. Norris (nee Ward)

15. Charlotte Jennings Hint

Colonel Brandon
Edward Ferrars
Mr. Palmer
Robert Ferrars

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Elizabeth Bennet.

Answer: Mr. Darcy

Mr. Darcy's aunt is Lady Catherine de Bourgh. His sister's name is Georgiana. Mr. Bingley is his dear friend. Mr. Gardiner is Elizabeth's uncle. Mr. Collins is one of Elizabeth's suitors, but she turns him down flat since he's such a silly, pompous windbag.
2. Catherine Morland

Answer: Mr. Tilney

Witty Mr. Tilney likes to make fun of Catherine's candor and naivete, but it's clear that he finds these traits of hers very attractive.
3. Mary Elliot

Answer: Charles Musgrove

Mary Elliot is Anne's younger sister. Mary marries Charles Musgrove after Anne turn him down. Mr. Elliot courts Anne, but she prefers Captain Wentworth. James Morland is Catherine's brother in Northanger Abbey.
4. Lucy Steele

Answer: Robert Ferrars

Scheming Lucy drops Edward after snagging his snobbish brother, Robert. Edward is then free to marry Elinor. John Dashwood, E's half-brother is already married, and fortune hunter Willoughby jilts Marianne Dashwood for wealthy Miss Grey.
5. Julia Bertram

Answer: Mr. Yates

Julia is in love with Henry Crawford, but he falls in love with Fanny and then elopes with Maria Rushworth, Julia's married sister. William is Fanny's brother. Mr. Yates is Tom Bertram's theatrical friend. Julia elopes with him after Maria runs off with Henry Crawford.
6. Marianne Dashwood

Answer: Colonel Brandon

Marianne is in love with Willoughby, but he is a fortune hunter and marries a wealthy Miss Gray. Colonel Brandon finally wins Marianne after proving his devotion. Edward marries Elinor and Robert marries the vulgar but clever Lucy Steele.
7. Louisa Musgrove

Answer: Captain Benwick

Louisa (who hits her head partway through the book) seems to be in love with Captain Wentworth. However, during her illness she falls for Captain Benwick, who'd been in love with Captain Harville's late sister. Harville and Croft are happily married to other ladies.
8. Lydia Bennet

Answer: Mr. Wickham

Elizabeth's youngest sister elopes with Wickham and spends time living in sin with him before they are induced to marry. Collins marries Charlotte Lucas, Darcy marries Elizabeth, of course, and Sir William has long been married to Charlotte's mother, Lady Lucas.
9. Harriet Smith

Answer: Robert Martin

Harriet, after being in love with several men, goes back to her first love interest, farmer Martin. Mr. Knightley marries Emma. Frank Churchill marries Jane Fairfax, and Mr. Woodhouse is an old widower.
10. Henrietta Musgrove

Answer: Charles Hayter

Louisa's sister marries their cousin, Charles Hayter. Wentworth marries the heroine, Anne. Admiral Croft is happily married to Wentworth's sister. After courting Anne, widower Mr. Elliot runs off with Mrs. Clay.
11. Isabella Thorpe

Answer: none of these

Isabella is Catherine's 'friend' at Bath who becomes engaged to Catherine's brother James. Miss Thorpe drops James like a hot potato when she meets flirtatious Captain Tilney, but he, in turn, drops her. Isabella comes crawling back to James via a letter to Catherine, but it's too late! A widower, General Tilney is the intimidating, mercenary owner of Northanger Abbey.
12. Mr. Collins

Answer: Charlotte Lucas

Elizabeth's cousin first asks for her hand. When she turns him down, he quickly proposes to Elizabeth's friend Charlotte, who accepts the pompous cleryman. Maria is Charlotte's sister, and Miss de Bourgh is Lady Catherine's sickly daughter.
13. Jane Fairfax

Answer: Frank Churchill

Jane and Frank have a secret engagement. Mr. Dixon is married to the daughter of Jane's guardian. John Knightley married Isabella Woodhouse, and Mr. Perry is Mr. Woodhouse's trusted medical man--since there are 'little Perrys,' there must be a Mrs. Perry, too.
14. Sir Thomas Bertram

Answer: Miss Maria Ward

Lady Bertram is the former Miss Maria {Ward;} her daughter Maria was presumeably named for her. Frances Ward married Lieutenant {Price;} Fanny is their eldest daughter. Mrs. Norris was the eldest Miss Ward, and she married Reverend Norris. Of course, Fanny marries Sir Thomas' son Edmund.
15. Charlotte Jennings

Answer: Mr. Palmer

Silly chatterbox Charlotte married sardonic Mr. Palmer. Edward marries Elinor Dashwood, his brother Robert marries dreadful Lucy Steele, and Colonel Brandon marries Marianne Dashwood.
Source: Author robynraymer

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