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Quiz about RRs Northanger Abbey Quiz
Quiz about RRs Northanger Abbey Quiz

RR's 'Northanger Abbey' Quiz

This is an easy multiple-choice quiz concerning the characters in this entertaining JA book. PS--please join Friends Group #116, the Jane Austen Lovers group (see homepage).

A multiple-choice quiz by robynraymer. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Multiple Choice
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Dec 03 21
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8 / 10
Last 3 plays: Guest 71 (9/10), Guest 76 (6/10), Kat1982 (4/10).
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Question 1 of 10
1. Catherine Morland is __________. Hint

Question 2 of 10
2. James Morland falls in love with __________. Hint

Question 3 of 10
3. Isabella Thorpe is __________. Hint

Question 4 of 10
4. Mrs. Allen seems most concerned about __________. Hint

Question 5 of 10
5. Mr. Allen is __________. Hint

Question 6 of 10
6. Captain Tilney is __________. Hint

Question 7 of 10
7. Mr. Tilney is __________. Hint

Question 8 of 10
8. General Tilney is __________. Hint

Question 9 of 10
9. Eleanor Tilney ends up __________. Hint

Question 10 of 10
10. Mr. and Mrs. Morland __________. Hint

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Jun 17 2024 : Guest 71: 9/10
May 03 2024 : Guest 76: 6/10
May 01 2024 : Kat1982: 4/10
Apr 27 2024 : Guest 213: 9/10

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Catherine Morland is __________.

Answer: naive

Witty Mr. Tilney seems to like her naivete.
2. James Morland falls in love with __________.

Answer: Isabella Thorpe

Isabella is the sister of Morland's friend Mr. Thorpe. Eleanor Tilney is Mr. Tilney's sister. Elizabeth is in a whole different book. There is no Miss Allen though there are a Mr. and Mrs. Allen.
3. Isabella Thorpe is __________.

Answer: a fair-weather friend

Isabella drops James (and Catherine) when she thinks she's snagged Captain Tilney. As soon as he drops HER, she tries to slither back into the Morlands' good graces to no avail.
4. Mrs. Allen seems most concerned about __________.

Answer: her own clothing

Mrs. Allen seems pleasant but vain and empty-headed. She a bit like Lady Bertram in Mansfield Park.
5. Mr. Allen is __________.

Answer: more sensible than his wife

Luckily, Mr. Allen watches out for Catherine a bit better than Mrs. Allen does.
6. Captain Tilney is __________.

Answer: flirtatious and unprincipled

Captain Tilney flirts with Isabella, who breaks her engagement to James. Then Tilney drops Isabella (serves her right).
7. Mr. Tilney is __________.

Answer: witty and intelligent

Tilney teases Catherine for her naivete and candor, but he falls in love with her for those very qualities, it seems.
8. General Tilney is __________.

Answer: as close as you can get to an Austen villain

General Tilney encourages his son's friendship with Catherine until he finds out she's poor. Then he banishes poor Catherine with no notice.
9. Eleanor Tilney ends up __________.

Answer: marrying her true love, a Viscount

Eleanor has long been secretly in love. After her chosen man becomes a Viscount, the two marry.
10. Mr. and Mrs. Morland __________.

Answer: don't want Henry and Catherine to marry without his father's consent

The mild-mannered Morlands do hold out for 'the decent appearance of consent' from General Tilney. After it's given, they give their blessing to the marriage.
Source: Author robynraymer

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