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Quiz about 2001 Miami Hurricanes  Greatest Team Ever
Quiz about 2001 Miami Hurricanes  Greatest Team Ever

2001 Miami Hurricanes - Greatest Team Ever Quiz

The 2001 Miami Hurricanes went undefeated, 17 players were drafted in the first round of the NFL, and over 30 players went to the NFL. How well do you remember the '01 Canes and what position they played?

A matching quiz by GBfan. Estimated time: 4 mins.
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4 mins
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Jan 04 22
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1. Jonathan Vilma  
  Middle Linebacker
2. Mike Rumph  
  Tight End
3. Ed Reed  
  Running Back
4. Joaquin Gonzalez  
  Outside Linebacker
5. William Joseph  
  Free Safety
6. Andre Johnson  
  Left Tackle
7. D.J. Williams  
  Right Cornerback
8. Clinton Portis  
  Wide Receiver
9. Jeremy Shockey  
  Right Tackle
10. Bryant McKinnie  
  Defensive Tackle

Select each answer

1. Jonathan Vilma
2. Mike Rumph
3. Ed Reed
4. Joaquin Gonzalez
5. William Joseph
6. Andre Johnson
7. D.J. Williams
8. Clinton Portis
9. Jeremy Shockey
10. Bryant McKinnie

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Jonathan Vilma

Answer: Middle Linebacker

Jonathan Vilma was drafted by the NY Jets in 2004 with the #12 pick in the NFL draft. Vilma spent a number of years on the New Orleans Saints and became a broadcaster for ESPN upon retirement.
2. Mike Rumph

Answer: Right Cornerback

Mike Rumph was drafted by the SF 49ers in 2002 in the first round with the 27th pick in the NFL draft. One of his backups in 2001 was future NFL All-Pro, Antrel Rolle, who was drafted #8 in the 2005 draft. Mike Rumph returned to the University of Miami in 2021 as an Assistant Director of Recruiting.
3. Ed Reed

Answer: Free Safety

How deep was the 2001 Miami Hurricane roster? Ed Reed, a free safety, is in the Hall of Fame (elected in 2019), and his backup was Sean Taylor, arguably the greatest safety who ever played the game. It is unreal how deep their roster was in 2001. Ed Reed's pro career with the Baltimore Ravens let him play with fellow Hurricanes, Ray Lewis, Bryant McKinnie, and Willis McGhee.
4. Joaquin Gonzalez

Answer: Right Tackle

Joaquin Gonzalez, was a mainstay on the offensive line for Miami in 2001 but the NFL held back and didn't draft him until pick 227 in the 2002 draft (by the Cleveland Browns). He played for Cleveland and a short stint with the Indianapolis Colts before retiring.
5. William Joseph

Answer: Defensive Tackle

In 2003, William Joseph was selected by the NY Giants in the first round of the NFL draft with pick #25. One of the most prominent player of Haitian descent to make it to the NFL, Joseph was a key member of the Miami defense. His backup in 2001 was Vince Wolfork who went on to generate a Hall of Fame worthy NFL career with the New England Patriots.
6. Andre Johnson

Answer: Wide Receiver

Andre Johnson was a first round draft pick for the Houston Texans in 2003, at pick #3. After fourteen amazing years in the NFL, Andre's #80 uniform number is an all-time favorite with fans of the Texans.
7. D.J. Williams

Answer: Outside Linebacker

One of the highest recruits Miami snagged in the early 2000s, D.J. was selected #17 in the 2004 NFL Draft by the Denver Broncos. It was a remarkable recruiting pull to get D.J. to come to Miami and leave his California high school roots. D.J. finished his NFL career with the Chicago Bears.
8. Clinton Portis

Answer: Running Back

Clinton Portis put up amazing numbers in college e.g. rushing for 1,200 yards, and 10 touchdowns on 220 carries in season 2001; but was only selected in the second round of the 2002 NFL Draft (by Denver Broncos). His replacement in 2002 on the Hurricanes' roster, Willis McGhee broke every Miami rushing record and got invited to the Heisman Trophy ceremony in 2002.
9. Jeremy Shockey

Answer: Tight End

Jeremy Shockey, was part of that 2002 record first round NFL draft class going #14 in the draft (picked by the NY Giants). Robert Williams was the backup TE but dig a little deeper on the depth chart and you'll find future NFL stars, Kellen Winslow Jr and Kevin Everett, riding the pine on the '01 Miami roster.
10. Bryant McKinnie

Answer: Left Tackle

The 6'8" two time All-American left tackle was selected by the Baltimore Ravens in 2002 with the 7th pick in the draft. McKinnie was a perennial NFL All-Star after his days at Coral Gables. During his NFL career, Bryant played for Baltimore, Minnesota, and back to Miami to play for the Dolphins.
Source: Author GBfan

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