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Quiz about Teams That Won the Stanley Cup Then Folded
Quiz about Teams That Won the Stanley Cup Then Folded

Teams That Won the Stanley Cup Then Folded Quiz

Match the now-defunct team that won the Stanley Cup with the year that it occured. (Some defunct teams had the same name as a current team. Questions 1-5 list specific dates since the Stanley Cup could be contested more than once in a year.)

A matching quiz by bernie73. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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1. 1902 Stanley Cup (March 13-17, 1902)  
  Ottawa Senators
2. 1907 Stanley Cup (January 17-21)  
  Victoria Cougars
3. 1910 Stanley Cup (March 12, 1910)  
  Quebec Bull Dogs
4. 1912 Stanley Cup (March 11-13, 1912)  
  Toronto Blueshirts
5. 1914 Stanley Cup (March 14-19, 1914)  
  Kenora Thistles
6. 1915 Stanley Cup  
  Montreal Maroons
7. 1917 Stanley Cup  
  Montreal Hockey Club (CAHL)
8. 1925 Stanley Cup  
  Seattle Metropolitans
9. 1927 Stanley Cup  
  Vancouver Millionaires
10. 1935 Stanley Cup  
  Montreal Wanderers

Select each answer

1. 1902 Stanley Cup (March 13-17, 1902)
2. 1907 Stanley Cup (January 17-21)
3. 1910 Stanley Cup (March 12, 1910)
4. 1912 Stanley Cup (March 11-13, 1912)
5. 1914 Stanley Cup (March 14-19, 1914)
6. 1915 Stanley Cup
7. 1917 Stanley Cup
8. 1925 Stanley Cup
9. 1927 Stanley Cup
10. 1935 Stanley Cup

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. 1902 Stanley Cup (March 13-17, 1902)

Answer: Montreal Hockey Club (CAHL)

The Montreal Hockey Club was founded in 1884 as an amateur team. They would join the Amateur Canadian Hockey Association in 1886. Over time the team would win the Stankey Cup four times, including in 1902, by which time it was part of the Canadian Amateur Hockey League.

After a regular season of 4-3, Montreal defeated the Winnipeg Victorias of the Manitoba Hockey Association. Montreal stopped competing for the Stanley Cup after 1908, as it could not compete against professional teams. The team itself folded in 1932.

The team played its home games at the Victoria Skating Rink in Montreal, QE.
2. 1907 Stanley Cup (January 17-21)

Answer: Kenora Thistles

The team was founded as the Rat Portage Thistles in 1894 and joined the Manitoba and Northeest Hockey. Association the same year. They would join the Manitoba Hockey League in 1902 and Manitoba Hockey Association in 1904 (Manitoba Professional Hockey League by 1906) and change its name to the Kenora Thistles the next year.

The team would defeat the Montreal Wanderers of the Eastern Canada Amateur Hockey Association in the Stanley Cup Challenge Series after a 4-2-0 regular season. The Thistles withdrew from the MHA during the 1907-1908 season and played exhibition games for the remainder of the season before folding.

The team played its home games at Victoria Rink in Kenora, ON.
3. 1910 Stanley Cup (March 12, 1910)

Answer: Montreal Wanderers

The Montreal Wanderers were founded in 1903 and joined the Federal Amateur Hockey League that same year. For most of its history, the team played its home games at the Montreal Arena in Montreal, QE. Over the next decade, the team would win four Stanley Cups, the last in 1910.

The Wanderers would become a founding member of the National Hockey Association in 1909. After a regular season record of 11-1-0, the Wanderers defeated the Berlin (ON) Dutchmen of the Ontario Professional Hockey League .

The Wanderers would make the jump from the NHA to the NHL but would fold midway through the 1917-18 season when the Montreal Arena burned down. Since the Wanderers had a fan base in the English-speaking community if Montreal, when the Montreal Maroons (a separate franchise) were founded, there was an attempt for them to gain the same fan base.
4. 1912 Stanley Cup (March 11-13, 1912)

Answer: Quebec Bull Dogs

The Quebec Hockey Club was founded in 1878 as an independent amateur team, later becoming the Bulldogs. The team was part of various amateur and professional leagues before joining the NHA in 1910. After a regular season record of 10-8-0, the team defeated the Moncton (NB) Victorias of the Maritime Professional Hockey League to win the Stanley Cup.

The Bulldogs later won a second Stanley Cup Challenge Series in 1913. After 1917, the Bulldogs suspended operations, resuming them in 1919 to spend one year in the NHL in Quebec.

They then moved to Hamilton, ON, to play as the Tigers, before folding in 1925. Over the years, the team played home games at the Quebec Skating Rink and Quebec Arena, both in Quebec City, QE.
5. 1914 Stanley Cup (March 14-19, 1914)

Answer: Toronto Blueshirts

The Toronto Blueshirts (also known as the Torontos) were founded as part of the NHA in 1911 and played in that league from 1912 to 1917. The team won the Stanley Cup in 1914 after a 13-7-0 regular season record. (The Staney Cup Finals were played against the Victoria Aristocrats, later the Vougars, of the Pacific Coast Hockey Association.) The other NHA teams would found the NHL in 1917 due to fatigue in dealing with Toronto owner Eddie Livingstone.

The other NHA teams move to the NHL, leaving the Blueshirts in a one-team league.

The Toronto Arena Company would lease the players from the Blueshirts, a move that would lead to the modern Toronto Maple Leafs. The Blueshirts and the Maple Leafs are considered separate franchises, however. The Blueshirts played their home games in Arena Gardens, in Toronto, ON.
6. 1915 Stanley Cup

Answer: Vancouver Millionaires

The Vancouver Millionaires began play in the Pacific Coast Hockey Association. The team played its home games at Denman Arena in Vancouver, BC. The winning of the Stanley Cup in 1915 came after a 13-4-0 regular season. In 1922 the team would change its name to the Vancouver Maroons.

The Maroons moved to the Western Canada Hockey League in 1924 (Western Hockey League in 1925) before folding in 1926. Frank Patrick was a member of the Millionaires in 1915 along with being the coach and owner of the team.
7. 1917 Stanley Cup

Answer: Seattle Metropolitans

The Seattle Metropolitans were the first US team to win the Stanley Cup. The team spent its entire nine year existence as part of the Pacific Coast Hockey Association (PCHA). Their home games were played at the Seattle Ice Arena in Seattle, WA. In the 1916-17 regular season, the team had a record of 16-8-0.

The Metropolitans were also part of the 1919 Stanley Cup Finals against the Montreal Canadiens that ended inconclusively because of the Influenza Epidemic. When the PCHA folded in 1924, the Metropolitans did likewise with several players joining the Victoria Cougars in their move to the Western Canada Hockey League.
8. 1925 Stanley Cup

Answer: Victoria Cougars

In 1925, the Victoria Cougars became the last team to win the Stanley Cup while not being part of the NHL. (The next year they were the last non-NHL team to appear in the Stanley Cup Finals.) Founded in 1911 as the Victoria Senators, the team was initially part of the PCHA. During its existence, the team had more than one name change (including playin in Spokane, WA, as the Canaries in the 1916-17 season). By 1922, the team was the Victoria Cougars and 1924 it moved to the WCHL (WHL in 1925). For 1924-25, the team had a regular season record of 16-12-0.

The Cougars played their home games in the nearby suburb of Oak Bay, BC. When the WHA disbanded in 1926, many of the Cougars players would become part of the new NHL franchise, the Detroit Cougars (they became the Red Wings in 1932).
9. 1927 Stanley Cup

Answer: Ottawa Senators

In 1927, the Ottawa Senators won their 11th and final Stanley Cup. During the 1926-27 regular season, the team had a record of 30-10-4. The team began play as the Ottawa Hockey Club as an independent team in 1883. Over the years, the team would change names several times, including the Generals and Silver Seven, before becoming the Senators in 1908.

At the time of the 1927 Cup, the team played its home games at the Ottawa Auditorium of Ottawa, ON. Beginning as an amateur team, the team later turned professional, and later joined the NHL in 1917. Due to financial losses and its place in a smaller market, the Senators spent their final season, 1934-35, in St. Louis, MO, as the Eagles.

At that point, continuing problems forced the team to return its franchise to the NHL and its players to be dispersed. The modern-day Ottawa Senators were founded in 1992.
10. 1935 Stanley Cup

Answer: Montreal Maroons

The Montreal Maroons were the last team to win a Stanley Cup and then fold. Founded in 1924, the Maroons would play in the NHL from then until 1938. Though uspending play at that point, the team would not formally fold until 1947. In addition to winning the Stanley Cup in 1935, the Maroons had also won in 1926.

The 1926 Cup came after a 20-11-5 regular season (1925-26) and the 1935 cup after a 24-19-5 season (1934-35). The Maroons were distinct from the Montreal Canadiens, who they played against for 14 seasons.

The Maroons played their home games in the Montreal Forum, located in Montreal, QE.
Source: Author bernie73

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