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Quiz about Detective Shows That Lost Their Vowels
Quiz about Detective Shows That Lost Their Vowels

Detective Shows That Lost Their Vowels Quiz

Here are ten detective dramas from the past. If I give you the consonants can you be a sleuth and figure out what vowels will fit in to make the title of one of these old television shows. While programs from many decades are featured, all are American.

A multiple-choice quiz by dcpddc478. Estimated time: 4 mins.
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4 mins
Multiple Choice
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Dec 03 21
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2. KJK

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8. MM VC

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts

Answer: Mannix

Actor Mike Connors is probably best remembered for his portrayal as private detective Joe Mannix. The show "Mannix" took place in Los Angeles and ran for eight seasons(1967-1975). The program was occasionally criticized for the violence portrayed. Joe Mannix is shown in fist fights in almost every episode and is occasionally shot.
2. KJK

Answer: Kojak

Telly Savalas portrayed NYPD detective Theo Kojak in the crime drama "Kojak", which ran from 1973-1978. This character's trademarks were his bald head and his habit of sucking on lollipop. He was a tough and tenacious character who always got his man. Heard in almost every episode was his trademark line "Who loves ya, baby?"

Answer: Barnaby Jones

Running from 1973-1980, "Barnaby Jones" was a popular television detective series which featured long-time star Buddy Ebsen in the lead role. The premise of the show was that the lead character was a retired private investigator who was working with his widowed daughter-in-law to figure out who killed her husband, his son. Buddy Ebsen's character was not your typical private detective.

He was a silver-haired senior citizen, who did not drink, smoke, or use profanity.

Answer: Rockford Files

"The Rockford Files" first aired in 1974 and featured actor James Garner as a rough and tumble private detective. Garner's character is a convicted ex-con who is pardoned after serving five years in San Quentin Prison for a crime he did not commit. The character lives in a small trailer which he uses for his office, has an answering machine for a secretary, and is known for wearing cheap plaid suits.

He is portrayed as tackling cases that no one else will take on.

Answer: Peter Gunn

"Peter Gunn" was a popular detective program that ran from 1958-1961. The city in which the program is set is never identified. The lead character, Peter Gunn, is portrayed by actor Craig Stevens, and is reminiscent of an American version of James Bond. The jazzy musical opening for the program won Henry Mancini an Emmy Award and two Grammy awards.

Answer: Ironside

A groundbreaking program, "Ironside" (1967-1975) was one of the first to feature a lead character that was disabled. Portrayed by the great Canadian actor Raymond Burr, Robert Ironside was an ex-detective for the San Francisco Police Department who was shot and paralyzed in the line of duty.

After his injury he became a consultant to the agency and continued his detective work, albeit in a different manner. The character was an example of how to be strong and how to overcome what life throws at you.

Answer: Honey West

Airing from 1965-1966, "Honey West" was one of the first private detective programs to feature a female lead character. Featuring the glamorous Anne Francis as private detective Honey West, the character was a mixture of many unusual characteristics. West was a martial arts expert, had a pet ocelot, and an assortment of weapons/gadgets that would put "Batman" to shame.
8. MM VC

Answer: Miami Vice

The hugely popular television program "Miami Vice" focused on two Metro-Dade County Police detectives who worked undercover details in the city of Miami, Florida. This program made the most of the beautiful surroundings in which it was filmed and featured two handsome, dapper characters in the lead roles. One of the most modern of the programs in this quiz, it brought to life the problem of illegal drugs and the criminal activity that can be traced to them.

Answer: Dragnet

Jack Webb played the lead character Joe Friday in the classic detective drama "Dragnet". He created and produced it as well. He went to many different police training classes and rode along with officers, in an attempt to make this cutting edge show as realistic as possible.

Originally a radio program, the program ran on television between 1951-1959. Many consider this program to be the most influential crime drama ever. The show managed to bring the menial and boring part of the job to life. The program succeeded in showing that this job is not as glamorous as many earlier programs showed it to be. Just a tidbit of trivia, many people associate the phrase "Just the facts ma'am" with this program, when in fact, this phrase was never said.

Answer: The Untouchables

From 1959-1963, one of the most popular crime/detective dramas was "The Untouchables" starring actor Robert Stack. This program was based on the non-fiction novel of the same name by Agent Eliot Ness. It focused on the activities on the Prohibition Agents who fought crime in the 1930s Chicago area.

This program focused on the detectives employed by the U.S. Dept. of the Treasury and whose aim was to bring down organized crime such as the Mafia.
Source: Author dcpddc478

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