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Quiz about Doctor Who Catchphrases
Quiz about Doctor Who Catchphrases

Doctor Who Catchphrases Trivia Quiz

Some characters throughout the long history of "Doctor Who" had words or phrases that they were known for. Can you match the character to their catchphrase?

A matching quiz by AcrylicInk. Estimated time: 4 mins.
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4 mins
Match Quiz
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Dec 03 21
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8 / 10
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1. Geronimo!  
  Ninth Doctor
2. Fantastic!  
  Amy Pond
3. Spoilers!  
  Tenth Doctor
4. Would you like a jelly baby?  
  Eleventh Doctor
5. Exterminate!  
  Third Doctor
6. Raggedy man.  
  River Song
7. Oi! Watch it, spaceman!  
8. Oh, Grandfather!  
  Donna Noble
9. Allons-y!  
  Susan Foreman
10. Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow.  
  Fourth Doctor

Select each answer

1. Geronimo!
2. Fantastic!
3. Spoilers!
4. Would you like a jelly baby?
5. Exterminate!
6. Raggedy man.
7. Oi! Watch it, spaceman!
8. Oh, Grandfather!
9. Allons-y!
10. Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow.

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Geronimo!

Answer: Eleventh Doctor

The Tenth Doctor (played by David Tennant) regenerated into the Eleventh (played by Matt Smith) in "The End of Time". After checking over his body parts, he remembered that the TARDIS was crashing. As his ship hurtled towards Earth, he shouted "Geronimo!" It became a catchphrase for Matt Smith's Doctor and was used in other episodes, like "The Eleventh Hour" and "The Beast Below".
2. Fantastic!

Answer: Ninth Doctor

Christopher Eccleston portrayed the Ninth Doctor. One of the most memorable times he used this catchphrase was just before he regenerated into the Tenth Doctor (played by David Tennant) in "The Parting of the Ways". He told Rose that she had been " absolutely fantastic", following it up with, "And do you know what? So was I." He also used the word "fantastic" in numerous other episodes, like "The End of Time" and "Father's Day".
3. Spoilers!

Answer: River Song

The relationship between the Doctor and River Song was complicated. They were both time travellers, but always seem to meet in the wrong order. As the Doctor got older, River got younger and knew less and less about his past. She kept a diary to keep track of what they had experienced together, and what they both knew about each other every time they met. Due to the risks of time travel, River would often answer the Doctor's questions with "Spoilers!" She didn't want to tell him too much about the future, but as time went on for the Doctor, he had to keep River's future a secret instead.
4. Would you like a jelly baby?

Answer: Fourth Doctor

The Fourth Doctor was offering people jelly babies left, right, and centre. He kept them in a little paper bag in his pocket. Sometimes it was a distraction, sometimes it was to break tension. It didn't always work - sometimes the jelly babies were purposely knocked out of his hand! The sweets also made brief appearances in the hands - or pockets - of most of the other Doctor's incarnations, but Tom Baker's Fourth Doctor is still remembered for the candy.
5. Exterminate!

Answer: Dalek

The Doctor's life-long enemy first appeared in the show's second storyline, "The Daleks". They were an alien race inspired by the Nazis who wanted to conquer the universe and annihilate everyone else. The first time they uttered the word "Exterminate" was in one of those episodes.

It soon became a catchphrase and I doubt there's one Dalek episode in the show's long history that doesn't feature that word.
6. Raggedy man.

Answer: Amy Pond

The Eleventh Doctor, played by Matt Smith, crash-landed in Amelia Pond's garden in "The Eleventh Hour". He climbed out of the TARDIS, soaking wet (the swimming pool had flooded the library) and wearing a torn suit. From then on, the young Amelia told people about the 'Raggedy Man' who appeared in her garden one night.

When the Doctor reappeared over a decade later, the nickname stuck. When he regenerated in "The Time of the Doctor", it was one of the last things she ever said to him.
7. Oi! Watch it, spaceman!

Answer: Donna Noble

Given that it only appeared in one episode ("Journey's End"), calling it a catchphrase is probably stretching the definition, but it was such an iconic line that beautifully summed up Donna Noble's attitude. Right from her first episode ("The Runaway Bride"), she was often heard saying "Oi!" when she was annoyed. Taxi won't stop for you? "Oi!" A giant wasp about to attack you? "Oi!" Someone grabs you to stop you falling into a deadly shadow? "Oi!"
8. Oh, Grandfather!

Answer: Susan Foreman

When he arrived on Earth in 1963, the Doctor was accompanied by his granddaughter. Using the name Susan Foreman, she briefly attended a secondary school in London before the Doctor essentially kidnapped two of her teachers and flew away to the Stone Age.

She was frequently terrified of her experiences travelling through time and space, and barely an episode went by when she didn't scream for the First Doctor, played by William Hartnell.
9. Allons-y!

Answer: Tenth Doctor

First heard in "Army of Ghosts", the Tenth Doctor (played by David Tennant) decided that he enjoyed saying the phrase, which means "Let's go" in French. He hoped to meet someone called Alonso so that he could say, "Allons-y Alonso!" His wish was granted over a year later in "Voyage of the Damned" when he met a man called Alonso onboard a spaceship version of the Titanic.
10. Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow.

Answer: Third Doctor

Sometimes it was shortened to "reverse the polarity", but this catchphrase began with Jon Pertwee's Third Doctor in "The Sea Devils". It was later used by other Doctors, including the Fourth, Fifth and Tenth Doctors. Although it was used as technobabble to solve problems in the storylines, the phrase is scientifically plausible in theory. According to "Physics Today", neutrons can be affected by a magnetic field.
Source: Author AcrylicInk

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