Quiz about The Names Not The Same
Quiz about The Names Not The Same

The Name's Not The Same Trivia Quiz

The title of some TV show pilots or early episodes get changed during their runs or when they went into syndication. Match the original series title or pilot to what became the subsequent title.

A matching quiz by debodun. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Match Quiz
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Dec 03 21
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1. The Toast of the Town  
The Danny Thomas Show
2. Valerie  
Leave It to Beaver
3. Head of the Family  
The Dick Van Dyke Show
4. Teenage Wasteland  
The Big Bang Theory
5. Life and Stuff  
6. Make Room for Daddy  
7. The Gale Storm Show  
Oh, Susanna
8. It's a Small World  
The Ed Sullivan Show
9. These Friends of Mine  
The Hogan Family
10. Lenny, Penny and Kenny  
That 70s Show

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. The Toast of the Town

Answer: The Ed Sullivan Show

A very early variety show, "Toast of the Town" debuted in 1948 and ran until 1971, always airing on Sunday evenings. In 1955 it was re-titled "The Ed Sullivan Show". Established entertainers were featured, but it was also a springboard for newly discovered talent. Very popular in America, it wasn't without controversy as Sullivan was very controlling about the show's content.

Some performers were even banned after appearing because they wouldn't submit to having their acts censored. Sullivan's stiff mannerisms and vocal peculiarities were often lampooned by celebrity impersonators. Sullivan passed away in 1974 at age 73.
2. Valerie

Answer: The Hogan Family

After appearing as a major character in "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" Valerie Harper starred in her own sit-com as a struggling mom, Valerie Hogan. Valerie's husband was often absent due to his job as an airline pilot, leaving her to deal with twins and a teenage son.

In a contract dispute, Harper left the show after the second season and Sandy Duncan stepped in to take the lead as Aunt Sandy and so the title was changed to "The Hogan Family", dropping all references to Valerie. This show ran from 1986 to 91.
3. Head of the Family

Answer: The Dick Van Dyke Show

TV pilot "Head of the Family" starred Carl Reiner as a TV comedy writer. After the initial airing, the whole cast was scrapped and re-cast with Dick Van Dyke playing the lead character, Rob Petrie. At that time, Van Dyke was appearing in the hit Broadway musical "Bye Bye Birdie" and was reluctant to leave that for a chancy part in a TV show. Fortunately for the entertainment world, he did and his eponymous show was a big hit running for five seasons (1961 - 66). Reiner still had a hand in it, being the executive producer, occasional writer and director, and appearing from time to time as Rob's boss and TV star, Alan Brady and assorted other oddball characters.
4. Teenage Wasteland

Answer: That 70s Show

A period sit-com focusing in the lives of six teenagers living in suburban Wisconsin. It started with the working title of "Teenage Wasteland" after a song lyric by The Who. Pete Townsend refused to grant the rights to use the phrase, so the program was re-titled "That 70s Show" to directly reference the time period in which the show was set. Running for eight seasons (1998- 2006), it started to lose momentum when major cast members started to leave to pursue other career interests; Topher Grace, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher being the most notable.
5. Life and Stuff

Answer: Roseanne

"Roseanne" was a family centered sitcom running for ten seasons, the first being from 1988 - 97 and then returning for a season in 2018. The series revolved around on the blue collar Conner family and its matriarch, Roseanne, her husband Dan (John Goodman) and three children.

The series pilot, however, was entitled "Life and Stuff", but changed when it went into full production to emphasize the popular comedienne's role.
6. Make Room for Daddy

Answer: The Danny Thomas Show

"Make Room for Daddy" was a vehicle for Danny Thomas who played Danny Williams, a nightclub entertainer. One of the ubiquitous family sitcoms of the 1950's, this series ran from 1957 - 64. After season three, the show's name was changed to the eponymous title until the end of its run. Cast changes were also made mainly in regard to the Williams family. Thomas's show was loosely based on his own life, being a nightclub singer and comedian.
7. The Gale Storm Show

Answer: Oh, Susanna

Gale Storm was an actress and singer who had previously starred with Charles Farrell in the popular sitcom "My Little Margie". In her eponymous show, she portrayed Susanna Pomeroy, who worked as cruise director on a luxury ocean liner where she encountered humorous people and situations.

The series ran from 1956 - 60. Hal Roach eventually sold the rights and was aired under the title of "Oh, Susanna" in syndication.
8. It's a Small World

Answer: Leave It to Beaver

In 1957, "Studio 57" aired an episode named "It's a Small World" which was a family sit-com centered on the Cleaver family. When the network picked it up for a series, only actors Jerry Mathers (Theodore Cleaver) and Barbara Billingsley (June Cleaver) were retained. Casey Adams was replaced by Hugh Beaumont to play father Ward Cleaver and Tony Dow took over the role of brother Wally Cleaver from Paul Sullivan. "LITB" ran for six seasons from 1957 - 63.
9. These Friends of Mine

Answer: Ellen

The sit-com "Ellen", starring Ellen DeGeneres, ran for it first season with the title "These Friends of Mine". In order not to be confused with another highly popular sit-com "Friends", the title was changed. "Ellen" ran for five seasons from 1994 - 98.

Some of the episodes were controversial, especially the infamous "The Puppy Episode" where the title character (i.e. Ellen) revealed that she was gay.
10. Lenny, Penny and Kenny

Answer: The Big Bang Theory

The pilot for "The Big Bang Theory" was actually entitled "Lenny, Penny and Kenny" because of the lead characters names. When the series went into it's actual run, the names of some characters were changed, making the original title irrelevant. Otherwise the plot revolves around two young physicists who are brilliant, but also socially awkward.

In addition, several famous scientists also appeared on the show including Neil deGrasse Tyson and Stephen Hawking among others. "TBBT" lasted an amazing twelve seasons from 2007 - 19 and is widely aired in syndication.
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