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Quiz about Whats My Line
Quiz about Whats My Line

What's My Line? Trivia Quiz

See if you can match these unforgettable lines with the show that made them famous. Have Fun!

A multiple-choice quiz by Larocque533. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Multiple Choice
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Dec 03 21
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11 / 15
Last 3 plays: Guest 70 (10/15), Guest 173 (11/15), kaperz (11/15).
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Question 1 of 15
1. 'Stifle Dingbat' Hint

Question 2 of 15
2. 'Sit On It' Hint

Question 3 of 15
3. 'Dynomite!' Hint

Question 4 of 15
4. 'Up Your nose With A Rubber Hose' Hint

Question 5 of 15
5. 'What'chu Talkin' About Willis?' Hint

Question 6 of 15
6. 'Did I Do That?' Hint

Question 7 of 15
7. 'The Plane, The Plane' Hint

Question 8 of 15
8. 'Homey Don't Play That' Hint

Question 9 of 15
9. 'You Go Boy' Hint

Question 10 of 15
10. 'Aw Suky Suky Now' Hint

Question 11 of 15
11. 'Hey Weezie' Hint

Question 12 of 15
12. 'Get Away From Me Meathead' Hint

Question 13 of 15
13. 'Goodnight JohnBoy' Hint

Question 14 of 15
14. 'Hey Boo Boo' Hint

Question 15 of 15
15. 'Whatzup!' Hint

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. 'Stifle Dingbat'

Answer: All In The family

Poor Edith, whenever she opened her mouth to voice her opinion, Archie would tell her to 'stifle' which meant to be quiet. Dingbat was his nickname for her.
2. 'Sit On It'

Answer: Happy Days

Fonzie was famous for this line. He was just so Coool!
3. 'Dynomite!'

Answer: Good Times

JJ would use this expression in almost every episode. He would clap his hand together and with a big grin on his face, he would say Dynomite!
4. 'Up Your nose With A Rubber Hose'

Answer: Welcome Back Kotter

John Travolta (aka. Vinnie Barbarino) made his character very popular with this famous line. Remember the sweathogs?
5. 'What'chu Talkin' About Willis?'

Answer: Different Strokes

This line made Gary Coleman a legend. He and co-star Todd Bridges played two brothers from Harlem who's mother passed away. Mr. Drummond who was their mothers employer promised that he would take care of the children. He adopted them. Gary Coleman's character as Arnold made the show a success.
6. 'Did I Do That?'

Answer: Family Matters

Steve Urkel was such a klutz. Everytime he caused an accident, his reply would be 'Did I Do That?'
7. 'The Plane, The Plane'

Answer: Fantasy Island

At the beginning of every episode, Tattoo would point at the incoming plane that was bringing guests to the island and shout out this famous line.
8. 'Homey Don't Play That'

Answer: In Living Color

Remember Homey The Clown played by Damon Wayans? Homey was famous for bopping people over the head with a foam baseball bat while saying 'homey don't play that'.
9. 'You Go Boy'

Answer: Martin

Gina's famous words to her honey, Martin.
10. 'Aw Suky Suky Now'

Answer: Living Single

Kim Fields character 'Regine' used this line. Remember her as Tootie on 'Facts Of Life'? Well Tootie traded in her rollerskates for a collection of wigs. Regine was known for sportin wigs on the show.
11. 'Hey Weezie'

Answer: The Jeffersons

This was George's nickname for his wife Louise.
12. 'Get Away From Me Meathead'

Answer: All In The Family

Archie Bunker had nicknames for everybody including son-in-law Michael, whom he called 'Meathead'.
13. 'Goodnight JohnBoy'

Answer: The Waltons

Every episode would end with this famous line. Not one of my personal favorites.
14. 'Hey Boo Boo'

Answer: Yogi Bear

This one is just for fun.
15. 'Whatzup!'

Answer: Martin

Martin had a radio show and he would open his segments with this line.
Source: Author Larocque533

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