Quiz about Dutch Phrases
Quiz about Dutch Phrases

Dutch Phrases Trivia Quiz

The aim of this quiz is to test your knowledge of some simple Dutch phrases. Select the correct translation into English.

A multiple-choice quiz by emilyviewer. Estimated time: 2 mins.
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2 mins
Multiple Choice
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Jun 09 22
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1. Dank u Hint

Dunk you
You're welcome
Thank you

2. Niet roken Hint

It is broken
She is rowing
No parking
No smoking

3. Hoe gaat het? Hint

What is your name?
What time is it?
How is your goat?
How are you?

4. Ik versta het niet Hint

I saw a new hat
I speak Dutch
I don't like hats
I don't understand

5. Daar houd ik niet van Hint

I don't understand
I don't like beer
I don't like it
I love my hound

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Dank u

Answer: Thank you

You can also say: Dank u zeer, dank u wel.
2. Niet roken

Answer: No smoking

'Roken' means: to smoke.
3. Hoe gaat het?

Answer: How are you?

'Gaan' literally means 'to go'.
4. Ik versta het niet

Answer: I don't understand

'Verstaan' means: to understand or to hear. In Belgium this expression means: I can't understand it, while in the Netherlands the more clear expression for 'I don't understand it' is: 'ik begrijp het niet'.
5. Daar houd ik niet van

Answer: I don't like it

'Houden van' means: to like, to love.
Source: Author emilyviewer

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