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Trivia Questions and Answers
photo of Denmark

90 Denmark Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Denmark? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Denmark (Geography). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 The mainland of Denmark is situated on a peninsula, which is called Jutland in English. What do the Danes themselves call it?
Answer: Jylland

Jutland is surrounded by the North Sea to the west and the Baltic Sea to the east, with straits called the Skagerrak and Kattegat to the north and north-east. This area was the site of the only major sea battle in the first World War, called the Battle of Jutland. The battle took place on 31 May 1916, between the British Grand Fleet and German High Seas Fleet, with both sides suferring severe losses. The outcome was inconclusive, and both sides claimed victory.

Sjælland is the Danish name for Zealand, the largest of the Danish islands. Eljinge is an uninhabited island and Jegindø is another island.
    Your options: [ Jegindø ] [ Sjælland ] [ Jylland ] [ Ejlinge ]
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2 Across the street from the Central Station there is a famous amusement park, what is it called?
Answer: Tivoli

The park opened on the 15th of August 1843 and 16000 people visited Tivoli on the first day.
  From Quiz: A Walking Tour of Copenhagen
3 What is the capital of Denmark?
Answer: Copenhagen

Copenhagen is also the biggest city in Denmark, with 1.2 million citizens in 2007. It is located on the biggest Island, Zeeland.
Oslo is the capital of Norway, Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, and Helsinki the capital of Finland.
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4 Who is the fictional 'Prince of Denmark'?
Answer: Hamlet

Most of Shakespeare's "Hamlet" is set in the castle of Elsinore. The castle has been restored.
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5 Which city has the fifth biggest area in Denmark?
Answer: Randers

Randers is situated just north of Aarhus and it is known for its brewery Thor.
    Your options: [ Aalborg ] [ Odense ] [ Randers ] [ Aarhus ]
  From Quiz: Cities of Denmark
6 What is the name of the peninsula that makes up the biggest part of Denmark?
Answer: Jutland
  From Quiz: Geography of Denmark
7 The Faroe Islands are located in which body of water?
Answer: Atlantic Ocean

They are specifically in the North Atlantic Ocean, lying between Iceland and the Shetland Islands of the British Isles, which are part of Scotland. Their name can also be spelled as Faeroe Islands while in Faroese they are called Føroyar and in Danish Færøerne.

They consist of seventeen inhabited islands of volcanic rock covered by peat with other islets and numerous fjords.
    Your options: [ Barents Sea ] [ North Sea ] [ Atlantic Ocean ] [ Arctic Ocean ]
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8 What company was NOT founded in Denmark?
Answer: Ikea

Lego make plastic bricks, Carlsberg is a brewery and B&O, or Bang og Olufsen, make radios and TVs. Ikea is Swedish.
  From Quiz: Do You Know Denmark?
9 This port on Jutland's west coast is an important industrial centre.
Answer: Esbjerg

Esbjerg, the fifth largest city in Denmark, is an major port on the North Sea. It is important both for access to the North Sea oil wells and for its fishing and other industries.
    Your options: [ Alb org ] [ Esbjerg ] [ Arhus ] [ Ebeltoft ]
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10 Which city is Denmark's northernmost city?
Answer: Skagen

Skagen is one of Denmark's biggest tourist cities. Mainly Swedish and Norwegian people visit Skagen.
    Your options: [ Hanstholm ] [ Frederikshavn ] [ Skagen ] [ Hirtshals ]
  From Quiz: Cities of Denmark
11 Denmark shares a frontier with which European country?
Answer: Germany

Southern Jutland has app. 60 miles of frontier with Germany.
    Your options: [ Holland ] [ Germany ] [ Sweden ] [ Norway ]
  From Quiz: Geography of Denmark
12 The oldest city in Denmark is Ribe. Where would you find Ribe?
Answer: Southwest Jutland

Ribe is over 1100 years old and it is home to Scandinavia's oldest high school: Ribe Kathedral School. Students still attend this school, which is over 1000 years old.
  From Quiz: Danish Geography
13 Which castle has the Queen's crown jewels?
Answer: Rosenborg

The Renaissance castle was commissioned by King Christian the IV.
    Your options: [ Kronborg ] [ Rosenborg ] [ Frederiksborg ] [ Fredensborg ]
  From Quiz: A Walking Tour of Copenhagen
14 What was the disaster in Seest?
Answer: A firework factory exploded

The N.P. Johnsens fireworks exploded in November 2004, and many houses in the area were blown to pieces. One fireman lost his life in the flames.
  From Quiz: Do You Know Denmark?
15 Of what Christian denomination are the majority of Danes?
Answer: Lutheran

97% of the population are, at least nominally, Lutheran.
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16 Which city is Denmark's southernmost city?
Answer: Gedser

Many people thinks that Padborg is the southernmost city in Denmark, but it is actually Gedser.
    Your options: [ Padborg ] [ Rudkøbing ] [ Gedser ] [ Esbjerg ]
  From Quiz: Cities of Denmark
17 What is the capital of Denmark?
Answer: Copenhagen

Copenhagen is on the east coast of the island of Sjaeland. It is a major port.
  From Quiz: Geography of Denmark
18 Denmark has a land border with Germany, but is also joined to Sweden by the Øresund Bridge. At which Swedish city does it terminate?
Answer: Malmö

Construction of the bridge commenced in 1995, finished in 1999 with the official opening on 1 July 2000. It connects Copenhagen to Malmö and carries a four lane road and two railway tracks. Tolls are charged for its use and the costs of building are expected to be recovered by 2035. Ownership is jointly held between Denmark and Sweden.

Malmö, Gothenburg and Helsinborg are all situated in the south west corner of Sweden, with Stockholm (the capital) being on the eastern side of the country.
    Your options: [ Helsinborg ] [ Gothenburg ] [ Malmö ] [ Stockholm ]
  From Quiz: Destination Denmark
19 Who uses Christiansborg Slot castle?
Answer: Politicians

The original Christiansborg Castle was used by Bishop Absalon, the man who founded Copenhagen, as a fortress. It had to be rebuilt several times due to fire damages.
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20 What is the name of the first son of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary?
Answer: Prince Christian

He was born October 15 2005, in Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen. His full name is Prins Christian Valdemar Henrik John af Danmark.
  From Quiz: Do You Know Denmark?
21 What body of water lies to the north of the Jutland peninsula?
Answer: Skagerrak

The Skagerrak, which lies between Denmark and Sweden, is a strait which joins the North Sea and the Kattegat.
  From Quiz: 9 for 10 - Denmark
22 The capital is situated on which piece of land?
Answer: Zealand
    Your options: [ Funen ] [ Zealand ] [ Samsoe ] [ Bornholm ]
  From Quiz: Geography of Denmark
23 Although classed as part of Denmark, the Faroe Islands do have a flag of their own, adopted in 1940. It features a Nordic cross on a field of which colour?
Answer: White

Most of the Scandinavian countries and dependencies have a Nordic cross on their flags, Greenland being an exception with a red and white circle set on a background of red and white halves. Denmark's flag has a red field with a white cross offset to the left, which is the distinguishing feature of the Nordic cross.

The flag of the Faroe Islands has a red cross edged in blue on its white field and is known as the Merkið, which translates as the sign or mark.
    Your options: [ Yellow ] [ Red ] [ White ] [ Blue ]
  From Quiz: Lost in the Faroe Islands
24 Billund is the head office of which Danish company?
Answer: Lego

Billund is dominated by the Lego factory, where they make those little plastic bricks which hurt so much when trodden on with bare feet. The company was founded by Ole Kirk Christiansen, who was a carpenter making wooden toys in the 1930s. He expanded into using plastic in 1940. The company name comes from 'leg godt', which means 'play well' in Danish. Billund is also the site of the first 'Legoland', which opened in 1968, and features attractions built from Lego bricks. Other 'Legolands' have been opened in England, California and Germany, with others planned for Malaysia, Dubai and Florida.

Calsberg's head office is in Copenhagen and Bang and Olufsen's in Struer. Velux is situated in Hørsholm, north of Copenhagen.
    Your options: [ Velux ] [ Carlsberg ] [ Lego ] [ Bang and Olufsen ]
  From Quiz: Destination Denmark
25 What is Nyhavn (New Haven/New Harbour) famous for?
Answer: Colorful houses and restaurants

It is actually a man-made canal built by soldiers between 1671 and 1673 so ships could access Kongens Nytorv.
  From Quiz: A Walking Tour of Copenhagen
26 Who is Anders Fogh Rasmussen?
Answer: Former Prime Minister

Anders fogh Rasmussen was elected in 2001, and again in 2005.
  From Quiz: Do You Know Denmark?
27 Who was the Queen Consort of Denmark from 1935 until 1998?
Answer: Ingrid

Queen Ingrid was the wife of King Frederick IX of Denmark. She was a Swedish princess before her marriage. Her daughter, Queen Margrethe, became Queen Margrethe II on the death of King Frederick in 1972.
  From Quiz: 9 for 10 - Denmark
28 What is the capital of Fyn?
Answer: Odense

Odense is the city where the great Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen was born.
  From Quiz: Cities of Denmark
29 Hamlet's castle is situated in which Danish city?
Answer: Elsinore

Kronborg 'crown castle' is overlooking the sound that separates Denmark and Sweden.
    Your options: [ Odense ] [ Elsinore ] [ Aarhus ] [ Aalborg ]
  From Quiz: Geography of Denmark
30 One of the major attractions in Copenhagen is the Tivoli Gardens. The original name when they opened included another name, based on an area of London. What was it?
Answer: Vauxhall

The gardens were opened in 1843 and were the brainchild of Georg Carstensen. The original name was the Tivoli and Vauxhall, after pleasure gardens in Paris and London. The gardens were originally situated outside the city, which has expanded over the years to surround them. Attractions include a lake, musical events, a roller coaster and other rides, and an aquarium. It is Denmark's most popular tourist attraction, and is believed to have inspired Walt Disney to build Disneyland.
  From Quiz: Destination Denmark
31 Where does the mother of the Danish queen come from?
Answer: Sweden

Queen Margrethe is half Danish and half Swedish. Her mother Queen Ingrid was a Swedish princess, until she married crown prince Frederik of Denmark back in 1935. They had three daughters Margrethe, Benedikte and Anne-Marie. Margrethe later became the queen of Denmark, Benedikte married a man named Richard and Anne-Marie married the Greek King Konstatin and resigned herself from being an heir to the Danish throne.
  From Quiz: Danish Geography
32 What is the name of the castle where the Royal Family lives?
Answer: Amalienborg Slot

Everyday at noon people flock to the castle to see the changing of the guards.
  From Quiz: A Walking Tour of Copenhagen
33 What body of water lies to the west of Denmark?
Answer: North Sea

The North Sea lies between Denmark and the UK.
  From Quiz: 9 for 10 - Denmark
34 What is the capital of Jutland?
Answer: Aarhus

Aarhus is Denmark's second biggest city. It is well known for "The Old City" and for their brewery Ceres and also for their soccer team AGF.
  From Quiz: Cities of Denmark
35 Hans Christian Andersen was born on this island?
Answer: Funen

Hans Christian Andersen was born in 1805 in Odense the biggest city on Funen.
  From Quiz: Geography of Denmark
36 The island of Møn is well known for its cliffs, which are made from which substance?
Answer: Chalk

The island is connected by bridges to Zealand and Falster, and the cliffs on its eastern side are one of its major attractions. They are known as the Møn Klint - the White Cliffs of Møn - and are around 130 metres high (about 450 feet). In a flat country like Denmark, this is exceptional. There are steps down to the beach - about 500 of them. Apart from the chalk cliffs, Møn is also known for its burial chambers, with one at Grønsalen being dated back to 3500 BC, and its churches.
    Your options: [ Limestone ] [ Granite ] [ Chalk ] [ Sandstone ]
  From Quiz: Destination Denmark
37 The crown prince of Denmark married Australian Mary Elizabeth Donaldson in 2004. They had two children. First a son, Prince Christian, then later they had a girl. What is her name?
Answer: Princess Isabella

The Danish line of kings goes like this: Christian, Frederik, Christian, Frederik, Christian, Frederik and so on. As crown prince Frederik will be king one day and his firstborn son will get the throne after him, he had to name his firstborn son Christian. But when his second-born was a girl, they could choose which ever name they wanted. Crown prince Frederik's younger brother, Prince Joachim, married Chinese Alexandra Christina Manley in 1995. They had two sons, in 1999 and 2002. As Prince Joachim is the next one to get the throne, they could also choose what ever names they wanted for their children as long as they had the names Frederik or Christian in them. So they were named Prince Nikolai William Alexander Frederik and Prince Felix Henrik Valdemar Christian.
  From Quiz: Danish Geography
38 From the palace square we can see a big church which turns out to be Frederiks Kirken (The Frederik's Church). It is also known as ________ ?
Answer: The Marble Church

The dome is 46 meters across and was inspired by the St Peter's Church in Rome, Italy.
    Your options: [ The Dome Church ] [ The Marble Church ] [ Our Saviour's Church ] [ Our Lady's Church ]
  From Quiz: A Walking Tour of Copenhagen
39 The Faroe Islands are also a part of Denmark, what is the capital?
Answer: Tórshavn

Torshavn means Thor's Habour. Thor was one of the Nordic gods.
  From Quiz: Do You Know Denmark?
40 What Danish territory is the world's largest island?
Answer: Greenland

Greenland, which lies off the northeast coast of Canada, was discovered by Eric the Red in the 10th century. It is now self-governing in its internal affairs.
  From Quiz: 9 for 10 - Denmark
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