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Trivia Questions and Answers
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80 Hong Kong Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Hong Kong? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Hong Kong (Geography). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
1 In the Chinese language, what does Hong Kong literally mean?
Answer: Fragrant Harbor

Heûng góng in the Cantonese language is translated as "fragrant harbour". Hong Kong's deep-water harbor continues to be one of the busiest in the world with almost 250,000 ships visiting the harbor each year.
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2 What year was Hong Kong handed back to China?
Answer: 1997

The last piece of Hong Kong to fall under the control of the British was the New Territories. This was purchased in 1898 on a 99 year lease which meant that it would revert back to Chinese ownership in 1997. At the meeting between the British and the Chinese in 1984, it was agreed that Kowloon and Hong Kong Island would be included in the handover.
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3 Which daily is marketed as 'China's Business Newspaper'?
Answer: The Standard

'The Standard' is an English language business newspaper which is published by Sing Tao Media Holdings Ltd. It provides a comprehensive view of local and world business issues as well as general and sports news. During the internet bubble it was temporarily named 'iMail'.
The South China Morning Post was founded in 1903 and apart from the years of Second World War Japanese occupation, has published continuously. It is the most popular English language newspaper with a circulation of 120,000 and a website subscription of 450,000.
Ming Pao is a Chinese language newspaper founded in 1959 by the famous Chinese martial novelist Jinyong. It provides comprehensive reports on political and economic issues in both mainland China and Hong Kong.
Apple Daily is a Chinese language newspaper founded by Jimmy Lai in 1995. It is the second best selling newspaper in Hong Kong, which although a broadsheet the style is regarded as tabloid, employing sensational headlines.
    Your options: [ South China Morning Post ] [ Apple Daily ] [ Ming Pao ] [ The Standard ]
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4 What is the name of the company that operates the cross-harbour passenger ferries?
Answer: Star

The earliest report of a ferry service appeared in a local newspaper dated 28 December 1888: "Steam launch 'Morning Star' runs daily as a ferry boat between Pedders Wharf and Tsim Sha Tsui at the following hours (a 40 minutes to one hour service during all hours of the day). There will be no launch on Monday and Friday, on account of coaling." The ferry service was originally founded by a prominent Parsee, Dorabjee Nowrojee, under the name of the Kowloon Ferry Company. Some reports say it was about ten years later, upon acquiring the total assets from Nowrojee, that the Star Ferry Company as we know it today came into existence. Despite the lack of detailed documentation, it would seem appropriate that the new company took its name from the vessels it acquired, which all bore the name "Star". Some of the original names like "Morning Star" and "Night Star" have indeed remained to the present day. (Information taken from
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5 The area previously referred to as "Victoria" is now defined mainly by which district?
Answer: Central

"Central" is the financial district and what used to be called Victoria, the capital of the previous British Colony.
"Wanchai" was the red light district on Hong Kong Island but is now a more upmarket nightlife area, although the girlie bars still exist.
"Causeway Bay" is a major shopping and restaurant district.
"Admiralty" was where many of the Colonial Government buildings were although now it is mostly a commercial district.
    Your options: [ Causeway Bay ] [ Admiralty ] [ Central ] [ Wanchai ]
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6 What language is the dominant spoken tongue in Hong Kong?
Answer: Cantonese

Cantonese is a tonal language first developed in the Canton region of Southern China. It is one of the most difficult languages in the world to learn and continues to be used as the primary mode of instruction in most Hong Kong schools.
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7 A new airport was built in 1998. Where was it built?
Answer: Chep Lap Kok

Since Kai Tak airport was operating at capacity, it was decided to create a new airport on the outskirts of Hong Kong. The island of Chep Lap Kok was chosen and levelled. After the last flight on the 5th July 1998, there was a massive logistical move to the new airport, which opened the following morning on schedule.
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8 What is the name of the property developer who owns and manages most of the commercial property in Central district?
Answer: Hongkong Land

Hongkong Land's portfolio is in Central and includes: The Landmark, Chater House, Jardine House, The Prince's Building, Exchange Square One and Two, Exchange Square Three, Edinburgh Tower, Gloucester Tower, Alexandra House, 1063 Kings Road and The Hong Kong Club Building.
Cheung Kong Holdings is the flagship of the Cheung Kong Group which is a Hong Kong based multi-national conglomerate headed by tycoon, Li Ka Shing. The Group includes such companies as Hutchison Wampoa and Hong Kong Electric. In 2005 Cheong Kong listed around 60 major Hong Kong property developments on their website.
Hysan are the largest commercial landlord in Causeway Bay and own: Lee Gardens, Lee Gardens II, Lee Theatre Plaza, Leighton Centre, Hennessey Centre, AIA Plaza, Sunning Plaza, Sunning Court, One Hysan Avenue, 111 Leighton Road, Bamboo Grove and Entertainment Building.
Swire are spread over Kowloon Tong, Admiralty and Quarry Bay; their major developments are: Pacific Place, Festival Walk and City Plaza.
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9 Where is the Noon Gun situated?
Answer: Causeway Bay

The story goes that in the 19th century a Jardine opium boat was greeted with a 21 gun salute as it entered the harbour and that since then, it has become a tradition for a gun to be fired at noon to commemorate that event. It has fired almost every day since 1860. The gun, a Hotchkiss 3 pounder, was immortalised in Noel Coward's song, "Mad Dogs And Englishmen".
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10 Hash House Harriers are groups who run following a pre-laid trail of chalk or flour. There are Hashes all over the World but the pastime is particularly popular in SE Asia where it originated in the 1930's. How many Hashes are there in Hong Kong?
Answer: 12

They are: T8 Hash (only runs during a strength 8 or above typhoon, reputedly 'the most dangerous Hash in the World'), Ladies Hash (women only), Kowloon Hash (men only), Wanchai Hash (largest in Hong Kong with many Filipina domestic assistants as members), Sek Kong Hash (originally British military), Hong Kong Hash (men only and 35 years old in 2005), Free China Hash, Little Sai Wan Hash (infamous for there very long runs), Royal South Side Hash (men only), Hash House Horrors (children's Hash), Hong Kong Blood Run (more of a bar crawl) and Northern New Territories. There is also a Santa Hash but this only meets once a year for a Christmas charity run.
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11 At the beginning of 2005, what was the tallest building in Hong Kong?
Answer: Two International Finance Centre

Two International Finance Centre was completed in 2003 and consists of 88 storeys. It is the tallest building in Hong Kong and the sixth tallest in the World at 415m (1,362ft).
Central Plaza was completed in 1992 with 78 storeys rising to 374m (1,227ft).
Bank of China was completed in 1989 with 72 storeys rising to 369m (1,209ft).
The Center was completed in 1998 with 73 storeys rising to 346m (1,135ft).
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12 According to the 2010 Census, approximately what is the population of Hong Kong?
Answer: 7 Million

Hong Kong's population is a little over seven million with a low birth-rate of 11.7 per 1,000 people (2010 estimates). Amost 50,000 immigrants from China successfully make application every year to live in Hong Kong. Hong Kong also retains an expected life expectancy of almost 80 years, one of the highest in the world.
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13 Hong Kong is a crazy mix of western and Chinese cultures. You hear about a famous temple surrounded by dense high rises. It is mainly dedicated to a taoist deity of healing. What is the name of this deity and the MTR station you need to reach?
Answer: Wong Tai Sin (The immortal Wong)

Hong Kong is busy and over-developed, but it's not difficult to slip back in time by visiting the many temples dotted all over the city, and listen to chants of devotion and the plaintive rattling of divination instruments.

Tin Hau is also a deity, but is the goddess of the sea who protects fishermen and sailors.
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14 Margaret Thatcher signed an agreement in 1984, handing Hong Kong back to China. Who signed for the Chinese side?
Answer: Zhao Ziyang

The agreement was signed by Margaret Thatcher and her Chinese counterpart, Zhao Ziyang although the most senior Chinese official present was Deng Xiaoping. Deng expressed a wish to visit Hong Kong after the handover but he died, aged 92, in February 1997, just months before the handover on 1st July 1997.
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15 What is the well-known night club on the top floor of the Excelsior Hotel?
Answer: Talk Of The Town

Talk of the Town Asian Grill and Bar And Café (or TOTS as it is better known) is a well-established night spot and is very popular on Friday and Saturday nights. It has great views across the harbour, lively atmosphere and good live music.
  From Quiz: Hong Kong I
16 Where is the Hong Kong Jockey Club's headquarters and original race course?
Answer: Happy Valley

Happy Valley is the site of the original horse racing course in Hong Kong. Also located in Happy Valley are the Hong Kong Stadium (venue of the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens), the Hong Kong Football Club, the Craigengower Cricket Club and the Hong Kong Cemetery, which still has grave stones from the earliest British colonial days. Happy Valley was a mosquito-infested marsh land in pre-colonial times but is now a thriving residential and recreational area on Hong Kong Island.
The Jockey Club also has a newer race course at Sha Tin in the New Territories. In 2005 it proudly boasted the world's largest outdoor video screen.
  From Quiz: Hong Kong III
17 Who is the famous tailor in Burlington Arcade who is reputed to have made clothes for celebrities such as Pavarotti, Margaret Thatcher, George Bush, Prince Charles and Michael Jackson?
Answer: Sam

Sam's Tailor has been around since the '70s and is practically an institution in Hong Kong. Hanging on the walls are photographs of all their famous customers taken in the shop along side Sam, the owner. Sam's send suits, shirts, dresses and military uniforms all over the World. Presumably the Pavarotti contract was a lucrative one.
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18 Where is the 'midnight' market situated?
Answer: Temple Street

The Temple Street market opens around 6pm and closes after midnight 7 days a week. It sells anything from clothes to electronic goods to tourist trinkets to copy rolexes.
Stanley Market is in the area of Stanley Main Street.
The Causeway Bay Ladies Market is on Jardine's Crescent.
The Mong Kok Ladies Market is on Tung Choi Street.
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19 Every year in late March, an international sporting festival is held in Hong Kong that involves athletes and visitors from all over the world. What is sport?
Answer: Rugby Sevens

Founded in 1976 and hosted by the Hong Kong Rugby Football Union, this sports extravaganza is viewed as the world's premier international rugby sevens event. Over 20 international teams contest for the "cup," "plate," "bowl," or "shield" trophies. In 2011, the overall winning team was from New Zealand.
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20 How about some modern culture. Which station would you get off to reach the Hong Kong Arts Centre? (If you prefer lower culture, this area also has night clubs and seedier establishments.)
Answer: Wan Chai

Wan Chai station is also where you would get off for the Convention and Exhibition Centre, Academy for Performing Arts, and, yes, if you want to paint the town very red at night.
    Your options: [ Central ] [ Tsim Sha Tsui ] [ Wan Chai ] [ Diamond Hill ]
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21 A clock tower stands in Tsim Sha Tsui. What is it a remnant of?
Answer: The original railway station

In the early days, the only way to get to Hong Kong Island, was to catch the train to the Star Ferry and then use the ferry to get to the island. Now as there are roads and underground trains to the island, the train station has been moved to a new location at Hung Hom, but the clock tower has been preserved as part of the original station.
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22 What does the name 'Kowloon' mean in English?
Answer: Nine Dragons

The Cantonese sounding of the peninsula's name is Gow Lung, meaning 'Nine Dragons'. Tradition says the name was given by Emperor Ping, a Sung Dynasty boy emperor who fled to Hong Kong in the 11th century. He counted eight mountains in the area and decided to name it 'Eight Dragons', as it was believed that every mountain is inhabited by a dragon. However, as emperors were also believed to be dragons, the place was re-named 'Nine Dragons', Ping being the ninth.
  From Quiz: Hong Kong I
23 What sits outside the entrance of the headquarters building of the Hong Kong And Shanghai Banking Corporation?
Answer: Lions

The HSBC headquarters, designed by Sir Norman Foster, is situated at one end of Statue Square in Central. At the time of construction (1985) it was the most expensive building in the World at HK$5.2 billion. It is an unusual modular design (supposedly portable) and can be seen printed on the back of certain HSBC bank notes.
A pair of lion statues is outside the entranceway; these bring good fortune through Feng Shui.
Filipina maids do sit in the covered area of the building's ground floor podium on their Sunday off work. This is the only day the maids have as holiday and many of them congregate there to gossip, picnic and meet friends.
  From Quiz: Hong Kong III
24 How many administrative districts are there in Hong Kong?
Answer: 18

They are: Central and Western, Eastern, Islands, Kowloon City, Kwai Tsing, Kwun Tong, North, Sai Kung, Sham Shui Po, Sha Tin, Southern, Tai Po, Tsuen Wan, Tuen Mun, Wan Chai, Wong Tai Sin, Yau Tsim Mong and Yuen Long.
  From Quiz: Hong Kong II
25 In which famous hotel found on Salisbury Road can you stand at the top floor gentlemen's toilet urinals, whilst looking over Kowloon?
Answer: The Peninsula

This is a famous tourist attraction in Felix restaurant on the top floor of the hotel. The saying goes, "You can literally pee over Kowloon."
    Your options: [ The Grand Hyatt ] [ The Mandarin Oriental ] [ The Peninsula ] [ The Shangri-La ]
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26 Education is taken very seriously in Hong Kong at all grade levels. In higher education, based upon the 2011 rankings of "Career and Education Network QS," how many of Asia's top five universities were located in Hong Kong?
Answer: 3

In 2011, here were a total of nine public universities and a number of other private institutions of higher learning. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology was ranked #1 in Asia, University of Hong Kong was #2, and Chinese University was #5 in the 2011 Asian rankings.
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27 A more upmarket night life in Hong Kong can be found in this area, where you can also shop for some Gucci trinkets at the Landmark, or visit the Stock Exchange.
Answer: Central

Central was historically known as Victoria, the seat of the British colonial government and the earliest western settlement in 1841. It is the central business district of Hong Kong, and one of the most cosmopolitan areas in this city of mainly Chinese population - in other words, a "gwailo" (foreigner) enclave.
    Your options: [ North Point ] [ Prince Edward ] [ Central ] [ Diamond Hill ]
  From Quiz: Off-beat Hong Kong Tour by MTR
28 The symbol of the Hong Kong Tourist Association is a Chinese junk.What is it called?
Answer: The Duk Ling

You can see the red Duk Ling on shop windows as a symbol which tells shoppers that this is a recommended place to shop.
  From Quiz: Hong Kong Adventure
29 When was the Standard Chartered Bank established in Hong Kong?
Answer: 1859

The date is printed on the front of their HK$20 bank note. Standard Chartered is named after two banks which merged in 1969. They were originally known as the Standard Bank of British South Africa and the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China. The Chartered Bank was founded in 1853 following the grant of a Royal Charter from Queen Victoria. The founder was a Scot, James Wilson, who made his fortune in London making hats. In 1862 the Standard Bank was founded by another Scot, John Paterson. The Chartered Bank opened its first branches in 1858 in Calcutta and Mumbai. A branch also opened in Shanghai that year beginning an unbroken presence in China. In 1859 the Chartered Bank opened a branch in Hong Kong and in 1862 was authorised to issue bank notes. Standard Chartered is still one of three banks which prints Hong Kong bank notes.
Information taken from
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30 Where is the Old Clock Tower?
Answer: Tsim Sha Tsui

The Old Clock Tower is opposite the Star Ferry terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui on the Kowloon Peninsula. The 44 metre tower was built in 1915 and is all that is left of the Kowloon Canton Railway southern terminus.
  From Quiz: Hong Kong III
31 On which floor in Times Square is Fortress World?
Answer: eight

Fortress are a chain of electrical goods shops which can be found almost anywhere in Hong Kong. They stock all the most recent electronic gadgets at reasonable prices. Fortress World also stock household appliances. The 8th floor of Times Square in Causeway Bay specialises in electrical goods.
  From Quiz: Hong Kong II
32 What was the name of the first Chief Executive of Hong Kong?
Answer: Tung Chee Hwa

Although not wanted in the public opinion polls carried out in Hong Kong prior to the handover, he was feted by the Chinese hierarchy. Since there was no democracy yet in Hong Kong, the choice of the first Chief Executive lay in the votes of 400 Hong Kong citizens chosen by the Chinese Government. It was a one horse race as was the choice of his successor.Tung was Chief Executive from 1st July 1997 to 12th March 2005.
  From Quiz: Hong Kong Adventure
33 Where would you find the street of antiques stalls commonly known as 'Cat Street Market'?
Answer: Upper Laskar Row

Upper Laskar Row is a tiny street just south of Hollywood Road opposite the Man Mo temple. There are some genuine antiques, but much of the merchandise is made for the tourist market. Almost every stallholder has dozens of thousand year old swords for sale. One can only imagine that these litter the ground in China...or else there is a factory somewhere churning them out by the thousands. Also for sale are lots of Chairman Mao memorabilia and copies of his 'Little Red Book'.
Hollywood Road is lined with up-market, expensive antique shops, which are unaffordable for most but great fun for window shopping.
Ap Lei Chau near Aberdeen is home to Horizon Plaza, a multi-storey warehouse full of antique outlets. Genuine antiques, particularly furniture, as well as reproductions and good bargains are to be had.
Pottinger Street is the very steep-stepped street in Soho running from Queens Road up to Midlevels. It is lined with market stalls selling fancy dress costumes, tools and haberdashery. Also located here is 'The Chippy', probably the last authentic British fish and chip shop in Hong Kong.
  From Quiz: Hong Kong I
34 To where would you take a tram to visit 'Ripley's Believe It Or Not'?
Answer: The Peak

The Peak is the highest point on Hong Kong Island where you can get wonderful views of Central and Kowloon. Originally The Peak was exclusively for expatriate residents' homes, however, now it is open to anyone although few but the wealthiest can afford to live there. At one time the only public transport to the top was by rickshaw until the Peak Tram (a funicular railway) opened in 1888. Madame Tussaud's is also on The Peak.
Robert Ripley was an American who had a passion for travel. Born in 1890, he had visited over 200 countries before 1940 and had travelled extensively in China. He collected unusual artifacts on his travels and displayed these in his 'Odditoriums'. He opened the first of these at the 1933 Chicago World's Fair where he attracted over 2 million visitors. By 2005 there were 24 "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" museums in 8 countries and an associated TV show.
  From Quiz: Hong Kong III
35 There are hundreds of Taoist temples in Hong Kong, some of which are dedicated to a sea deity. Who is this goddess of sailors?
Answer: Tin Hau

The Tin Hau festival is celebrated on the 23rd day of the 3rd moon (Apr/May) in honour of Mo Niang. She was re-named Tin Hau, 'Queen of Heaven', and is the 'Mother' of boat people and sailors. Tin Hau was born in Fukien in 1093 and according to legend she dreamt her father and brothers were drowning on a fishing trip and flew over the sea on clouds to rescue them. There are numerous temples dedicated to her and on her birthday sailors and those who live on boats sail to Da Miao to pray for safety in the coming year.
Lao Tzu is one of the most famous Taoist deities. He was a contemporary of Confucius who developed a system of Taoist philosophy.
Guan Yin is the most popular of all Chinese deities and has been depicted as a man and a woman but the female is more popular. She is a saviour from misfortune and upholds justice. She can also bless infertile women with children.
Choy San is the God of Wealth. Traditionally the poor worshipped Choy San and today many businesses in China have an altar to him. At lunar new year (Feb/Mar) Choy San descends from heaven and it is traditional to eat dumplings as they resemble the old Chinese ingots of silver or gold.
    Your options: [ Choy San ] [ Tin Hau ] [ Lao Tzu ] [ Guan Yin ]
  From Quiz: Hong Kong II
36 What happens on a Sunday that doesn't happen on any other day of the week?
Answer: The domestic helpers congregate in the streets.

The maids have Sundays off and tend to get together to meet friends, gossip, sing, picnic, etc. Literally tens of thousands of maids gather in groups on the streets, beaches, in parks and anywhere they can sit together. Nationalities almost never mix and there are customary areas for Filipinas, Indonesians, Nepalese, Thais, etc. Central is very much a Filipina area and Sunday is sometimes referred to as Manila Day.
  From Quiz: Hong Kong
37 What is the name of Hong Kong's highest mountain?
Answer: Tai Mo Shan

At 957 metres , Tai Mo Shan or Big Hat Mountain is the highest point in Hong Kong.
  From Quiz: Hong Kong Adventure
38 What colour are the taxis on Lantau?
Answer: Blue

Taxis running in the city areas are red, whilst those in the New Territories are green and those on Lantau are blue. Only the red taxis can travel anywhere; the green and blue taxis may only operate within their areas. Some taxis on Hong Kong Island are 'Kowloon taxis' which means they won't accept fares around Hong Kong; they may only take passengers from Hong Kong to Kowloon and vice versa.
  From Quiz: Hong Kong I
39 What is the name of the well-known Japanese department store that sits between Hennessey Road and Lockhart Road?
Answer: Sogo

Sogo is the huge department store on Hennessey Road which is very popular with locals and tourists.
Mitsukoshi is a smaller Japanese department store on the opposite side of Hennessey Road from Sogo.
G.O.D. is a Japanese store on Leighton Road specialising in trendy furniture and household goods.
Genki is a chain of Japanese sushi bars.
  From Quiz: Hong Kong III
40 Which famous romantic novel and film starring William Holden and Jennifer Jones was set in 1950's Hong Kong?
Answer: Love Is A Many Splendored Thing

"Love Is A Many Splendored Thing" (1955) was based on a novel about an American war correspondent who fell in love with a Hong Kong Chinese doctor in the run up to the Korean War.
"The World Of Suzie Wong" (1960) starred William Holden & Nancy Kwan and was based on a Richard Mason novel about a British artist who fell in love with a Wanchai prostitute.
"The Bridges At Toko Ri" (1955) starred William Holden and Grace Kelly and was based on a James Michener novel about a US mission to bomb bridges during the Korean war.
"Ferry To Hong Kong" (1959) starred Kurt Jurgens, Orson Welles and Sylvia Syms and was based on a screen play by Lewis Gilbert and Vernon Harris about a drunken Viennese refugee and the captain of the Hong Kong - Macao ferry fighting local pirates.
    Your options: [ The World Of Suzie Wong ] [ Love Is A Many Splendored Thing ] [ Ferry To Hong Kong ] [ The Bridges At Toko Ri ]
  From Quiz: Hong Kong II
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