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60 Rain Man Trivia Questions & Answers

Rain Man
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1 Why can't Charlie get Lamborghinis to his customers?
Answer: They failed emissions inspections

At the beginning of the movie, Charlie Babbit, who runs a car dealership, tries to convince some impatient customers that they will eventually get their cars. The problem is, the EPA is withholding them because they failed emissions inspections. So, he asks his employees to lie to the buyers.
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What does Ray have for a snack every night before he goes to bed?

2 What is the make of the four cars Charlie is trying to sell in the beginning of the film?
Answer: Lamborghini

The main hangup in the sale was that he couldn't get the cars to pass emissions tests.
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3 What is the kind of car that Tom Cruise is attempting to sell?
Answer: Lamborghini

4 Who plays the character Charlie Babbit?
Answer: Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise was great in this role.
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5 What does Charlie get from his father after he passes away?
Answer: his prized roses and the car

After Charlie's father dies, he only gets his prized roses and his car. Charlie wanted the three million dollars instead.
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6 Who is Rain Man?
Answer: Charlie's brother

At the beginning of the movie, Charlie tells Susanna that when he was young, he had an imaginary friend called The Rain Man who used to sing to him. Later in the movie, he learns that this was not an imaginary friend, but a brother that he didn't know he had. The name Rain Man comes from the fact that the brother's name is Raymond, but when young Charlie tried to say "Raymond", it came out "Rain Man".
7 While a teenager, Charlie took the Roadmaster after being refused permission. How long did his father leave him sitting in jail?
Answer: 2 days

In his father's will, Charlie was left the 1949 Buick Roadmaster Convertible and the title to the rose bushes, to 'remind him of the value of excellence and the possibility of perfection'. Ironically, it was the car that caused the rift between Charlie and his father in the first place. After bringing home an excellent report card, Charlie asked for, and was denied, permission to take the car for a victory drive. When he took the car anyway, his father reported it stolen, then left Charlie sitting in jail for 2 days, long after all his friends had been bailed out.
Question Reference: Quiz: Rain Man.
8 Where were Charlie and Susanna supposed to be going when Charlie received the news of his father's death?
Answer: Palm Springs

Their destination was mentioned during the few words Charlie and Susanna exchanged in the car on the way to the hotel.
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9 What was the name of Tom Cruise's character in "Rain Man"?
Answer: Charlie Babbitt

10 What is Charlie's occupation?
Answer: car dealer

That is where his biggest problem is. He needs to pay off the loan that he got to fix the cars up.
Question Reference: Quiz: Rain Man.
11 What does Ray tell Iris that he and Charlie are doing in Vegas?
Answer: counting cards

When Iris asked Ray what they were doing, Ray tells her they are 'couting cards'.
Question Reference: Quiz: Rain Man.
12 Charlie gets a phone call informing him of the death of whom?
Answer: Sanford

Sanford Babbit puts his eldest son in an institution, wouldn't let his youngest son drive a car, and allowed his youngest son to stay in jail for two days for borrowing his car. He never told his youngest son about his eldest son, he didn't allow his eldest son to be informed of his death, and he bequeathed all his money to his eldest son who had no use for money and none to his youngest son who could have used it.
13 What year was the Buick that Charlie's father left him in his will?
Answer: 1949

It was a 1949 Buick Roadmaster convertible. To be precise it was a "Flat-eight, fireball-eight".
Question Reference: Quiz: Rain Man.
14 What is the snack item that Ray must have twelve pieces of before bed every night?
Answer: cheese balls

'Gotta have twelve cheeseballs!'
Question Reference: Quiz: Rain Man.
15 What does Ray have for a snack every night before he goes to bed?
Answer: apple juice and cheeseballs

He has Motts Apple Juice and Cheetos Cheese Balls.
Question Reference: Quiz: Rain Man.
16 Why does Charlie take Raymond out of the institution?
Answer: So Charlie could get his money.

Charlie didn't think it was fair that his dad left all his money to his older brother. This seemed even more unfair when he found out that his brother lived in an institution (where he couldn't buy anything) and didn't even understand the concept of money. So he took Raymond out of the institution so that he could take him to Los Angeles and ask Raymond's doctor for half the estate and money. When that fails, Charlie tries to get custody of Raymond so Charlie can get full control of the money.
17 What question does Raymond ask to show people that he likes them?
Answer: 'Are you taking any prescription medication?'

When Charlie and his girlfriend, Susanna (played by Valerie Golino), are in Raymond's room, they are upsetting him by touching his things. At one point he asks Susanna if she is taking any prescription medication, which strikes Charlie as being a bizarre question. The attendant, Vern (played by Michael Roberts), explains that this is Raymond's way of showing that he likes Susanna. Vern also explains that people are not Raymond's first priority.
Question Reference: Quiz: Rain Man.
18 On what day does Raymond usually drive the car?
Answer: Saturday

As Raymond states when he sits in the car with Susanna, "Dad lets me drive the car slow on the driveway on Saturdays. Never on Mondays".
Question Reference: Quiz: Rain Man.
19 Who plays Cruise's girlfriend, Susanna?
Answer: Valeria Golino

"Are you taking any prescription medication?"
20 How much money does Ray think that a compact car costs?
Answer: $100

Raymond doesn't realize the value of a dollar.
Question Reference: Quiz: Rain Man.
21 According to Ray, where is the only place you can buy underwear?
Answer: K-Mart at 400 Oak Street in Cincinnati

Ray thinks you can only buy underwear (boxers) in Ohio. He mentions 400 Oak Street many times.
Question Reference: Quiz: Rain Man.
22 Why does Raymond walk into Charlie's and Susanna's bedroom?
Answer: He heard noises

Charlie and Susanna have sex. Raymond, overhearing them but not understanding that concept, goes into their bedroom and watches TV there. Charlie angrily asks Raymond why he was in their room. Raymond said it was because he heard noises. Charlie remains angry. Susanna, understanding Raymond better than Charlie does, gets upset with the way Charlie treats Raymond and she leaves.
23 What is Raymond's stock answer when he's feeling confused or upset, and is asked a question he doesn't want to answer?
Answer: 'I don't know.'

When Charlie is in Raymond's room, he asks Raymond if he has read all the books on the shelves. Raymond answers 'I don't know.' Charlie then goes on to ask if he's read each individual book, to which Raymond answers that he did. Charlie repeats the question about reading all the books, and Raymond again replies 'I don't know', which frustrates Charlie a great deal. Vern explains that Raymond is upset because his things are being touched, and this is what he says when he's upset. There are many other incidents in the film when Raymond answers 'I don't know' to a question he should know the answer to. When Raymond is very stressed, he starts repeating Abbott and Costellos' comedy routine, 'Who's On First'.
Question Reference: Quiz: Rain Man.
24 What was Charlie and Raymond's mother's name?
Answer: Eleanor

Eleanor died when Charlie was very young from a "short and sudden illness".
Question Reference: Quiz: Rain Man.
25 What were Cruise and Hoffmann doing in Las Vegas?
Answer: Counting Cards