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Quiz about Paws and Effect
Quiz about Paws and Effect

Paws and Effect Trivia Quiz

A logic puzzle

The Quizzical Art Society has put on an exhibition at their local gallery, with this effort by its feline members as the main attraction. All you have to do is use the clues given to work out the name of the cat responsible for each paw print.

A label quiz by Fifiona81. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Label Quiz
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May 01 23
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6 / 10
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Last 3 plays: Guest 207 (10/10), Guest 205 (2/10), Guest 188 (10/10).
Extra hint: Cat's-eyed viewers will have spotted that there are two sizes of print on the painting - the larger prints all belong to adult cats and the smaller ones were all made by kittens.
Vincent Frida Monet Warhol Turner Mondrian Georgia Pablo Dali Michelangelo
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1. Is not Michelangelo's. His paws were dunked in red paint.  
2. Is not Frida's. Both hers and Michelangelo's are the same size as this one, but Frida's is the furthest right of the three.  
3. Is not Warhol's. His print is that of a kitten and is on the lower half of the painting.  
4. Is not Dali's. His print is the same colour as Warhol's.  
5. Is not Monet's. He has the same colour on his paws as Pablo and the same-sized print as Dali.  
6. Is not Georgia's. Her kitten-sized paw print is further left on the painting than Monet's.  
7. Is not Pablo's. His is higher up the painting.  
8. Is not Mondrian's. His is lower down on the painting than the print that shares the same colour as his.  
9. Is not Turner's. His is further right on the painting than Vincent's.   
10. Is not Vincent's. His is further to the right of this one.   

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Jun 20 2024 : Guest 207: 10/10
Jun 01 2024 : Guest 205: 2/10
May 31 2024 : Guest 188: 10/10
May 30 2024 : Guest 89: 1/10
May 30 2024 : Guest 165: 0/10
May 29 2024 : Guest 131: 7/10
May 28 2024 : Guest 12: 1/10
May 27 2024 : Eruditio: 10/10
May 27 2024 : Guest 50: 0/10

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Pablo

First, here's one possible way you could have reached the correct solution:

Frida and Michelangelo's prints are both those of adult cats (clue 2), combined with Michelangelo having red paint-covered paws (clue 1), means that Michelangelo's print is the large red one at number 3.

Frida's print is further right on the painting than Michelangelo's (clue 2), so it must be the large green one at number 6.

Since Warhol the kitten has the same colour paw print as Dali (clues 3 & 4), the latter must be an adult cat. Since it is on the lower half of the painting (clue 3) Warhol's print must be red, green or yellow, but Dali's can now only be blue, black or yellow. So Dali must be responsible for the large yellow print at number 2 and Warhol for the small yellow one at number 5.

Monet must also be an adult cat as his paw print is the same size as Dali's (clue 5). Since Georgia's print is further left on the painting (clue 6), Monet's cannot be number 10, so has to be the large black one at number 8. In turn that means Georgia's has to be the small red one at number 9, as it has to be kitten-sized (clue 6). Since Pablo's print is the same colour as Monet's (clue 5), it has to to be the small black one at number 1.

That just leaves the two blue prints and the small green one to identify. Mondrian's print has to be lower on the painting than the other one of the same colour (clue 8), so can only be the large blue one at number 10. Turner's is further right than Vincent's (clue 9), so has to be the small blue one at number 4, leaving Vincent as the kitty responsible for the small green one at number 7.


Spanish artist Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) is most famous for co-founding Cubism as an art movement and for his work falling into a number of different periods, such as his 'blue period' and his 'rose period'. However, he also produced dozens of simple sketches (often formed of just a single line) of animals, birds and people - including cats.
2. Dali

Salvador Dali (1904-1989) was a surrealist artist particularly known for painting melting clocks rather than prints of cats' paws. However, he was from the Spanish region of Catalonia and famously had several exotic pets, including an ocelot named Babou.
3. Michelangelo

Michelangelo (1475-1564) is one of the most famous artists of the Renaissance period and was primarily considered a sculptor before he branched out into painting famous frescos like the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and drawing up architectural plans for St. Peter's Basilica. Sadly his artwork is mainly restricted to human forms and religious scenes rather than cute kitties.
4. Turner

Joseph Mallord William "J.M.W." Turner (1775-1851) was a noted English landscape and seascape painter. He worked using a mixture of oils and watercolours and his paintings are generally characterised by his ability to use light to create evocative depictions of places, scenes and objects, but not generally cats or other animals.

However, the Tate Gallery collection does include a Turner sketch entitled 'Studies of Animals: The Head of a Donkey; the Hind Legs of a Horse or Pony; a Pig'.
5. Warhol

Pop Artist Andy Warhol (1928-1987) is probably most famous for his depictions of Campbell's Soup Cans and Marilyn Monroe, but he also drew and painted lots of colourful pictures of cats. Many of these were published in a 1954 book by the artist entitled '25 Cats Name Sam and One Blue Pussy'.
6. Frida

The work of Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) was heavily influenced by her Mexican culture and she is particularly remembered for producing a large number of self-portraits. One of these - 'Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird' - also included a black cat behind her left shoulder. Some analysts have interpreted this as the black cat as being symbolic of bad luck and death.
7. Vincent

Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) was a Dutch painter noted for using striking brushwork in his art work and for cutting off his own ear during a period of mental breakdown. Van Gogh's repertoire of paintings that didn't achieve critical or commercial success until after his death included a range of portraits, self-portraits, still lifes and landscapes but didn't generally focus on animals.
8. Monet

One of the most famous founders of Impressionist paintings, Claude Monet (1840-1926) produced many fabulous paintings. However, many people will instantly think of his series of several hundred paintings of the water lilies in the garden of his home in Giverny. Cats, or other animals, did not appear anywhere near as frequently!
9. Georgia

Georgia O'Keeffe (1887-1986) remains best known for her modernist paintings of large flowers, but she was also a noted landscape artist who produced various scenes of both New Mexico and New York. While cats didn't generally appear in any of her works she did produce a small series of paintings of animal skulls.
10. Mondrian

Piet Mondrian (1872-1944) was a Dutch artist who is largely remembered for the geometric abstract designs (often consisting of simple grid lines and blocks of colour) that dominated the later part of his career. While he did produce many impressionist-style paintings before moving towards abstract art, these were mainly landscapes and views of his home country.
Source: Author Fifiona81

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