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Quiz about Family Guy Three Word Character Match
Quiz about Family Guy Three Word Character Match

"Family Guy" Three Word Character Match Quiz

Seth MacFarlane's hit animated adult TV series first premiered in 1999 and introduced audiences to various wacky characters. Here's a quiz about some of them. :)

A matching quiz by dim_dude. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Match Quiz
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Apr 02 24
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Very Easy
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9 / 10
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(a) Drag-and-drop from the right to the left, or (b) click on a right side answer box and then on a left side box to move it.
Match the three word clue on the right hand side to the character name on the left hand side.
1. Bullied Teenage Girl  
  Brian Griffin
2. Liberal Alcoholic Dog  
  Elmer Hartman
3. Perverted Neighbor Pilot  
  Carter Pewtershmidt
4. Arrogant News Anchor  
  Tom Tucker
5. Odd Thespian Mayor  
  Connie D'Amico
6. Incompetent Medical Doctor  
  Glenn Quagmire
7. Popular Head Cheerleader  
  Mickey McFinnigan
8. Peter's Biological Father  
  Meg Griffin
9. Selfish Billionaire Father  
  Stewie Griffin
10. Baby Breakout Character  
  Adam West

Select each answer

1. Bullied Teenage Girl
2. Liberal Alcoholic Dog
3. Perverted Neighbor Pilot
4. Arrogant News Anchor
5. Odd Thespian Mayor
6. Incompetent Medical Doctor
7. Popular Head Cheerleader
8. Peter's Biological Father
9. Selfish Billionaire Father
10. Baby Breakout Character

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Bullied Teenage Girl

Answer: Meg Griffin

Meg is Peter and Lois' only daughter. She was voiced by Lacey Chabert in the first season who was later replaced by Mila Kunis. Meg is bullied by more popular girls at her school and is also often tormented by her own parents, particularly her father, who does not show her any affection and often berates, insults, and physically abuses her.
2. Liberal Alcoholic Dog

Answer: Brian Griffin

Brian is the Griffins' dog. Unlike other dogs in the series, he is bipedal and can talk. He is a skeptic and a liberal who often tries to assert his intellect on others. He is often the butt of jokes for being self-important, academic, and overly critical of the status quo. He is only of many characters voiced by series creator Seth MacFarlane.
3. Perverted Neighbor Pilot

Answer: Glenn Quagmire

Quagmire is a sex-crazed, woman-obsessed airline pilot who is part of Peter's close friendship group. He is shown to be immoral in his exploits, often mistreating the women that he sleeps with. He is also voiced by series creator Seth MacFarlane.
4. Arrogant News Anchor

Answer: Tom Tucker

Tom Tucker was an actor before moving to Quahog and becoming Channel 5's news anchor. Far from behaving professionally, Tom often berates his guests and acts like the anchoring job is beneath him. His co-anchor was Diane Simmons before her death following her failed murder attempt on James Woods' life. Tucker is also voiced by series creator MacFarlane.
5. Odd Thespian Mayor

Answer: Adam West

The late "Batman" actor voices a fictionalized version of himself as Quahog's often delusional, albeit good-natured mayor. After Adam West's passing, the show killed off the character and introduced his cousin as the new mayor of Quahog.
6. Incompetent Medical Doctor

Answer: Elmer Hartman

The doctor, voice by Seth MacFarlane in a similar voice to Tom Tucker, is a largely incompetent doctor who often finds himself in over his head, sometimes even asking his patients for medical advice. His field of specialty is not discussed, as he is always available regardless of the ailment.

His skills do vary from episode to episode and he has been seen performing some extraordinary medical feats.
7. Popular Head Cheerleader

Answer: Connie D'Amico

Connie is a student at Meg and Chris's high school. Beautiful and popular, she has often been mean-spirited to both Meg and Chris, mocking Meg for her looks and behavior, and mocking Chris for his weight. At one point, she fell in love with Chris after discovering how kind-hearted he can be. Connie is voiced by Fairuza Balk and Lisa Wilhoit.
8. Peter's Biological Father

Answer: Mickey McFinnigan

Also voiced by MacFarlane, McFinnigan lives in Ireland and initially rejects the idea that Peter could be his son. After Peter defeats him in an alcohol-drinking contest, Mickey, the highly respected "town drunk" is forced to accept that only someone with his genetics would be able to outdrink him, and accepts Peter as his son.
9. Selfish Billionaire Father

Answer: Carter Pewtershmidt

Voiced by Seth MacFarlane, Carter is Lois's father. He is an industrialist billionaire who is selfish, snobbish, and haughty, particularly to his son-in-law Peter, who he does not approve of. He openly insults and humiliates Peter, particularly when the family needs his financial help or moral support.
10. Baby Breakout Character

Answer: Stewie Griffin

Stewart Griffin is a genus talking baby that is generally only understood by Brian, although he has been seen speaking to other characters in certain episodes. Also voice by MacFarlane, he seems to have a British accent and is bent on using his intellect and scientific prowess to rule he world. Usually, he is accompanied on his misadventures by his best friend and talking dog, Brian Griffin.
Source: Author dim_dude

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