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Quiz about Its Wet in Here
Quiz about Its Wet in Here

It's Wet in Here Trivia Quiz

Some countries have become synonymous with a body of water found there. Match the water to its location.

A matching quiz by AcrylicInk. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Match Quiz
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Dec 03 21
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1. Grand Canal  
2. Loch Ness  
  Venice, Italy
3. Nile River  
4. Panama Canal  
5. Victoria Falls  
6. Ganges River  
  Israel and Jordan
7. Niagara Falls  
  Canada and USA
8. Kerepakupai-Meru  
  Zambia and Zimbabwe
9. Great Barrier Reef  
10. Dead Sea  

Select each answer

1. Grand Canal
2. Loch Ness
3. Nile River
4. Panama Canal
5. Victoria Falls
6. Ganges River
7. Niagara Falls
8. Kerepakupai-Meru
9. Great Barrier Reef
10. Dead Sea

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Grand Canal

Answer: Venice, Italy

As soon as someone says "Venice", most people think of canals. Venice's Grand Canal follows a natural channel through the city. As the city's main waterway it's just over 3 km long and is often bustling with gondolas, water buses, and taxis. At the end of the 16th century, the impressive Rialto Bridge was constructed to connect both sides of the waterway. Made of stone, it is the oldest surviving bridge over the canal.
2. Loch Ness

Answer: Scotland

In the north of the Scottish mainland, a legendary creature lurks in the depths of a lake. Stories of the Loch Ness monster date back to ancient times with Pict stone carvings of a beast with flippers. By 1980, interest in the myth had resurfaced (no pun intended) and The Loch Ness Centre & Exhibition was opened at a hotel near the lake shore.

The loch is long and narrow, stretching for roughly 36 km. It is Britain's largest volume of fresh water - plenty of room for a solitary sea monster.
3. Nile River

Answer: Egypt

The lifeblood of Ancient Egypt, the Nile riverbank is one of the places where humans first began to utilise agriculture. The source of the river is located near the equator and it either flows through or borders a number of countries: Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Sudan, and Uganda.

Despite being a vital waterway in lots of other countries, the Nile conjures up images of reed fishing boats against the backdrop of Ancient Egyptian monuments.
4. Panama Canal

Answer: Panama

Before 1914, if you wanted to take a boat from the eastern side of the American continents to the western side, you would probably have to sail around Cape Horn, the southern tip of South America. When the Panama Canal opened, it provided a shorter route from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic.

The canal utilises existing bodies of water like Gatun Lake to provide a link between the northern and southern coasts. The new waterway has saved much time and money for sailors travelling around the world. Ships going from one side of the USA to the other, for example, can save up to 15,000 km by using the Panama Canal.
5. Victoria Falls

Answer: Zambia and Zimbabwe

The Zambezi River flows along the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe and at one point, the water plummets 108 metres and crashes into a chasm below. The falls were named after Queen Victoria in the 19th century, but the local Kalolo-Lozi name suits the landmark much better; they called it Mosi-oa-Tunya, which means "The Smoke That Thunders".

The roaring sound of the waterfall can be heard from quite a distance. Victoria Falls and the parkland around it were designated a World Heritage site in 1989.
6. Ganges River

Answer: India

As the holy river of Hinduism, the Ganges is an important religious landmark in India. The source of the Ganges River is in the Himalayas and it flows southeast into the Bay of Bengal. One of the main sources of the Ganges is the Gangotri Glacier. The glacier is a site of pilgrimage for Hindus; people travel there to bathe in the icy water.
7. Niagara Falls

Answer: Canada and USA

The Niagara River flows along the border between Canada and the USA. At one point, the river curves and drops over 50 metres, creating Niagara Falls. Goat Island splits the river's course in two. The Canadian section of the waterfall is called Horseshoe Falls after its 900 metre-long curve. On the other side of Goat Island, the American Falls stretches 320 metres.

The North American landmark is an icon of the continent's natural beauty.
8. Kerepakupai-Meru

Answer: Venezuela

Venezuela is home to the highest waterfall in the world. Angel Falls was named after an American man who almost flew into the 979 metre drop in the 1930s. Part of a tributary that flows into the Orinoco River, the waterfall surges over the top of Devil's Mountain on the eastern side of Venezuela.

In 2009, the Venezuelan president renamed the waterfall with an indigenous Pemon title: Kerepakupai-Merú, which translates to "waterfall of the deepest place".
9. Great Barrier Reef

Answer: Australia

Off the coast of Australia, the largest reef complex in the world has formed over millions of years. The Great Barrier Reef has been created by the skeletal remains of marine life bound together by algae and bryozoans. It's home to 4000 species of mollusc, 1500 types of fish, and 400 different types of coral.

It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1981 for its outstanding natural beauty and scientific importance.
10. Dead Sea

Answer: Israel and Jordan

Between Jordan and Israel (and the contentious Palestinian West Bank) lies the Dead Sea. Technically a saltwater lake rather than a sea, the inland body of water has the lowest elevation of any body of water on the Earth's surface. The size of the Dead Sea has been reducing gradually since the 20th century, mostly due to human factors.

It is surrounded by desert with a low average annual rainfall.
Source: Author AcrylicInk

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