Quiz about So You Think You Know About Wordle
Quiz about So You Think You Know About Wordle

So You Think You Know About Wordle ... Quiz

... but do you know about some of the variations? Many are quite similar to the original game, but others involve numbers, maps, music, graphics, chemistry, chess, etc. Your task, if you choose to accept it, is to match the challenge to the game title.

A matching quiz by Lottie1001. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Match Quiz
Quiz #
May 18 22
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Avg Score
9 / 10
Last 3 plays: hbosch (8/10), Guest 5 (7/10), SeverinaStar (10/10).
Mobile instructions: Press on an answer on the right. Then, press on the gray box it matches on the left.
(a) Drag-and-drop from the right to the left, or (b) click on a right side answer box and then on a left side box to move it.
1. Guess two words simultaneously  
2. Select the four notes of a chord  
3. Choose a hexadecimal number  
4. Identify the first six opening moves in a chess game   
5. Find a correct pattern of jumping turtles  
6. The chosen word must appear somewhere in the Bible  
7. Work out a valid mathematical equation  
8. The correct answer is a formula for a chemical compound  
9. You are given the answer and the colour pattern of wrong guesses  
10. Recognise a country from its silhouette shape  

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Guess two words simultaneously

Answer: Dordle

You guess one word, and you are given the usual green, yellow or grey squares for both answers. You get the advantage of seven guesses instead of the usual six.

You could also play Tridle or Quordle and try to find three or four words in eight or nine guesses. Hello Wordl allows you to guess words as long as eleven letters, but you still only have six chances to find the right one.
2. Select the four notes of a chord

Answer: Chordle

The four notes must make a diatonic seventh chord. I think this is a game for an expert musician. Quoting from the game's instructions, otherwise I could give misleading information, you need a dominant seventh, a minor seventh, a half-diminished seventh, and a major seventh. While the chord can be in any inversion, only the correct inversion leads to a win.

Another musical version is Heardle, where you have to guess a piece of music after listening to a short extract.
3. Choose a hexadecimal number

Answer: Hexle

This was a successor to Bytle, which required you to enter a number which would be converted to a 16 digit binary number, and is quite easy. In Hexle you are trying to guess a four digit hexadecimal number in six tries.

There are other numeric games, such as Numberle, where the target is a simple five-digit string. A more complicated version, like Primel, gives you six attempts to find a five-digit prime number.
4. Identify the first six opening moves in a chess game

Answer: Chessle

This is quite obvious from the title of the game, but I found it much less obvious to play, however I only know the basic moves in chess. It is probably much more fun for a keen player.

If you like traditional games, you could try Poker-Wordle, and guess a poker hand, or Mahjong-Handle which is a similar game relating to Mah Jong.
5. Find a correct pattern of jumping turtles

Answer: Turdle

The turtles come in five colours, white, blue, red, purple and green. They always jump in the same order, but can start at any point in the sequence. The usual system of green and yellow highlighted squares lets you know how close you are.

Another game which requires a correct string of graphics is Birdle, which has fourteen different bird emojis to guess from. There is also a game called Dungleon, which has pictures of things in a dungeon, with the added complication of certain items going together with each other.
6. The chosen word must appear somewhere in the Bible

Answer: Biblicle

This is just like the normal game of Wordle, with proviso that the word comes from an English language version of the Bible.

There are many variations of this idea. The answer might have to be an artist, a plant, a cricketer, or a word from a title of a Eurovision song title, to name but a few.
7. Work out a valid mathematical equation

Answer: Hurdle

Hurdle requires you to enter numbers and one of the four arithmetic operations to make an accurate equation. There are others such as Mathle and Nurdle.

Mathler, is similar, but wants you to find a calculation that gives the required answer.
8. The correct answer is a formula for a chemical compound

Answer: Chemicle

The challenge is to enter the correct selection of upper and lower case letters and numbers to make the given chemical compound. It must be five characters long, so HCl (hydrochloric acid) would not work, nor would NaHCO3 (bicarbonate of soda), but CaCO3 (chalk) is a valid guess.
9. You are given the answer and the colour pattern of wrong guesses

Answer: Reversle

With information about the green and yellow square placements for incorrect guesses, and also the right answer, you have to work out what those incorrect guesses might be.

Another variation on this is Pictle, a game where you have to make a given picture from the incomplete guesses. There is also a hangman type variant, Murdle, where you lose a life for every wrong letter, and die if you get to ten.
10. Recognise a country from its silhouette shape

Answer: Worldle

You might find this if you mistype the original Wordle name, but I think it is fun. You are given no information about where any land or sea borders are, and you may recognise the shape instantly. Sometimes it is obvious where the sea is; with Cabo Verde, it was obviously an archipelago. After a wrong guess, you are told how far away you are, and in which direction the correct answer lies. So my guess of Fiji told me I was 18000 km too far west!

Globle is also based on countries, but you have no starting information. The guessed countries are highlighted on a picture of a globe, in colours that go from white through shades of pink to a very dark red, if you guess an adjacent country. You are also told how far away, but given no clue as to the direction to go for the target. However you appear to have an unlimited number of guesses, so you can always get there in the end if you persevere.
Source: Author Lottie1001

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