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Quiz about Key Definitions
Quiz about Key Definitions

'Key' Definitions Trivia Quiz

You will need to deduce the word ending in 'key' based on the definition given.

A matching quiz by lout62001. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Match Quiz
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Dec 03 21
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8 / 10
(a) Drag-and-drop from the right to the left, or (b) click on a right side answer box and then on a left side box to move it.
1. Jailer  
2. Auk  
3. Truancy  
  Hookey (sl.)
4. Serendipitous  
5. Servant  
6. Nonsense  
7. Rider  
8. Anomalous  
9. Ridicule  
10. Sappy  

Select each answer

1. Jailer
2. Auk
3. Truancy
4. Serendipitous
5. Servant
6. Nonsense
7. Rider
8. Anomalous
9. Ridicule
10. Sappy

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Jailer

Answer: Turnkey

Turnkey is a British archaic term for the holder of keys in a prison who is called a jailer. It is also defined as a product that is made by a supplier for immediate use by a business typically in the retail industry. This is in contrast with customized or made to order products.
2. Auk

Answer: Dovekey

A dovekey is also called a little auk, which is a small black and white bird that lives in the North Atlantic and Arctic regions. Its diet consists of shellfish and other small fish, which they capture while swimming underwater. Their predators include gulls, arctic foxes, and polar bears.
3. Truancy

Answer: Hookey (sl.)

Hookey is a slang term for the absence from school or work without a valid reason. It can also mean something that is captivating or catchy, such as a musical tune. The term may have been first used in the mid 1800s in New York, originating from the Dutch word "hoekje", meaning to hide and seek.
4. Serendipitous

Answer: Flukey

Flukey is a term used for something that is attained or obtained by a stroke of luck, as opposed to skill. An example would be winning the lottery or being awarded the "Lucky Ducky," badge on Fun Trivia. Flukey can also mean something that is unstable or susceptible to unpredictable changes.
5. Servant

Answer: Lackey

A lackey is a man who has been hired to work as a servant, such as a butler or valet. The history of the word can be traced back to Middle French in the 1520s from the word "lacquais" meaning "foot soldier" or "footman". Lackey has also been used as a political term of abuse in Communist propaganda.
6. Nonsense

Answer: Malarkey

Malarkey can be defined as meaningless talk which is usually intended to deceive someone. Other synonyms are baloney or guff. The word is an Americanism dating back to the 1920s of unknown origin. Malarkey is also a surname, such as that of paratrooper Sgt. Don Malarkey during WWII, a recipient of the Bronze Star.
7. Rider

Answer: Jockey

A jockey is the term used for a rider of racehorses and can also mean a maneuver or power struggle between parties to achieve an intended goal. In an informal sense it is also defined as somebody who guides the movement of an object, such as a car. During the 1520s jockey was used as a term meaning boy or fellow.
8. Anomalous

Answer: Off-key

Off-key is an adjective which means singing a melody in an incorrect pitch causing an unpleasant sound that is unexpected. The origin of this word can be traced back to 1920 and is a combination of off and key as in a musical key. Sometimes musicians employ off-key sonic beats such as those used by "The Weeknd".
9. Ridicule

Answer: Mickey

Mickey is the act of teasing or making fun of somebody, usually used by the British. It is also a slang term for an alcoholic drink, otherwise called a Mickey Finn, whereby a drug is added to the drink to render a person helpless. Other definitions are an Irish potato or a given name for a person.
10. Sappy

Answer: Hokey

Hokey is a term used for something that is corny or sappy, usually in a context that is overly sentimental or unbelievable. The origin of the word can be traced back to early twentieth century America and is thought to be a blend of the words "hocus-pocus" and "bunkum".
Source: Author lout62001

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