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Trivia Questions and Answers
photo of Alabama

120 Alabama Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Alabama? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Alabama (Geography). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 The town of Enterprise, Alabama has a monument to something that made life difficult for local farmers. What is it?
Answer: boll weevil

The city erected a monument to the boll weevil, an insect which arrived in Coffee County in 1915 and destroyed the local cotton crop, which was the main agricultural product of the region. The farmers were forced to diversify, and in just two years Coffee County was the largest producer of peanuts in the United States. Further crop diversity helped stabilize their economy. The monument was put up in 1919, perhaps the only monument in the world to an agricultural pest.
  From Quiz: Exploring Alabama
2 What is one Alabama state nickname?
Answer: Heart of Dixie

Other nicknames include Yellowhammer State and Cotton State. Alabama is located in the center of the southeastern states.
  From Quiz: Alabama Trivia
3 What is the largest river in Alabama?
Answer: Tennessee River

The Tennessee River is the largest river in Alabama. It contains four of the largest lakes in the state. Lake Guntersville is the largest.
  From Quiz: Alabama River Geography
4 Alabama stretches from the southern Appalachian Mountain range to the Gulf Coast. In the north, hydroelectric power is a major source of energy. What organization is responsible for this fact?
Answer: Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)

The TVA was established in to develop an impoverished area, to avoid flooding of cropland, provide a source of clean energy, and to develop a series of recreational lakes.
  From Quiz: Alabama: A New South State
5 What is the capital of Alabama?
Answer: Montgomery

Montgomery is in the center of the state. In 1846 Montgomery became the "permanent" capital of Alabama.
  From Quiz: "Heart of Dixie" Alabama
6 The world's first electric trolley system opened in this city in 1886.
Answer: Montgomery
    Your options: [ Birmingham ] [ Huntsville ] [ Selma ] [ Montgomery ]
  From Quiz: Alabama Fun Facts
7 What rank is Alabama in size among the US States?
Answer: 30th

52,423 square miles
  From Quiz: The State of Alabama
8 You'll shine very bright in my estimation if you can name Alabama's state gemstone.
Answer: star blue quartz

Blue quartz gets its color from inclusions of other minerals. Occasionally they will form a a star-like shape inside. The star blue quartz was named Alabama's state gemstone in 1990.
    Your options: [ aquamarine ] [ turquoise ] [ star blue quartz ] [ rhodonite ]
  From Quiz: Exploring Alabama
9 Birmingham, Alabama is known as what?
Answer: Magic City

Birmingham received this nickname due to its rapid growth from late 19th century into early 20th century. It has also been called The Pittsburgh of the South.
  From Quiz: Alabama Trivia
10 Which river has the most metropolitan areas bordering it?
Answer: Tennessee River

The Tennessee River has three metropolitan areas that border it. They are Huntsville, Decatur, and Florence (The Shoals).
    Your options: [ Alabama River ] [ Tennessee River ] [ Black Warrior River ] [ Coosa River ]
  From Quiz: Alabama River Geography
11 Just six miles south on U.S. Highway 43 is the town of Tuscumbia, birthplace of this miracle of a woman. Her likeness is on the Alabama state quarter and she is also the first Socialist to be depicted on any state quarter. Name her.
Answer: Helen Keller

Alabama's state quarter is also the first to have Braille on it.
    Your options: [ Helen Keller ] [ Harriet Beecher Stowe ] [ Susan B. Anthony ] [ Annie Oakley ]
  From Quiz: Touring Alabama-North Alabama
12 What is Alabama's state song?
Answer: "Alabama"

"Alabama"'s melody was written by Edna Goeckel Gussen and the words were written by Julia S. Tutwiler.
  From Quiz: Alabama--The Yellowhammer State
13 In what year did Alabama gain statehood?
Answer: 1819

Alabama became a territory on March 3, 1817, and became the 22nd state to enter the union on December 14, 1819.
  From Quiz: "Heart of Dixie" Alabama
14 What was the claim to fame of Alabama senator Dixon Lewis of Montgomery?
Answer: he was so fat he had to have his seat specially made

He supposedly weighed 500 pounds (When he sat around the House...)
  From Quiz: Alabama Fun Facts
15 Which city is situated on the Alabama River?
Answer: Montgomery

Montgomery is the capital of Alabama. It was incorporated in 1819. It is the second largest city in the state. It became the state capital in 1846. It is home to Maxwell Air Force Base and the yearly Alabama Shakespeare Festival.
    Your options: [ Limestone ] [ Lauderdale ] [ Montgomery ] [ Colbert ]
  From Quiz: Exploring Alabama
16 What three minerals necessary for iron smelting were found in abundance in the mountains around Birmingham, Alabama?
Answer: Iron Ore, Coal, Limestone

Birmingham is one of the few sites in the world where these three essential items for the smelting of iron occur naturally. For this reason, in the late 19th century Birmingham became an important center for mining and smelting.
  From Quiz: Alabama Trivia
17 The Black Warrior River, Tombigbee River, Coosa River, Tallapoosa River, and Alabama River all flow into which other rivers before emptying into the Gulf of Mexico?
Answer: Mobile-Tensaw

The Mobile-Tensaw Rivers form a large delta that drains a very large area of the Southeast United States. An area the size of South Carolina is drained.
    Your options: [ Pea-Concecuh ] [ Mobile-Tensaw ] [ Tennessee-Paint Rock ] [ Bay-Delta ]
  From Quiz: Alabama River Geography
18 Every year in the summer time, Tuscumbia hosts performances of the award winning show about this proud daughter of Alabama and citizen of the world. Name the play or musical:
Answer: "The Miracle Worker"

The performances take place at Ivy Green, the Keller family home.
    Your options: [ "The Miracle Worker" ] [ "Suffering Until Suffrage" ] [ "Annie Get Your Gun" ] [ "Uncle Tom's Cabin" ]
  From Quiz: Touring Alabama-North Alabama
19 What was the capital of The Alabama Territory?
Answer: St. Stephens

The Alabama, the area's first steamboat, was constructed in St. Stephens.
  From Quiz: "Heart of Dixie" Alabama
20 Alabama boasts the longest ______ east of the Mississippi.
Answer: natural bridge

The Natural Bridge of Alabama is 60 feet high, 148 feet long, and 33 feet wide.
    Your options: [ suspension bridge ] [ covered bridge ] [ toll bridge ] [ natural bridge ]
  From Quiz: Alabama Fun Facts
21 What was the hottest temperature, recorded in 1925, in Fahrenheit, on record in Alabama?
Answer: 112

It was recorded in Centreville on Sept. 5, 1925.
  From Quiz: The State of Alabama
22 What was found in Russell Cave in Bridgeport, Alabama in 1953?
Answer: prehistoric human remains

It is estimated that people inhabited Russell Cave as long as ten-thousand years ago. It made a good winter shelter because the water inside never froze. The people of the time used flint found near the cave to make spear points and made fishing hooks out of bone. The cave became a National Monument in 1961.
  From Quiz: Exploring Alabama
23 Which Alabama city is home to NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center?
Answer: Huntsville

Huntsville is nicknamed the Rocket City. It is located in the counties of Madison and Limestone.
    Your options: [ Montgomery ] [ Birmingham ] [ Huntsville ] [ Tuscaloosa ]
  From Quiz: Alabama Trivia
24 The Mobile-Tensaw River Delta flows into which bay?
Answer: Mobile Bay

Mobile Bay is one of the largest along the U.S. Gulf Coast. It creates an estuary that is the habitat for thousands of species of wildlife found nowhere else on earth.
    Your options: [ Orange Beach Bay ] [ Mobile Bay ] [ Bon Secour Bay ] [ Wolf Bay ]
  From Quiz: Alabama River Geography
25 Which major European car manufacturer built their first assembly factory in Alabama, between Birmingham and Tuscaloosa?
Answer: Mercedes Benz

The ultra modern plant can be seen from Interstate 59, and is located in Vance, Alabama. Honda and Toyota have subsequently built plants in the state.
    Your options: [ Mercedes Benz ] [ Land Rover ] [ Bavarian Motor Works ] [ Volvo ]
  From Quiz: Alabama: A New South State
26 What is the state tree?
Answer: Southern Longleaf Pine

Even though pines tend to have a more southerly distribution than spruces and firs, their natural range inclued all of North America except the extreme North and some parts of the Midwest.
  From Quiz: Alabama--The Yellowhammer State
27 Since becoming its own territory, how many capitals has Alabama had?
Answer: 5

The capitals in order were: St. Stephens, Huntsville, Cahaba, Tuscaloosa, and Montgomery.
  From Quiz: "Heart of Dixie" Alabama
28 What famous composer was born in Florence, Alabama in 1873?
Answer: W. C. Handy

The 'Father of the Blues' was born in a log cabin, now restored, with a museum nearby.
  From Quiz: Alabama Fun Facts
29 What is the state nut of Alabama?
Answer: Pecan
  From Quiz: The State of Alabama
30 What is Alabama's state flower?
Answer: camellia

The camellia has been the state flower of Alabama since 1959; previously the goldenrod had the honor. The Camellia japonica L. (also called the winter rose) has been the specific state flower since 1999.
  From Quiz: Exploring Alabama
31 The Alabama Gulf Coast is also known as what?
Answer: Redneck Riviera

The Alabama has a beautiful stretch of beaches along the Gulf Coast. Other states that are part of the US Gulf Coast are Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida.
  From Quiz: Alabama Trivia
32 The "Quad Cities" or "Shoals" area is split in two by which major river?
Answer: Tennessee River

The Quad Cities of Florence, Muscle Shoals, Tuscumbia, and Sheffield are split into by the Tennessee River. Florence sits on the northern banks, while Muscle Shoals, Tuscumbia, and Sheffield sit on the southern banks.
    Your options: [ Cahaba River ] [ Tennessee River ] [ Tallapoosa River ] [ Pea River ]
  From Quiz: Alabama River Geography
33 What is Alabama's state saltwater fish?
Answer: Tarpon

Tarpons usually weigh less than 50 pounds, but have been known to tip the scales at 300. It ranks high as a game fish because of its fast runs and twisting leaps when hooked.
  From Quiz: Alabama--The Yellowhammer State
34 Who was the first governor of Alabama?
Answer: William Wyatt Bibb

Bibb was elected in 1819. He did not serve one year because he died of tuberculosis on July 10, 1820. Don Siegleman was governor at the time I created this quiz, September, 2002.
  From Quiz: "Heart of Dixie" Alabama
35 The Kymulga Room in DeSoto caverns was used as a ______ during Prohibition.
Answer: speakeasy

The caverns were named for Hernando DeSoto, who explored the area in 1540.
    Your options: [ distillery ] [ hotel ] [ hideout for gangsters ] [ speakeasy ]
  From Quiz: Alabama Fun Facts
36 Its name is taken from a Creek Indian word. What is the tallest mountain in Alabama?
Answer: Cheaha Mountain

The Creek Indians named the mountain "Chaha", meaning high place. It is 2,411 ft/735 m tall, but is said to appear taller because the land to the west is very low. There is also a state park at the top of the mountain.
  From Quiz: Exploring Alabama
37 What is Alabama's state flower?
Answer: Camellia

Camellias abound in Alabama due to the climate. The oak-leaf hydrangea is the state wildflower.
  From Quiz: Alabama Trivia
38 Which river has created a diverse "River Heritage" region in South-Central Alabama?
Answer: Alabama River

The South-Central region of Alabama is commonly referred to as the "River Heritage" region or just the "River Region". The Alabama has provided the Black Belt region with fertile soil for crops and water currents for transit since the first explorers arrived.
    Your options: [ Tennessee River ] [ Alabama River ] [ Conecuh River ] [ Elk River ]
  From Quiz: Alabama River Geography
39 When did the University of Alabama first open?
Answer: 1831

The University of Alabama opened on April 13, 1831. There were fifty-two students and four teachers. The first president of the University was Reverend Alva Woods. At any Alabama ball game you will hear their fans yell, "Roll Tide".
  From Quiz: "Heart of Dixie" Alabama
40 What city was Alabama's capital from 1826-1846?
Answer: Tuscaloosa
  From Quiz: Alabama Fun Facts
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