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95 Sweet Home Alabama Trivia Questions & Answers

Sweet Home Alabama .
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1 "You dumb, stubborn, redneck hick. The only reason you won't sign the papers is 'cause I want you to." Who said it?
Answer: Melanie Carmichael

Melanie had just moved back to Alabama because she wanted a divorce from her husband Jake. He refused to sign the divorce papers and so she proceeded to call him a "dumb, stubborn, redneck hick".
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What actress played Kate Hennings?

2 Melanie Smooter tries to distance herself from her home in Alabama by changing her last name to Carmichael. Where did she come up with this name?
Answer: An estate nearby

In this film Melanie Carmichael/Smooter (Reese Witherspoon) is a fashion designer in New York. She goes by the last name "Carmichael" which is the name of a plantation estate near her home in Alabama where her father participates in reenactments of the Civil War.
In real life the Carmichael Plantation was home to Martha Berry who founded Berry College (where the home is located) in Mt. Berry, Georgia.
3 What is the name of Melanie's fiancÚ in "Sweet Home Alabama"?
Answer: Andrew

Andrew Hennings is played by Patrick Dempsey.
4 After Melanie & Andrew get engaged they have to attend a fundraiser with the Mayor. What is the name of their limo driver?
Answer: Jimmy

When Melanie and Andrew are enroute to the benefit, they tell Jimmy to excuse them so they can make out. How sweet!
5 Who played Jake?
Answer: Josh Lucas

Jake was Melanie's husband. He would not sign the divorce papers but he finally did. I think he has nice blue eyes!
6 Melanie Carmichael is a fashion designer in New York City. She is dating Andrew Hennings, the mayor's son. Which actor played Andrew Hennings?
Answer: Patrick Dempsey

When I was fact checking this quiz, I went to the "Sweet Home Alabama" movie website. The brief synopsis of the movie referred to Andrew as Andrew McDonnell. Under the character bios, he was listed as Andrew Hennings. In the movie, he was referred to as Andrew Hennings. I'm sure that has been fixed.
7 On the banner in New York for Fashion Week, what year was displayed on it?
Answer: 2002

Also the same year the movie came out.
8 Melanie Carmichael is the main character in this movie. What is her real last name?
Answer: Smooter

Melanie picked the name Carmichael from the Carmichael Plantation in Greenville, Alabama. Melanie was from Pigeon Creek, Alabama.
9 What is Melanie's real last name?
Answer: Smooter

I guess Melanie doesn't think Smooter is a good last name for a fashion designer, so she borrows the name Carmichael from an estate in Greenville, Alabama.
10 This line is said by two people in the movie: "Why would you wanna marry me for, anyhow?" Which two people said this line?
Answer: Young Melanie & Adult Jake

Young Melanie said this line in the first scene of the movie when Young Jake asked to marry her. This line is repeated again by Adult Jake when Adult Melanie left her wedding to Andrew to reconcile things with Jake.
11 What is the name of Melanie's fashion mentor?
Answer: Frederick Montana

Frederick (played by Nathan Lee Graham) is her fashion mentor turned fashion rival. In the end of the movie he has a flirtation with Melanie's longtime friend Bobby Ray (Ethan Embrey).
Many of the film's opening scenes take place in New York City. "Sweet Home Alabama" was the first movie to be allowed to shoot in New York after the September 11 attacks in 2001.
12 Complete this line: "Andrew? Are you on some sort of ___________?"
Answer: medication

Melanie says this to Andrew when they are in Tiffany's and he's talking about Christmas in Ireland. He is just about to propose and have Melanie pick a ring out.
13 What relation did Bobby Ray say he was to Melanie in "Sweet Home Alabama"?
Answer: cousin

14 When Andrew is presenting the giant Capital One check at the worksite, what color hardhat was he wearing?
Answer: blue

Hardhats always remind me of the movie "Three Men and a Baby" with Tom Selleck, Ted Danson and Steve Guttenberg. In the movie Tom Selleck puts a tiny hardhat on the baby when he takes her to the job site.
15 Which of the following was a tagline for this movie?
Answer: Sometimes what you're looking for is right where you left it.

16 At the fashion show, what color was the MELANIE CARMICHEAL logo that was behind all the models?
Answer: blue

This was during her fashion show.
17 What is Melanie's occupation?
Answer: fashion designer

At the beginning of the movie, Melanie is getting ready for her first fashion show.
18 Where was most of this movie actually filmed?
Answer: Georgia

Although the movie is set in Alabama, the majority of it was filmed in Georgia.
19 "You can take the girl out of the honkey tonk, but you can't take the honkey tonk out of the girl." Who said it?
Answer: Bobby Ray

Bobby Ray said this line while playing pool with Melanie. He was referring to her because she left the country life in Alabama to live in the city life in New York.
20 According to Bobby Ray, which magazine called Melanie's clothes "less than mediocre"?
Answer: Women's Wear Daily

Bobby Ray says that "Women's Wear Daily" panned Melanie's clothes, and this prompts Melanie to retaliate by outing Bobby Ray.
None of the other magazines were mentioned in the film although a photo of Melanie and Frederick appears on the cover of "W" magazine.
21 What song deserves respect in Pigeon Creek in "Sweet Home Alabama"?
Answer: Sweet Home Alabama

22 When Wade arrested Melanie, what were the charges?
Answer: dumping a tractor in a pond

Melanie dumped Wade's mother's tractor in the pond and never got caught until Jake ratted her out. He went to extremes to get her out of his house.
23 Who is the director of this movie?
Answer: Andrew Tennant

He was also the director in 'Fools Rush In' and 'Grease'.
24 What nickname had Melanie earned in her home town of Pigeon Creek?
Answer: Felony Melanie

When Melanie was at Jake's house and he called the sheriff, the sheriff came in and said, "Well, if it isn't Felony Melanie." It was also mentioned later in the movie by Andrew's mother, after Andrew had discovered Melanie's past.
25 When Andrew was taking Melanie into the room with the rings to propose to her, what did the sign say that was right by the door just before they walked in?
Answer: Main Floor

You had to be watching carefully to remember this one!